Best Air Purifiers in India

In the modern-day, Air Pollution acts as most harmful for every living creature on earth. Air Pollution is usually a mixture of the solid particles as well as gases in the air. According to a study, Air Pollution inside a home would be more than outside and, one of the reasons is that the air inside the room does not have the ventilation when compared to the outdoor environments. Rooms or areas with little to no ventilation are quite capable of trapping the pollutants such as dust particles.

Do you want to make your home clean from the polluted air? Do you want to breathe healthy air at your home for a disease-free living? Having Air Purifier is one of the most compact devices mainly removes the smoke, dust, harmful allergens, pet hair as well as other floating impurities. Air purifier ensures that aid in a particular area is pure. With reducing air pollution at your home with the use of Air purifier, there could be a greater option for reducing asthma as well as allergy triggering particles at home. Air purifiers are beneficial for both the residential as well as commercial environments.

Air Purifier Buying Guide:

When choosing to purchase the Air Purifier, it is important to consider several factors, such as room size, noise level, power consumption, and cost. Based on all these factors, it is important to consider the best Air Purifier for getting the superior performance of purifying home.

Types Of Filter:

The type of filter used in the system is one of the most important factors in the choice of air purifier. Various types of filters are available, which would mainly filter the polluted air.

  • HEPA Filter – HEPA filter is an excellent option for removing the dust, smoke, pet dander, mold and hair from the closed area
  • Carbon Filter – Carbon Filter helps to get rid of the chemical fumes and gas, smoke and bad odor
  • Ionic Filter – Ionic Filter excellently used to filter the pollen, volatile organic compounds, dust, smoke, fungi, bacteria, and viruses
  • Uv Light – UV Light Filter helps to quickly get rid of micro-organisms such as viruses, bacteria, and germs

HEPA Filters (High-Efficiency Particulate Air):

HEPA Filter cleans the allergens like animal skin, pollen as well as animal dander, dust, and mold spores. With the use of HEPA filters, it is a much more superior option to remove 99.9% of particles even at the size of 0.3 microns. HEPA certified filters excellently filter on all common particle allergens.

Activated Carbon Filters:

Activated Carbon Filters are the combination of the filters, which helps to absorb the odor as well as gases extensively. This kind of filter would neutralize the chemicals, fumes, and smoke. Carbon Filters Reacts with the oxygen even to open up to millions of pores so that it is mainly capable of filtering the more substantial amount of odor and gas. It is more suitable for the ideal surface having vapor molecules and chemicals. 

Antibacterial And Germicidal Filters:

With the use of the Antibacterial and Germicidal Filters in the Air, a purifier is a superior option for eliminating the harmful bacteria, germs, and many other microorganisms. With the use of the UV filters along with HEPA filters, it is more helpful for getting pure and sterile air.

Ionic Filter:

The ionic filter is quite a unique type of filter that emits the charged cloud in the air. The cloud of air mainly gets attached to impurities found in the air. Therefore, it would be forced to cling to the surface of the wall. Ionic air purifiers have electrostatic collection plate so that this plate would attract fallen particles and removes them from the room.

Ultra Violet Light Filter:

Ultra Violet Light Filter has a unique filtration system that emits invisible light containing UV light. This 20 watt UV light attacks pollutants when passed through the filter.

Best Air Purifiers In India – top 10

1. Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009 Air Purifier is one of the best air purifiers in India with the advanced Air Filtration Process. The Air purifier is suitable for the total cover area of 355 sq. Ft or 33 sq. m. Clean Air Delivery is about 303 cubic m/hr. Sleek design mainly attracts most people. One of the best options for choosing this Air purifier is that it automatically optimizes the Air Quality with specialized dust sensors.


  • Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is about 303 cubic m/hr
  • Suitable for 355 sq. ft / 33 sq. m Coverage Area at your  home
  • Silent in operation all through the day use
  • Sleek and intuitive design makes your room look neat
  • Patented Urethane carbon Filter used for deodorizing the air in every room
  • HEPA filter excellently 8500 hours per filter for making room pure
  • Multi-layered green anti-flu HEPA filter used for trapping dust and microorganisms 
  • 3 speed optimized for airflow with turbo mode
  • Considered as reliable air purifiers by peoplenStylish and sleek air purifier model for use anywherenEasy to use an air purifier with higher reliabilitynGet warranty coverage for the model
  • The pollution level indicator in the air purifier remained blue from the time the unit is switched.

2. Daikin Mc30 Room Air Purifier (White) –

Daikin is a well known and reliable Japanese company for providing many numbers of household appliances at the most affordable price range. Daikin MC30 Room Air Purifier is one of the perfect solutions for your room to remove the air pollution inside.


  • Available with the primary electrostatic HEPA filter
  • 231 Sq. Ft Coverage area and suitable for living or bedroom
  • Various Mode – Auto Mode, Turbo Mode, and Pollen Mode
  • Eco Mode switches, if there is no pollution detected
  • 3 color LED indicator with Live Pollution tracking
  • Removes 99.97% allergens along with fine particlesnUse of Electrostatic technology especially helps to less filter cloggingnReduces complete filter replacement frequencynSpecialized Carbon coated odor filter used for removing odor from the roomnDelightful performance with varied modes
  • Nothing specific to mention

3. Philips AC1215/20 Air purifier

This air purifier is a perfect choice for people who want to buy the top branded devices. AC1215/20 purifying device has Vitashield IPS equipped with NanoProtect Pro Filter and aerodynamic design.  It not just cleans the air but also removes the ultrafine particles. Also, this purifier can remove harmful gases like TVOC and formaldehyde. With unique technology, it makes the bedroom air suitable for having a peaceful and better sleep. The NanoProtect HEPA let you know excellent purification efficiency. Philips also manufactures the Best Electric Kettles in India.


  • This device is boasting of 4-stage filtration method works through an activated carbon filter, pre-filter, and double-layered HEPA Filter with H13 Grade
  • It has Vitashield smart purification technology that can automatically sense the air quality
  • Purifies the medium-sized room within 12 minutes by using CADR of 270 m3/hour
  • An air quality indicator is available in 4 colors to provide air quality feedback in real-time
  • Not only removes 99.90% viruses and bacteria but also capable of eliminating airborne H1N1 virus
  • Eliminates 99.99% house dust hassles and pollen
  • It offers better room coveragenWell-known for its versatile functionnIt can work well on Carbon filter and HEPAnAutomatic night-time sense mode for going on with both sleep and work
  • Mode switching of this device is not flawlessnNot working well for removing odors

4. Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt Air Purifier  

Sharp FP-F40E-T 31-Watt is one of the best air purifiers in India boasting of Plasmacluster Technology. It can remove harmful organic elements, microbes, odor, dust particles, and other hassles from the indoor air. Everything can be done by generating negative and positive ions available naturally. This process can bring you the purified air in your working places and living places. The best part of this device is that it covers 320 square feet. The double purification can remove the smoke, unpleasant smell, mold, allergic particles, dust mites, and more from your indoors. When it purifies the indoor air, you will enjoy the healthy and fresh air.


  • It works based on the dual purification method and Plasmacluster technology
  • The elegant design and best grade materials come under severe quality control
  • This system complements both the feel and looks required for your living spaces and bedrooms
  • Delivers excellent purifying results by cleaning and purifying the air five times in 60 minutes
  • Includes the most exceptional features and HAZE function ideal for different conditions
  • Auto-restart option, Odour & Dust sensor, Manual & Auto modes, and minimal noise levels
  • The product comes with a larger filter surface area nCapable of delivering higher performancenIt is a certified air purifier
  • Does not come with AQI reading indicator

5. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Air Purifier –

The Beta 350 devices by Atlanta Healthcare can work based on iCluster Technology to cover 350 sq.ft. It has everything to work effectively in different places, including small offices, doctor chambers, hotel rooms, hospitals, homes, and guest houses.  This purifier can make the indoor air free form air-borne infections, allergens, smoke, and much more. With multi-stage purification technologies, it brings better relief from various pollutants and pure air.


