Best exhaust fans for kitchen in India

Want to get rid of the stuffed and clumsy kitchen environment, make your kitchen the most peaceful one by choosing an appropriate exhaust fan. Here is the list of the best exhaust fans for kitchen in India that can make cooking a better experience for you!

1. Luminous Vento deluxe – The overall best exhaust fan

Luminous is definitely a trustworthy brand in the field of electronics. The most intriguing feature of this fan is the blades of the fan. Aerodynamically designed blades work exceptionally well.

Best exhaust fans for kitchen in India

You can now get rid of the stereotypical exhaust fan noise with the noiseless luminous Vento deluxe exhaust fan. Extremely stylish in look and highly efficient in functional ability.

Cleaning the blades of the exhaust fans is a real challenge, but no more with the dust protection shutters. It is one of the worthy exhaust fans to invest in!
The fan also comes with a warranty of 2 years.

The blades are carved of graded polypropene and move at the speed of 1350 rpm. Perfectly suited for steady maintenance of a clean and fresh environment in the kitchen.

The plastic blades are protected against rust. The stylish look compliments the décor of your kitchen space, and it also works great in ac cabins.

This exhaust fan is the best overall exhaust fan to cater to your kitchen demands.

2. Usha crisp air exhaust fan – Zero vibration and superior finish

When it comes to fresh air, India places its trust in Usha, one of the longest-running flagships in this industry. The fan has automatic shutters to improve its effectiveness. The design is quite sleek, and it works without creating any potential noise.

Get rid of everyday cleaning of the exhaust fan, and these blades are rust proof to diminish your efforts. This particular model is most appreciated for the rust-free exteriors!

With the minimalist noise, this exhaust fan creates an authentic suction environment that draws out the hot air from your workspace and allows the free flow of fresh air. It consumes 40 watts of power.

Absolutely zero vibration and superior finish as expected from the leading brand Usha. The entire body and the blades are well protected against corrosion.

The installation is straightforward, and the fan is highly durable.

Great for your bathrooms or cabins too! And this is our pick for zero vibration exhaust fan!

3. Orient electric ventilator DX 200 mm – Beautiful and sleek design

The Orient electric ventilator exhaust fan comes with a sweep size of nearly 200 mm. The unique feature of this exhaust fan is the resin body.

The fan operates at 1300 rpm, and the exhaust fan is potent enough to diminish the smoke from your kitchen space and renders your cooking area completely fresh and cool.

The appropriate shutter design prevents the accumulation of unnecessary dust on the fans. This makes cleaning the exhaust fan quite easier. The minimalist power consumption of only 40 watts is a perfect treat to your pockets.

The beautiful and sleek design enhances the look of your kitchen space. It is one of the best-rated exhaust fans in India due to its consistent performance. The body is extremely lightweight and designed with international standards.

It helps you out with ample circulation of free air. Say goodbye to the stingy kitchen smell with the new orient electric ventilator. The square shape of the exhaust fan looks extremely classy.

You can also use it in the bathrooms! If you looking for a beautiful and good looking exhaust fan for your kitchen, then Orient electric ventilator is for you!

4. Crompton brisk air exhaust fan – Low noise exhaust fan

There is no need to launch Crompton as a brand. The sturdy and lightweight exhaust fan are excellent for your kitchen.

Crompton brisk air exhaust fan is one of the best-reviewed exhaust fans in India. The design is great to get along with Indian kitchens.

The most attractive feature of this exhaust fan is the inherent low noise technology. It effectively vents out the fumes from your kitchen and ensures your good health as you spend your hours in the kitchen.

The body is constructed of good quality plastic, which is completely rustproof. It moves at the speed of 2370 rpm. The high speed is impressive, as the suction force amplifies the utility of the fan.

The shape is appropriate to be fit at any place in the kitchen. The fan is also equipped with additional safety by means of an inbuilt grill.

This exhaust fan has a swept area of 250mm, and it uses 50 watts to operate.

It is not at all a pinch to the pocket. The brand also provides a two years warranty on the product.

Excellent flow of air and low noise is ensured with the Crompton brisk air exhaust fan.

5. Polycab Fexdofr007P – Best budget exhaust fan

Polycab Fexdofr007P exhaust fan is number 5 on the list. A perfect budget product for the kitchen. You need not spent a fortune to enjoy a fresh breath in your kitchen.

The kitchen is the deadliest working space if there is no proper ventilation. The humid and uncomfortable climate featured by the Indian summers can literally drive you crazy if you got to spend hours in the kitchen. But no more with the Polycab exhaust fan.

It has got five blades and a swept area of 200mm. The silent working and superb finish make it the best choice for exhaust fans at an affordable rate. It looks elegant. It is almost unbelievable that you can get such features in an exhaust fan at such rates. There are no potential complaints regarding the motor.

It comes along with a back shutter to improve its functioning. The classy look and beautiful exteriors make it stand out as a real celebrity in your kitchen.

It is a seamless exhaust fan that is pretty good in fulfilling its duties and catering to the demands. Though there is a bit of complaint regarding the non-availability of the safety grills, but it practically causes no problems in working.

And, Polycab Fexdofr007P is our pick for best budget exhaust fan for your kitchen!

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The above is our list of top 5 exhaust fans for the Indian kitchen. Please do comment let us know your feedback!

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