Best Agarbatti Incense Sticks in India 2020

Agarbattis, also called Incense sticks, give you peace of mind and even lift your mood. It is commonly used throughout India both for spiritual and meditation purposes. India is the largest producer of Incense sticks, and it is widely used in some of the Asian countries mainly for spiritual purposes. And also, incense sticks remove any unpleasant smell in the air and give you a pleasant aroma.

The main ingredients of Agarbattis are dry wood, charcoal, and aroma of your choice along with natural oil. There are many insense stick manufacturers in India, and the fragrance differs according to the natural aroma source used in the manufacturing process. Here is our list of Best Agarbatti Incense Sticks in India.

1. Cycle Pure Agarbathies – The Overall Best Agarbatti Incense Sticks in India

When coming to Agarbattis(insane sticks), Cycle is the leading manufactures in India, which is operating from Bangalore. These sticks are made from bio-friendly and non-toxic material. 

The best feature of this Agarbatti is, this pack comes with a mix of different flavors, packed in a total of 8 bags. In total, the package contains 191 sticks, which will last for a year!

The length of each stick is 9 inches, which burns out and produces the fragrance for a long time.

Since you get a mix of different flavors, you will definitely like the aroma of the sticks, because it gives the option of trying many flavors.

Another best feature of this pack is the freebies you are getting! Yes, you will get free Kumkum(20g), turmeric powder(20g), and an agarbatti holder.

All in all, this is our overall best product for the best agarbattis in India.

2. Zed Black 3 In 1 Incense Sticks – Best Fragrance Agarbatti

Zed Black agarbatti incense stick is yet another exceptional product in the Agarbatti industry. The incense sticks are made from eco-friendly natural oils and woods, which makes the smell unique, and this is the main characteristic of Zed Black incense sticks.

The packaging is exquisite, with 2 packs of 159 sticks on each pack. And you will get a free bundle of 20 sticks as well. In total, you will get three packs with three different flavors. 

The sticks are long enough to burn out for 30 mins (approx). The aroma of the stick is perfect and will be liked by everyone, and it is ideal for both the home and workplace.

Zed Black 3 In 1 Incense Sticks pack comes with free gifts like 1 matchbox (large size) and a ceramic stand.

3. Hem Precious 9 collection Agarbatti – Best natural aroma

Hem is another favorite brand in the agarbatti industry for more than 30 years and is very known for its natural aroma. The fragrance will create a pleasant atmosphere, which is ideal for the home and workplace. The sticks are made with bamboo along with the mix of natural oil, flowers, and other natural mixtures, which makes the smell very natural, mild, and soothing.

The package comes with 9 packs (with 9 types of fragrances), each with 17 sticks and 153 sticks in total. The great feature that everyone likes is the low smoke produced while burning.

The burning time is perfect, which lasts around 30 to 40 mins. This is undoubtfully one of the best Agarbattis you can buy in the market.

4. Cycle Speciality Woods Incense Sticks – Best long-lasting Agarbatti

Cycle Speciality Woods Incense Sticks is yet another gem from the Cycle brand’s inventory. 

The fragrance is a mix of Wood, Sandal, Cedar, and other natural sources, which gives a unique scent. The length of the stick is pretty good, which makes the stick to burn for a long time. 

The package contains 2 sets of 250 gms of incense sticks, and approximately, you will get 312 agarbatti sticks in total.

This is one of the Agarbattis used by many people in India because of its long-lasting strength. With its pleasant aroma, you can feel the entire room is scented for an extended period. The best feature of this agarbatti is the ash produced is very less and less smoke too. 

This is our pick of the best agarbattis on the best long lasting agarbatti category!

5. Mangaldeep Sadhvi Agarbatti – Best budget agarbatti

Mangaldeep Sadhvi Agarbatti is yet another exceptional product from ITC. The aroma is good and good enough for a single room, and it is a little intense.

The packaging is good, where you can get two packs of fifty sticks each. You can get 100 sticks for around 35 rupees, which is a great deal. It is our pick of the product under the best budget agarbatti (insane sticks) category.

The only cons are, the length of the insane sticks are small, but the decent fragrance that too, with this price range, it is very good agarbatti sticks to buy for daily use!

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Burning incense sticks is an ancient method followed mainly for rituals and spiritual activities. It is followed for more than 1000 years and still commonly used throughout India by most people every day! Undoubtfully, incense sticks are must-have ones in every home!

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