15 Best Candles for home decor January 2021

A candle is a material containing an ignitable nozzle embedded in wax or another flammable solid substance, such as oil, which gives light! The candles are always a symbol of love and romance, and they are commonly used for home decoration and festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc. We have listed the best candles in India, which are the best for home decoration.

How a Candle burn?

When the candle’s nozzle is lit with a match stick, the wax melt and vaporize and combines with oxygen in the air and gives a constant flame.

Types of Candles

There are many types of candles available in the market, and the most common ones are tealight candles and votive candles.

Tealight Candles

Tealight Candles

A tealight candle is a small, round, a thin candle held in a thin metal cup so that when lit, the candle will fully liquefy completely. Tealight candles are the most popular candles, and they are used widely throughout India. Usually, multiple candles are burnt simultaneously because of their small size and low light and often kept in a candle holder for better decoration.

Votive Candles

Votive Candles

The votive candle is usually two inches tall and half inches in width, and they are often referred to as a prayer candle, intended as a votive offering in Christian prayer.

1. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wax Tealight Candles

This pack comes with a set of 100 tealight candles from the brand Solimo, which is from Amazon.

On average, each candle bur up to 3 hours, and these candles do not create any smoke and do not create any burnt or unpleasant smell.

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The good thing about this type of tealight candle is it can be used with or without candle holders.

Each candle comes in a 3.7 cm and 1.2 cm height, which is perfect to be kept in any candle holder.

2. Satyam Kraft Acrylic LED Tea Light Candles

This pack comes with a set of 12 candles, which is perfect for decorating your home for any occasions or festivals like Diwali and Christmas.

This is a candle look-alike battery-operated flameless candle that is flameless and does not leave residue in your room. For any family with children or pets who want to ensure that their little ones remain safe and sound, these candles are a great option.

The best thing about these candles is that they can create a romantic ambiance in any room without any hard work! The melted edges of these candles often give a natural appearance as true traditional candles.

3. Pure Source India 3 Oz Glass Jar Candles

These are scented candles that come in a glass jar, which can burn up to 20 hours. This pack comes with a set of 3 candles with different flavors like rose, jasmine, lavender, which provides pleasing fragrances that can help enrich the ambiance of your home by bringing the beauty of the outdoors inside.

These candles are made of high-quality wax that delivers smoke-free flame and burns without leaving any residue.

This is a perfect gift material and also ideal for decorating small spaces like a working desk, dining table, etc.

4. Pure Source India Scented Tea Light Candle

This candle set comes from the manufactures of Pure source India with a pack of 25 pieces.
The candles are of premium quality, and they are smokeless, and they are made by hand.

These tea light candles have a soothing and calming low-intensity flame that is ideal for weddings & other events.

The tealight candles come in red color, which is efficient and inexpensive, perfect for any religious ceremonies or celebrations and Holidays!

5. Tumphu Panda Home Made Smooth Fragrant Pillar Candles

These are pillar candles that come in a set of 3 of three different sizes, 5 x 2.5, 3 x 2, 2 x 2 inches, which are ideal for Christmas, Diwali, home decoration, or dining.

These candles come in different colors like red, yellow, white, etc., which gives the cozy and soothing ambiance to all parts of the room, wherever it is placed.

These candles’ run time is approximately 2 to 3 hours, which are safe to use indoors and outdoors.

These are excellent for gifts for special occasions, which improves your home by filling your place with sensational scents.

6. Citra Battery Color Changing Tea Lights

These are high quality led candles from the brand Homemory, and it comes with 24 candles.

The best thing about these candles is they are color-changing, which will enlighten your room’s overall ambiance.

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These candles can burn up to 100 hours and the batteries can be easily changed at the bottom of the candle.

These candles are safe with kids and pets, as there is no need to worry about the flame or fire hazard!

7. Puja N Pujari Colored Wax Tea Light Candles

These are wax candles that come in 25 pieces and come in multi-color options.
Each candle comes in a size of 3.7 x 1.2 cms, and on average, each candle can burn up to 3 hours.

