10 Best Ceiling decors for kids room January 2021

The kid’s room is the place where your child spends most of the time like reading, sleeping, playing, etc. A proper kid’s room will certainly improve the imaginative power of the children, so we should take care of decorating the kid’s room. Below are the best ceiling decors for kids’ room that converts your child’s room fascinating!

1. Stickonn Fluorescent Glow in The Dark Star Wall Sticker

Stickonn Glow in The Dark sticker is a perfect kids’ room decor that can be stuck to the ceiling and as well as in the room walls. It can be used as a decorative item for your kid’s birthday party.

The radiant stickers also work as an ideal gift for little kids or family members. With this glow in the dark galaxy set, it adds the look of a real night sky that can help to create a space for a romantic evening.

The stickers are easy to apply any flat, clean and surface be it a wall, ceiling, or any other similar surface. These stickers are made up of non-toxic materials, which are safe to play for kids.

Why we like it: The stars appear to be normal in the day, but it starts to glow during the night, which gives the feeling like we are sleeping directly under the sky!

2. Stickonn Multi Colour Fluorescent Glow in The Dark Hollow Star Wall Sticker

This is another decent product from Stickonn. These are the set of stars made up of plastic and comes in different colors. It is one of the best ceiling decors for kids room!

These stars appeal normally during the day but will be florescent during the night. It is a perfect decoration item for any room. These stars are the perfect wall decor for any room and work well for any occasion.

3. SYGA Glow in The Dark Stars Decals Design Wall Stickers

These stickers are made up of PVC Vinyl Material, that is made from rugged molded plastic stars that are durable, safe, and nontoxic and the stickers come with a dimension of 10 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm.

These stars are the best way to sparkle up your child’s bedroom and also you can add a touch of romance in your bedroom with these stickers!

Usage instructions: Stick the stickers to the wall or ceiling, turn on a nearby light for five minutes, blacken the room, and enjoy the view.

Why we recommend it: The good thing with this stickers are they can be applied easily on the ceiling and wall.

4. 3W Aluminum Lamp Spiral LED Wall Sconce Hall Porch Walkway Light Decor

3W Aluminum Lamp is another kid’s room ceiling decor item, which is actually a LED lamp, made up of aluminum, which gives a perfect glow when connected to power!

Provide a vivid and awesome light image for your home, and it works best for any rooms like Hall, Bedroom, Reading Room, etc. It comes in different colors like Cool White, Warm White, Colorful, Yellow, Pink, etc.

5. Asian Paints Nilaya Celestial wall stickers

These celestial wall stickers from Asian Paints, which bring a dramatic change to your room and your kids’ room in just 2 minutes. The quality of the stickers is of top-notch, as these are manufactured by Asian Paints.

The wall stickers come with a design of stars and planets which magically glow when it’s dark. The pack comes with four sheets of stickers. Just gently peel and stick to any smooth surface.

6. LAZYKARTS Star Master Projector

Luckykarts star projector comes with USB, which can turn any room into a starry sky. This projector creates an excellent light show for your viewing entertainment.

You can power this projector with three AAA batteries or you can connect it with a 5A adaptor, which makes the convenience of carrying this projector to any room.

This is a perfect ceiling decoration item for home and bedroom. Also, this is one of the great presents for your kids who are fascinated with space and stars. The brilliant light from this night light projector helps you reduce the stumbling and allows you to enjoy the party altogether.

7. Prettyia Baby Ceiling Mobile Hanging Cloud Stars

This is another pretty decent ceiling decoration product for your kid’s room, which comes with a combination of clouds and stars where it can be attached to the ceiling. Your child can easily visualize the galaxy in their room.

It will be a best birthday present for your child who loves space and galaxy!

8. MAFOX Plastic Astronomy Wall Sticker

Glow in the Dark stars enchanting room space decorations. These are ideal for both boys and girls. With the help of these stickers, we can easily turn a dull room into a romantic ambiance of Glowing Universe full of stars.

Luminescent starts stickers can transform a kid’s playroom into a fairy glossy sphere. Let your kids stare at illuminated stars.

These self-adhesive wall stickers could be easily peeled and stick to any flat, clean surface & can be removable without damaging the surface.

Why we recommend it: The look and feel are very fabulous. When applied on the walls, it gives a royal look to your room!

9. Prakal Star Moon Master Romantic Sky Star Light

It is a perfect kids’ room decor which comes in eight color modes. You can choose the right light mode to make your favorite environment.The warm white light is independent, can be a used as a perfect night light.

It can be rotated 360° degrees, either you want it rotate dynamic or become static, it can offer you an amazing and vivid vision.

It comes with dual power supply mode. ie it can be operated with three AAA batteries or you can connect it with a power adaptor.

10. Renyke USB Night Light

This Unique night light star projector is design is great for bedroom, camping, parties, etc. It can also add a pleasant and romantic atmosphere to your living area.

Usage is pretty straight forward. Just plug in a USB slot and done. Also, it has a turnable twist on the top to make different patterns with a great piercing red Galaxy worth.

The light is compact in size and light in weight. You can simply carry the USB Atmosphere Light in your backpack and you’re good to go, takes minimal space for Travel, Party, Camping, and More.


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