  • Boasting of seven-stage filtration technology to clean the indoor air
  • Comes with HEPA filter, pre-filter, activated carbon, ionizer, UV light, anti-bacterial filters and more
  • Make the indoors healthy and dust-free while keeping the space free of dust, bad odor, smoke, gases, and allergens
  • Contains advanced filtration technology, play & plug operation, LED Display and multi-mode operations
  • Facilitates auto start option during power failure
  • This remote control device can also work on night mode
  • Made by using plastic and available in white color
  • Well-recognized for its compact, lightweight and portable featuresnAffordable air purifiernShows the delivery rate of airflownWorks based on the remote control
  • It has ionizer which is not suitable for your regular use because of its harmful effectsnDoes not include timer modenThe noisy feature makes it unsuitable for continuous use

6. Dyson WiFi-Enabled & Pure Cool Link Tower Air Purifier  –

It is one of the best air purifiers capable of removing about 99.95% of pollutants and allergens.  Pure Cool Link by Dyson not only purifies the indoor air but also circulates the purified air content throughout your space by using Air Multiplier technology. When it comes to vacuum-sealed, 360 degrees Glass HEPA filter, it can eliminate the air pollutants indoor. The tris-coated and activated carbon can capture harmful toxins and household odors. The smart purification system can monitor, purify, and reacts automatically. It also reports the data of air quality to the Dyson link app. As a result, you can control the environment.


  • Offers intelligent purification results by removing mold spores, pet dander, bacteria, pollen, VOCs, dust, and other odors/gases
  • Oscillation facility helps to project powerfully and circulate the clean air
  • Designed to purify the air and distribute the purified air across the ample space
  • Includes 360° of Glass HEPA Filter and Tris-coated or Activated Carbon facility
  • This air purifier is well-known for its automatic function
  • It can support the WiFi connectivitynYou can receive the air quality details in the real-time by using an app nWorks based on the remote control for smooth operation.
  • It is not suitable for people with a limited budget nSimple to topple overnContains a big power adapter

7. Mi 2C Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter

With an excellent 3600-air intake option, this air purifier offers outstanding filtration and also the distribution of purified air throughout your space. It not only provides 350 m3/hr CADR but also promising the coverage space of up to 452 square feet.  These specialized features make it suitable for both your bedrooms and living rooms. It also includes a real-time indicator of air quality. This option can monitor the quality of air and shows the level of purification on a real-time basis. This device can function on the Auto Mode. It is also efficient because it removes different kinds of bacteria contents, bad odors, and air-borne pollutants.


  • Comes with a True HEPA Filter to deliver the filtration result of about 99.97 percent
  • It can handle the particle size about 0.3 microns
  • Facilitates the 360 Degree of air consumption for excellent filtration
  • Equipped with the most outstanding CADR with 350 m3/h
  • Unique coverage space of about 452 Sq. ft
  • Recognized for its real-time and accurate air quality indicator
  • Single-button control or operation for simple operation
  • It includes powerful and efficient valuenBoasting of the true HEPA filternIt has the exhaust type fannThis purifier can cover a larger area
  • There is no night mode optionnCreates much noise during the manual operation

8. Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier

Honeywell Air Touch i8 42-Watt Air Purifier works based on the advanced technology that leads to fresh air. The 3-STAGE air filtration technology comes with some stunning options for eliminating risk factors. HiSiv and HEPA filter technology reduce risk factors present in the air.

It can be the right choice for a small area and worthy options for getting purified air. Most importantly, it is the practical investment choice for indoor spaces to get fresh as well as dust-free air. This purifier gets rid of gases, bad odor, and smoke as well as it completely removes the allergen from the air, so it is the right choice for your home.


