Best Candle holders January 2021

A candleholder is a frame that is used to hold a candle intact. The candle holders are often used as an ornamental thing which is used for decorating houses for many occasions. We have listed the 15 best candle holders that are available in the market!

The main function of candle holders is to provide a stable base for candles to avoid any mishaps and placing a lighted candle without a strong base is like anticipating a disaster to happen. anytime.

Tealight holders vs Candlelight holders

Tealight holder

A tealight candle is a small circular candle which is placed in a thin metal or plastic cup so that the candle can liquefy completely while lit. The main highlight of the tealight candles is they are inexpensive and they work well with any candle holders!

Candlestick holder

Whereas a candlestick holder is an ornamental holder which have a cup or spike to keep the candle in place.

1. TIED RIBBONS Tealight Candle Holders

This amazing candle holder comes with a set of four which are handcrafted in India, which makes a perfect home decor for any room.

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The candle holders start to glow when the tealight candles are placed and ignited inside the holder. The light is so warm and romantic, which is perfect for any occasion like candlelight dinner, house warming, or even festivals like Diwali, etc.

2. The Purple Tree Moroccan Glass Mosaic Tealight Candle Holder

These candleholders are perfect for adding a decorative touch to any area that is perfect for a coffee table or fireplace centerpiece.

These candleholders work well with any tealight candles and offer a special glow once they are lit.

These holders come with a pack of two, and they are made from marbles, so care must be taken while cleaning it. Adding a teaspoon of water makes it easy to remove and clean the remaining wax from the holder.

3. CraftJunction Handcrafted Mosaic Glass Tea Light Holder

This is a perfect tealight candle holder that works well for any place, such as dining rooms or halls or parties.

Why we like it: The highlight of this candle holder is that, if a tealight is lit, it shines like a diamond.

The holder is handmade from glass and mosaic, which makes the look very attractive and illuminates your living space’s atmosphere and gives your home a charm.

4. Brahmz Glass Tea Light Candle Holder

This candle holder comes with a pack of 4, where each holder comes with a size of 3 inches height and 3 inches width.

The good thing we like is that the holder set comes with different colors like red, blue, green, and yellow, which is perfect for decorating any room or perfect to be used for any occasion.

These holders are beautifully handcrafted from the hand, which gives a warm and romantic light when tea light candles are lit.

5. TIED RIBBONS Wall Hanging Tealight Candle Holder

This is a unique wall hanging tealight candle holder which comes with two metal base and 6 glass holders, and six tealight candles.

This is a perfect vintage look tealight holder where the base is made from high-quality iron, and the tealight holder is made of glass.

These decorative wall sconces offer a coherent view of any space near the garden, living room, restaurant, or café or Christmas lighting décor.

The iron base can be hanged to the wall of any room using a nail to give an antique look to your home or your office.

6. Tied Ribbons Tealight Holder Hanging Lantern

This is another unique tealight candle holder from the brand Tied ribbons. This candle holder set comes in classic lantern iron design, which will add a charm to your home or any room when the candles are lit!

The lantern set comes with bright colors, which will give a pleasant appeal when they are placed or hanged in any room, even when the candles are not burnt.

The candles are made from high-quality iron, which is very easy to maintain and comes in 6 inches in height.

7. TIED RIBBONS Mosaic Glass Tealight Candle Holder

It gives your home and office a special and antique look, and it is a great way to style your living room and bathrooms. You can also use it simply as a dining & coffee table centerpiece or as trendy concentrate on fireplaces and tables.

This is a votive holder that comes in a pack of one mosaic tealight holder and one metal stand along with a tealight candle.

The stand is made of high-quality iron, and the candle holder is made of mosaic, which is perfect to be kept on a study table!

8. JaipurCrafts Long Decorative Wall Sconce with 8 Glass Cup Candle Holders

This is another wall-mounted tea light holder from the Jaipur crafts brand. The package contains 2 metal bases, 8 glass holders, and 8 tealight candles.

Just light the Tealight in the glass holders and let your walls shine with a rich look, giving a special and antique look to your home or office. It also works well with a wall wrapped in a colorful wallpaper!

This holder is the perfect home decor for any room or occasion, as well as the perfect gift for Christmas and Diwali.

9. Pride Store Tealight Candle Holder

This is a traditional candle holder handmade by recognized Artisans from Rajasthan that is ideal for the pooja, Diwali, wedding, Navratri, etc. Also, this is a great gift piece for any occasion.

You can just put these holders on a table, and once the candles are lit, the atmosphere will look stunning. You can also furnish this traditional holder with fresh flower Petals and fairy lights & Rangoli around it, which will give you an incredible look!

10. Homesake Pack of 2 Decorative Golden Eye Wall Sconce Candle Holder

This is another wall-mounted candle holder that comes in a pack of two. The base is made of iron, which is gold in color and can be simply hung in any wall with small nails’ help. The pack also contains a tea light candle, which will burn up to 3 hours.

This beautiful candle holder is a stylish and elegant addition to your home decoration that works well on its own or as a package with several matching pieces.

Great for bedroom lighting and living room or kitchen decorations, this candle holder also makes an outstanding addition to the event decors.

11. Lighthaus Candle Holders Metallic

The pack contains a set of 3 candle holders made of metal and six Scented Tealight Candles. The candle holders come in three different sizes, i.e., large, medium, and small.

The candlestick holder is made from high-quality metal and it can be used to place both tealight candles and votive candles.

The candle holders come with a stunning attraction with complex design and details that add to any living room decor.

12. The Purple Tree Snowflake Christmas Tealight Holder

This is a beautiful Christmas tealight holder which comes in a design of snowflake pattern. This is perfectly suited for Christmas and works well to decor any parts of the room.

The holder comes in the size of 3 x 3 inches and the candler holder is made from sturdy cast iron, which ensures the longevity of the holder.

The color makes this holder very attractive, which is white, makes a perfect gifting option for all occasions.

13. Obbi Crystal Rose Brass Candle Holder for Decoration

This is a unique candle holder that is primarily made of metal and glass. The metal here is pure brass, colored in gold, making it a perfect decoration for any room.

The overall look of this holder is like a wine glass, which is a perfect gift for your girlfriend, wife, and your loved ones. The look is very royal when a tealight candle is placed inside and lit, making a perfect decoration item for any room.

14. UHD Hanging Planter Crystal Glass – Tea Light Candle Holder for Indoor Garden

This is a transparent hanging tealight candle holder come planter hanger where you can use it to hang a plant or to place a candle.

The pack comes with a set of four hangers, which are ideal for everyday use as well as for festive occasions.

The candle holder sparkles and glows when the tea light is added, giving a warm and romantic light due to the transparent nature of the glass!

This holder can lighten moods when used with aromatherapy lights and soften the lighting in any room or brighten any dark corner.

15. ExclusiveLane Terracotta Handpainted Shankh Shaped Table Tea Light Holder

This shank shaped tealight holder adds unique and fantastic charm to your home, and the light scattered from this decorative floral cutout enhances the beauty of your home.

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It is commonly believed that the shank will run away negative energy from your home, and it can be kept in the pooja room because the shank is considered very auspicious.

If you are looking for a unique candle holder, whether this is for youself or for gifting purposes, this is for you.


The candlelight’s luminescent glow will make your environment more warm and welcoming, and you can also use it to highlight your home’s dull spaces and make them more welcoming. Please do let us know your comments if you like this article.

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