Best Air Fryers in India

Hey, all you health freaks over there! Now you can eat all the fried and oily food you want without actually ingesting all that oil! Confused? Well, say thanks to the new kid on the block, the Air Fryer! This humble new machine has brought back the fun of eating piping hot samosas and fried chicken without feeling guilty about it ever again.

The way it works is quite simple. The machine consists of an insulated chamber
inside which you place a basket with the food you need fried. A timer and temperature are set, and hot air circulates within the chamber to cook the food from all sides. The Air fryer uses just 10% of the oil you would normally use to
deep fry anything but gives similar taste and crunchiness to the food. It is a smart purchase indeed for those who crave finger-licking foods but like to stay on the healthier side! Here is our list of best air fryers in India.

The overall best Air FryerHavells Prolife Digi 1230
Perfect family use air fryerAmerican Micronic Air Fryer
Best compact Air FryerInalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry-1200W
Perfect for frying small-sized bitesPhilips HD9216 1425W Air Fryer
Best Budget Air FryerPrestige PAF 6.0 1200 Watt Air Fryer

There are just a few things to consider while buying an Air fryer. The temperature setting, a timer device, the size of the food basket, and if the fryer can perform other functions like baking, grilling, etc. In light of these, we have chosen some of the best Air fryers in India, at the moment, that cater to every type of end-user. So here goes!

1. Havells Prolife Digi 1230 The overall best Air Fryer

A digital air fryer by Havells, this appliance fulfils all the promises it makes. It has a digital screen that shows the temperature and timer set. The touch screen pad allows you to set the temperature to a maximum of 200-degree celsius, which is quite enough to cook all your dishes.

Best Air Fryers in India

There is an auto shut off option, and the device helps you grill, bake, toast, reheat, and fry food perfectly. It uses 1230W of power, which is good, as the more powerful the fryer, the faster and better it will fry food, making it crispier in the process. It is a medium-sized device with a 2.5 litre capacity basket inside and also comes with a pan and a recipe book. A cool-touch handle is provided so you can open the basket easily without burning your hands.The device is quite light to move around at 4.5 kg.

Best Feature: We vote this the best air fryer overall as it has all required features along with a digital touchscreen, so usage is also straightforward.

2. American Micronic Air Fryer – Perfect family use air fryer

American Micronic is a leading Indian company in the appliances market. Its products are designed with the latest technologies, and its air fryer is no different. This device has a 3.5 L basket, which can be used to cook more food and is perfect for families of 4-6 people.

It has a superior non-stick frying basket and uses 1500 W of power, which makes it really quick to cook food. It has a warranty for 2 years which can be again extended. Create anything from yummy cakes to KFC style fried nuggets within minutes using this air fryer.

It has a manually adjustable timer for 30 minutes with a temperature setting. The product is a little bulky, but that is to be expected since it has a larger capacity.

In our opinion, this air fryer is totally worth it on its excellent build quality and company trustworthiness.

Best Feature: Large basket capacity and safety standards governed by the US, Australian and German certifying bodies.

3. Inalsa Air Fryer 2.3 L Crispy Fry-1200W – Best compact Air Fryer

Inalsa is part of the Spanish group Taurus, which is a popular appliance brand in Europe. This air fryer has its patented rapid air technology that circulates the hot air within the appliance within two to three minutes.

It features a 1.8 L basket, which is enough for a small family of two. The power consumption is 1200 W, and the device itself is very compact and good looking. The handle comes with a press button, so you just need to press it to open and pull out the food basket.

The core material of the basket is steel with advanced non-stick coating for prolonged use. The temperature and timer knobs can be manually operated to 200 degrees and 30 minutes of cooking time. Cook desserts, fry chips, grill chicken, or even use it to reheat food.

This portable device is the perfect fit in any couple’s kitchen. The basket is also dishwasher safe, so no problems with who will clean up later! Around Rs 6000, the device is an excellent buy!

Best Feature: Compact and good for small families

4. Philips HD9216 1425W Air Fryer – Perfect for frying small-sized bites

This Philips air fryer lets you cook the most delicious food that is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. At a powerful working of 1450W, the air fryer sends hot air circulating inside the device within minutes, so the cooking time is quick.

The unique starfish design at the bottom of the air fryer distributes air evenly inside the basket. The fryer is quite small in capacity, so only around 800 gms of food can be cooked at a time. However, it is perfect for frying small-sized bites for a small family.

The fryer is compact and looks very good in white/beige color. The timer and temperature control knobs are manually adjustable. Coming from a reputed company, the product assures longevity and quality.

The machine has non-slip feet and an automatic shut-off facility. It can seem expensive around Rs 9500, but the quality of the product justifies it.

Best Feature: 2 years worldwide warranty and build quality

5. Prestige PAF 6.0 1200 Watt Air Fryer – Best Budget Air Fryer

One of the more versatile air fryers in the market, made by a reputable company, the Prestige air fryer is a wholesome product with all the features you will need. It has a 2.5 L basket with a removable tray so that cleaning is easy.

The device is manually operated with a timer knob and a temperature knob. When you set the two, the fryer starts working without any more fuss. It can fry, grill, roast, bake, and more, with the correct settings. It uses 1200 W of power, so the heat generated is quite high, and food gets cooked quickly.

The basket can be pulled out with a handle, and an air vent is provided at the back to allow hot air to pass. The fryer is compact and comes at a price around Rs 5K, and this is our pick of the lot for the best air fryer in the market. This product gives you all features with the assurance of a good brand and quality at a reasonable price.

Best Feature: Compact air fryer with all required features at a great price.

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Air Fryers are quite convenient to use for people who need quick, healthy food on the go. Anyone, from time-pressed parents, to students, to working professionals, can prepare the most delicious food in these safe to use and operate appliances without any trouble.

Some trial and error are always required when using a different product, but buying an air fryer is totally worth it. Just be sure to keep in mind the basic requisites, like the temperature settings, basket capacity, and power wattage, so you can buy the best one for your needs.

We also suggest that you always go for a fryer from a reputed company, such as the ones listed by us, so that the quality and working is assured. So get going and buy your air fryer soon for the lip-smacking delicacies you know you can’t wait to have!

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