  • It covers the Maximum area and purifier quickly. It is the right choice for larger areas 
  • Less Noise level is one of the keep factors, so it is the right choice for people with different requirements
  • Night mode is highly effective and perfectly works at any point in time
  • The advanced remote control allows you to control its functionalities simply
  • HiSiv and HEPA filter technologynMulti-mode operation
  • It has only three-stage purification

9. AviZo A1606 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filters-

 Avizo is one of the best brands for getting fresh air because it works based on the heap purification technology that offers purified air by eliminating dust particles present in the air.

Most importantly, this purifier is designed to filter harmful microbes in the air because it comes with a robust, clear air delivery rate up to 277m3/h, and it features advanced air quality sensors.  However, advanced dust removal eliminates more than night nine percentages of toxic substances from air that include smoke, hair, mold spore, dancer, etc. With this air purifier, you can enjoy some freshness in the air, so it is the recommended choice for people to get fresh air.


  • Large coverage area and features the most Powerful CADR to overcome hassles present in the air
  • Quick purification  and Highly sensitive sensor so eliminates harmful gases with ease
  • The Air Quality Index and the Filter replacement alert adds additional benefits, mainly it features 24 hrs timer and Touch screen.
  • Overall, it is the right choice for easy and comfortable usage.
  • HEPA+fibre membranenRemoves up to 99.97% of PM2.5, so it provides fresh and hassles free airnPowerful CADR
  • No cost-effectivenIt needs maintenance

10. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45W – HEPA Tech –

KENT Aura Room Air Purifier 45W is one of the right choices for your home to get fresh air. In general, this purifier works based on HEPA Technology.  In general, this will deliver many benefits than any other kind of air purification. It includes the CADR value of 180-meter cube/hour, and it is really enough for eliminating all the dust particles from the air.

This smart purifier never misses anything from the air, so it can be a worthy investment choice for your living area. The activated carbon filters and advanced heap filters work smartly to get rid of bad odor from the air. This feature ensures the quality of air. In addition to this, this purifier has an automatic monitoring option, so it will make some adjustments automatically also produces alert when it makes changes in the filter. You will get this purifier with a one year warranty. Kent is also famous for manufacturing the Best Juicers in India.


  • Perfectly suits for any kind of room and the filter changing alarm indicates the changes regarding its functionalities
  • The one-touch child lock features available for eliminating hassles, and it can be the smart option
  • The inbuilt ionizer is available that improve the air quality as well as providing refreshing air.
  • HEPA Technologynactivated carbon filtersnHeap filters
  • Suitable for a smaller area nCostly choice


  1. Why I Need An Air Purifier?

Air purifiers are necessary for getting fresh and pollution-free air. In general, the air purifiers clear allergens as well as any kind of dust particles quickly. The smart technology present in the purifier effectively removes odor, pet dander, pollen, smoke, dust, and all the pollutants present in the air, so it is essential for experiencing a hassle-free life.

  • Can I Run An Air Purifier All The Time?

 Yes, of course, you can run your air purifier for 24 hours a day at home — the advanced air purifiers designed to offer ultimate comfort. You should run your air purifier all the time without turning it off.

  • Do The Smart Air Purifiers Make My Room Cold?

No. the Air Purifiers do not make your room cool because it does not contain any Cooling Unit. It will purify the air present in your room repeatedly at any point in time. The advanced filtration eliminates dust particles and dangerous objects from the air. So it is just an air purifier and simply not built with a cooling unit, so it cannot creates cooling effects like an air conditioner.

  • Do Air Purifiers Help For Risk-Free Sleep?

Air purifier plays an essential role in allergen removal so that it can ensure the quality of sleep in different ways. Even the noise control unit also eliminates outside noises, so it is a better alternative to fan noise. It will circulate clean and pure air around the room.


In the modern world, Air purifiers have become essential for experiencing a hassle-free lifestyle. Many air purifiers available that cover different needs of contemporary living style as well as standards. Therefore, prefer the right kind of air purifier by taking the above guide. The above options are highly cost-effective at the same time, smart choices for your home. So get the best possible choice for your home to get fresh and risk-free air.

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