Bblunt hair colour review

BBLUNT is one of the intriguing hair care brands offering products at reasonable prices, especially for Indian hair. BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Crème Hair Color, a ground-breaking at-home colouring kit, covers all of the hair’s greys and makes it soft and shiny. 

Many women still believe that colouring their hair will cause damage and weaken it, even though someone dyes their hair every few months will tell you this is entirely false. Your mane will change beautifully if you use a high-quality hair colour that does not contain ammonia.

The USP of the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Sparkle Crème Hair Tone is that it goes with an excellent Gleam Tonic despite the hair colourant and engineer. The BBLUNT Sparkle Tonic’s silk proteins cause the hair to sparkle and feel luxurious like no other hair tone.

The global hair tone and final root details can both be achieved with the help of the BBLUNT Salon Secret High Sparkle Crème Hair Variety Pack. You may need two kits to complete a uniform colour if your hair is medium and long, as Mine is. Another amazing thing I noticed about it was the 25gm markers on the hair variety tubes, which are useful for finishing foundations. 

This is truly useful because I, much of the time, need clarification about the sum while blending. When selecting a shade from this collection of hair colours, one is truly spoiled for choice. I might try the Blueberry shade next because all of the colours are made to look good on Indian skin tones! The BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Color, which costs Rs 225, is one of the most affordable premium hair colouring kits on the Indian market. Then again, a restricted-time starting deal costs Rs 199.

I shot this item off my mother’s hair, as she has regular dark-hued hair. BBlunt Salon Secret High Sparkle Creme Hair Variety arrives in a blue-hued cardboard box with all the item-related data. On TV, the shade of the hair colour is depicted by an image of a girl with dark chocolate brown hair.

I adore this Box. In addition to an instruction booklet, this Box contains one Cream Colorant, Colour Developer, Shine Tonic, and plastic gloves. The cream colourant comes in a tube with a screw-on cap and is blue like the sky; A white tube contains the colour developer. Likewise, it has a sparkling tonic in a little blue cylinder, another item in a hair shading unit.

The packaging is good and has a quantity indicator that makes it easier to take the appropriate amount of the product. Additionally, I can store the item for future use. The gloves are of excellent quality, and they fit my hands perfectly. The kit for medium-length hair is sufficient for at least two applications.

By the directions, I combined the shine tonic, colour developer, and colourant in a bowl to form a smooth paste. The mixture was then applied to my mother’s hair. I separated her hair into equivalent segments and used the combination with the assistance of a brush. I applied them from the roots to the tips. She left it on for about 45 minutes before washing her hair with regular water. Shampooing your hair the next day is better because it helps you get the perfect colour.

I love the light scent of the hair colour. I finally bought a hair colour that doesn’t smell so much like ammonia. Thanks to its lightweight, smooth texture, the creme hair colour blends into the hair without effort. It never feels sticky and covers the hair in an even layer. The hair variety makes the smooth, delicate and sound. It gives the hair a nice shine right away. The best part is this hair tone does no harm or dryness to your hair.

On Indian skin tones, the shade “Chocolate Dark Brown” will look fantastic. My mother has a medium-tanned complexion with regular dark hair. She also has very little grey hair; this hair tone confers a dull earthy-coloured tone to them. 

This hair variety looks highly average on the hair, yet in some way or another, it seems hazier than the image on the crate. It gives the hair a dark, blackish-brown colour. Under natural light her hair appears dark brown, whereas, under artificial light, it appears black. For everyone, it’s a beautiful shade. However, after three to four weeks, the hair color disappears.

The claim that the hair colour will last for eight weeks made by BBlunt is false. The variety disappears following a month, so the 8-week guarantee needs to be more accurate. After three to four weeks, one may need to touch up their hair. This hair colour doesn’t cause hair to fall out, which is excellent. It keeps your hair solid and reasonable. 

Overall, it’s a good hair colour that doesn’t cause damage. If you are a novice to hair shading, this item is a decent choice. Additionally, it comes in a stunning shade selection. However, compared to L’Oreal and Revlon hair colours, it does not give the hair a professional look.

I noticed a small amount of hair fall while washing, perhaps because of those synthetic substances. After washing my hair, the shine and softness were the first things I noticed after washing my hair! I was taking pleasure in the shine and health of my hair. However, as you can see in the images I shared, the tone I got was more black than brown. I was anticipating the shade as displayed in Box. However, it resembles more black to me. Only in natural light were the subtle brown highlights visible.

These “At Home Hair Color” Boxes are only suitable for covering light hair and greys; they are not ideal for a significant transformation; perhaps I purchased the wrong shade. The light, lifeless hair was covered by the colour, which gave it a healthy, shiny appearance without making a significant change that could be seen even in artificial light.

The sparkle and additional advantages, such as sheer quality, get washed off after the next wash; however, the variety remains there after 2-3 weeks.

Among all the brown shades, only the shade “Chocolate Dark Brown” piqued my interest, and I wanted something similar to the one on the Box. However, colour reacts differently to different hair types. So Mine was transformed into Blackish-tone; however, I adored the Sparkle and Lustourus locks.

In general, it’s a cheap hair colour that doesn’t use ammonia. Ideal for covering grey, dull and light hair, yet not so much for a significant hair makeover. It likewise added sparkle, delicateness and a solid focus to my hair.






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