These candles are smokeless and odorless, and they do not leave any residue once they are completely burnt, and they work perfectly with any tealight candle holders.

The tealight candles are a powerful and cost-effective way of lighting candles for your ritual and holiday celebrations.

8. Satyam Kraft Flameless LED Candles

This pack comes with a set of 3 candles, which are flameless and battery operated.
They are straightforward to operate, and there is no fear of fire accidents and ensures kids’ and pets’ safety.

Each candle comes in a height of 7 cm and a width of 5 cm, and they work well with any occasions like Diwali or Christmas.

9. MINISO Inkiet Series Scented Candles 6 Pack Heart Blue

These are premium candles that can gently burn without producing harmful black smoke. They are made with the finest essential oils from natural flowers, and the pleasant aroma will fill your room, uplift anyone’s mood.

These candles are a great gift for your friends, uplifting anyone’s mood and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

10. Maxime Candles Lavender Scented Wax Marble Candles

This is another beautiful candle set that comes with 4 candles with each candle sizes about 21 x 12 x 5 cms.

These are scented candles that come in multiple flavors and colors and are 100 % safe for using indoors and outdoors and gives the cozy comfort and soothing ambiance anywhere in your home.

These are a perfect gift for friends and family for any occasion like a birthday, housewarming, etc.

11. LightHaus Candles Scented Candle Jar with Printed Lid

This is another pleasant smelling candle that comes in a jar with a size of 2.8 x 3.5 inches, which can burn up 32 hours!

This candle jar is loaded with rich fragrance oils, which ensures intense aroma to reach every corner of the living room.

The best thing about the brand Lighthaus is that if you are not satisfied with this candle’s aroma, you can return it easily without any hassle.

This candle comes in a wooden lid where you can carry it wherever we want, and once the wax is fully consumed, you can reuse it for keeping tealight candles or votive candles, or you can even use it as a home decor accessory!

12. GOYAL Flameless Maple LED Tealight

This pack comes with a set of 6 candle look-alike pieces which can be used in many parts of the room as home decor.

These candles are operated with a battery which provides a realistic flickering effect which is ideal for holidays such as Diwali, Navratri, etc. and also these are 100% safe with kids.

The LEDs are mounted inside the candles, which, when switched on, give the impression that the actual Diya is lit and add a perfect value to your home decoration.

13. Maxime Candles Wax Decorative Candles

These are wax decorative candles that come in a set of 2 with 10.5 x 8.5 x 5.5 cms and comes in different colors such as silver, copper, gold, etc.

It can create a relaxing mood and create a peaceful and soothing environment in every part of the room when it’s lit.

They are perfect for any occasion and a great gifting option for anyone who loves home decoration.

14. LUNSY 24 Packed Candle Lights Warm White Flameless LED Tea Lights

This is another battery-powered flameless candles where led lights are mounted inside, and they are perfect for any party or any festivals like Diwali!

They come in a set of 24 candles along with batteries, and they can last up to 72 to 100 hours. You can easily replace the batteries when they are drained.

There is a switch inside each candle, which is used for on/off. Also, we can put these candles in a tealight holder, which can improve the overall decoration.

They are made with high-quality ABS material, and the overall shape makes it look like a real candle, and the flickering light effect makes it more special.

15. BAMBBLE 10pcs for Party Flameless Waterproof Candle Lamp

This is another flameless candle set that is operated with the help of a battery. The highlight of these candles is they can float on water, i.e., you can put these candles in your vase ot bowls to create a pleasant and romantic ambiance.

These led candles start to flicker when they are placed in water, and they are 100% safe with kids.

The good thing about the led candles is that they won’t leave any residue when they are burnt, ensuring no hard work to be put to clean the room afterward.


Always make sure not to let a candle burn itself out and allowing a candle to burn to the very bottom could cause the container to break and the thread to fall out, so be cautious!

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