Best copper water bottles in India

Copper is an essential mineral for human health and has good anti-bacterial properties. Copper also helps us to gain immunity by dissolving copper ions in water. It is also believed that copper has anti-aging properties. 

Copper has a natural purification process that helps to kill microorganisms present in water.

How to clean a copper water bottle?

Proper care should be taken for cleaning copper water bottles. You should use lemon extract along with vinegar/tamarind with warm water to clean the inner portion of the bottle. This will prevent magnesium formation at the bottom of the bottle.


Also, make sure not to consume hot water from a copper water bottle. It is said that hot water absorbs excess of copper from the bottle, which may negatively affect your body.

1. Prestige Tattva Copper bottle – Overall best copper water bottle

Prestige is one of India’s leading kitchen appliance manufacturers, requiring no introduction.

Best copper bottle in India

The bottle is 100% leak-proof, and the cap is silicon sealed, guaranteeing 0% leakage. The exterior surface of the bottle is shiny, with a smooth and attractive finish.

The bottle’s size is 1 liter, made of 100 percent copper.

The Prestige Tattva Copper bottle is very light in weight, and it is travel friendly, and it is ideal for office and schools.

Cleaning Tip: Wash the bottle with hot water along with lime and vinegar or tamarind, to prevent the formation of blue/green salt at the bottom of the bottle. The color salt blue/green is nothing but magnesium, which is toxic to our body. Therefore, care should be taken to clean the bottle once a week, using lemon and hot water.

Prestige Tattva is our pick for the best overall copper bottles in India.

2. Dr copper

Dr. Copper is one of the leading manufactures of copper products in India. The bottle comes in 1 liter and weighs around 350 gms.

It is a perfect water bottle for daily use. The look of the bottle is decent, where you can use it in offices and schools as well.

The copper water bottle is 100 % leak-proof, and even the lid of the bottle is made of copper. Also, the bottle is very easy to clean.

The best way to utilize the full benefits of a copper water bottle is by storing the water in the bottle for 4 to 8 hours, which makes the killing of bacteria effectively. The easiest way to do so is by storing the water at night and consume it in the morning.

Note: Do not scrub the outside portion of the bottle with chemicals. Just wash it with hot water gently. 

The product is eligible for return as well. You can try using it and return it if you are not satisfied.

For every copper water bottle, proper cleaning is a must. Pour some hot water on it and add some lemon extract and salt in the bottle and leave it for 15 minutes and shake it well.

Note: Do not keep the copper water bottle on the freezer or microwave.

3. Milton copperas Copper water bottle

This is a top-quality product from Milton, which is known for producing high-quality thermos in India.

The mouth of the bottle is wide, which makes it very easy to clean.

The outer layer is shiny, so extra café should be taken in order to maintain the shine.

The lid is 100 % leak-proof, which ensures 0% spillage, and it is easy to carry anywhere.

For the outer surface, use salt along with lemon extract and wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use chemicals on the outer surface of the bottle to clean. Else the bottle will lose its shine.

It is one of the best copper bottles in the market, and you can trust the name, Milton!

4. Just copper – Copper water bottle

The bottle is entirely made out of copper, from top to bottom, and even the lid of the bottle. The unique characteristic of the bottle is the printed design on the outer surface, which looks very attractive.

The product is highly durable and cost-effective.

This is one of the best copper bottles available in India, and if you are looking for a printed copper water bottle, this Just copper is the right choice for you!

Usage tip: Avoid using the copper water bottle on the dishwasher. Also, follow the proper cleaning instructions that have to be followed for every copper water bottle.

5. Orient Craft Ayurveda copper water bottle

The unique feature of this bottle is the diamond design on the outer surface of the bottle. Ie, the diamond-shaped design is carved all over the surface.

The bottle’s capacity is 1 liter, with a height of 11 inches and a width of 3 inches.

It is not advisable to use the bottle on the dishwasher. And make sure to clean the bottle with lemon and vinegar at least once a week.

The bottle lid is leak-proof, which makes the bottle to carry anywhere without worrying about spillage.

If you are looking for a uniquely designed copper bottle, then the Orient Craft Ayurveda copper water bottle is the right choice for you.

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Instead of plastic water bottles, use copper bottles that have substantial health benefits. If you are using plastic bottles, make sure the plastic is of high quality. These are the best copper water bottles available in India at the moment. Please do let us know your comments!

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