Best Educational Toys for Toddlers in India

Toys are the first friend for your kids while they are growing up. The educational toys are the best tool to boost the learning habits in your kids. Moreover, Educational toys are the best tool to keep your toddlers away from mobiles and televisions!

There are plenty of toys available in the market, even for grown children. You need to select the best one among them, and you have come to the right place to pick the best one for your loved ones! Here is our list of Best Educational Toys for Toddlers in India.

1. Best Overall Educational toy for toddlers – Wooden Capital Alphabets Letters Learning Educational Puzzle

Wooden Capital Alphabets Letters Learning Educational Puzzle, is one of the best ways to make your kid learn alphabets. This toy comes with a wooden board, which is 23 cms in length and 31 cms in breadth. Along with the wooden board, you get 26 alphabet blocks, where your kid can place the correct alphabet on the wooden board, which has a  provision to keep each alphabet.

The material is made of high-quality wood, which won’t break easily, and each alphabet blocks come with attractive colors. Each alphabet block is 1.5-inch height and 1 cm in thickness.

It is very straight forward to play and easy to make the kid understand. The only cons are, the kid may get bored of it when they have grown up, but that will happen to every toy ?. But, yes, it is one of the best educational toys to teach the alphabet for your kid.

2. The Best Electronic educational toy –  Educational Laptop for Kids

This laptop is one of the best Electronic toys you can buy for your kids, especially if you need a one for Educational purposes. This laptop serves good for both Educational and Entertainment purposes, as this comes with 20+ activities like learning numbers and alphabets, as well as pre-installed games to entertain the kid.

The laptop comes with five stages; Starting with learning alphabets, then into word recognition, followed by numbers learning, and then followed by music and notes.

Best Feature: It is very much useful for kids to learn alphabets and numbers and really helpful for kids who are in playschool.

Another best feature of this toy is the sound quality. It is very much audible to everyone.

Note: You need to put three A4 sized batteries in order to make this work.

The only disadvantage you can see from this toy is its size. Yes, you may feel the screen size is too small, but the number of options provided in the toy will definitely make up for that. And that too, with this price range, it is undoubtfully the best toy to buy for your kid.

3. The best toy for word learning  – Word Puzzle

Basically, this is a puzzle game, as the name suggests, and your kids are going to love it. It comes with a set of 30 x 3 letter words, i.e. total 90 puzzle set pieces, which are made of high-quality cardboard material.

You will also get the activity book which gives a variety of suggestions for new words.

The best feature of this is toy is; this makes your kid learn new words.

The quality and the picture printing of the image are on top-notch, and it is one of the durable product.

Cons: The letters are in small cases. It could have been better if all are in capital letters. But, for this price, the quality of the material will make you no regret after buying.

4. Best Puzzle toy –  Wooden Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle

This Tetris Wooden Puzzle from Tootpado is one of the best learning toys for your kid. Tootpado is known for producing quality toy products in India, and this Wooden Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle won’t disappoint your kid. This game comes with a total of 40 blocks (with different shapes), which will remind you of the classic Tetris game, which you have played in your childhood video games, and it is one of the best educational toys for your kids.

The material is made of wood, which is very durable and not of cheap quality, and also the colors are very bright, which makes them look very attractive and also helps your kids to learn about the colors. It also comes with a wooden frame to keep all the blocks together.

The best feature of this puzzle is, you can play it along with the frame, and also you can take the blocks out, and you can set individual structures like pyramids, trees, and anything according to your imagination. Also, you can make your kids learn about the shapes, and also it will increase your kid’s creative thinking.

One may feel that the size of each block is small, but for this price and quality, Wooden Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle game is undoubtfully the best Educational toy that you must buy for kids.

5. Best Educational toy for little grown-ups – Brain Games

This toy is yet another brilliant product from Skillmatics, which comes with an international standard. The game comes with six double-sided activity mats along with a marker pen, and a wiper cloth and an achievement certificate and the entire package look very simple, but a powerful tool to keep your kids away from TV for some time.

The activity mats are double-sided, where each side contains a different game. In total, you will get 12 games (6 cards). You can use the marker pen to write on the cards, and you can wipe it as many times you want.

The best feature of this game is, the children can play this game in a group as well, and it is recommended for both boys and girls.

One may feel this is only for elder kids, but it is not. And some may feel that kids cant play this repetitively, but it is definitely worth a try to bring out the analytical skills of your children.

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Toys are the best companion for your kids. And giving them the best toys for your kids is our responsibility. The above-mentioned toys are undoubtfully the best one for the toddlers.

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