Best Egg Slicers in India August 2022

An egg slicer is a small kitchen utensil that is used to create boiled Egg slices. The slices can be used further for making salads and sandwiches and also for food garnishes. 

Even, you can eat the slices directly by sparkling salt and pepper, and it is an ideal dish for a healthy breakfast!

The egg cutter has a try (where the boiled egg is to be placed), which is connected to a cutter, making the egg slices when pressed against it. The below are the best egg slicers in India!

1. Lycus Multifunction 2 in1 Egg Slicer – overall best egg cutter

Lycus Multifunction slicer is one of the best selling egg cutters in the market. 

This is a 2 in 1 egg slicer, i.e., slicer + egg section cutter. The egg section cutter is cut the edges of an egg into the shape of a flower.    

The slicer is made of high-quality plastic and comes with various color options.

The slicer is very light in weight and comes in the dimensions of 20.5 x 9 x 2.5 cm and very much travel friendly.

The design is pretty sleek and looks very attractive overall, and it is a perfect addition to your kitchen.

Lycus Multifunction slicer is our pick for the overall best product for best egg slicers in India and a must-have product if you are an egg lover.

2. Famous Egg Cutter

It is one of the best selling egg slicers in India. The slicer is simple and pretty straight forward to use. 

All you have to do is, place the boiled egg on the slicer and press the flipper. The egg slices are ready in a minute.

The main thing to look in an Egg cutter is the wires used on it. The cutting wires on Famous Egg cutter are made from a high-quality stainless steel material, which produces the slices very even. The cutting wires are durable as well.

The slices made from this slicer are very much equal in thickness so that you can use the slices for garnishing. The approximate size of each piece would be around 0.5 cms.

If you want smaller pieces, you can rotate the egg and slice it again, and it will produce furthermore modest pieces.

The product is very light in weight and very easy to carry and comes with different color options.

The length of the product is 5.5 inches, and the product is made out of high-quality plastic!

3. IVAAN Egg Cutter Slicer

IVAAN Egg Cutter is another best egg slicer in the market. The product is made from high-quality plastic material, which is very good and durable.

The main feature to note is, you can wash it in the dishwasher. Also, it is effortless to clean on your own hands.

The wires are made from a high-quality material, which makes the slices pretty even and makes it best to use in the sandwiches.

4. Kalyan 2 in 1 Egg Slicer

Kalyan Egg cutter is another 2 in 1 slicer, which works pretty much the same as the Lycus model. You can make slices as well as flowery shaped wedges, which can be used as food decorates.

The product comes with two wire cutters (one used to make slices and another one to make wedges), which are made of stainless steel. Additionally, the slicer comes with a small arrow, which is in the shape of a closed umbrella, where you can use it on eggs to create beautiful shapes.

The product comes with a single color, i.e., green, which is very beautiful in look. The slicer is highly durable, and it is one of the best slicers available in the Indian market.

5. Decorcrafts 2in1 Plastic and Stainless Steel Wired Egg Slicer

The slicer is built from high-quality plastic, and the wires are made with stainless steel. This is a 2 in a slicer, where you can create slices and wedges like the previous models, which we have discussed.

The only difference between the earlier models to this one is the size. It is a little small in size and light in weight and pretty much travel-friendly.

The slicer comes in a single color, which is white and looks very attractive.

The cutting wires are made with high-quality stainless steel material.

If you are looking for compact 2 in 1 slicer, then Decorcrafts 2in1 Plastic and Stainless Steel Wired Egg Slicer is the right one for you.


The above slicers are the best products that are available in the market. We will update the list from time to time. Please do let us know your comments.

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