Best Extension box surge protectors in India September 2022

An extension box is an electrical device with a plug on one end and has one or multiple sockets on the other end. They are also called extension board, surge protectors, power extender, etc.

The key use of the extension box is to extend the reach of your devices to the power source. There are not enough power sources within many Indian houses, particularly those built before 2000, and in such cases, we need the aid of an extension box. And in some cases, the length of the power cord shipped with the item might be less, and the requirement of a surge protector is inevitable.

We also have numerous gadgets, and the need to charge them near our bed is increasing day by day, and the extension box comes here as a savior that lets us comfortably hit the power source.

Extension boxes come in different colors, lengths, and different socket numbers. Some surge protectors come with universal pin sockets, and some sockets have the option of USB ports, removing the need to have a handheld charging adaptor. We have listed the best extension boxes for home use in this article.

1. Belkin Essential Series 8-Socket Surge Protector Universal Socket

Belkin Essentials is one of the best selling extension boxes in India. It comes with four different 3,4,6, and 8 socket options.

It has a cord length of 6.5 feet, which is suitable for home use to stretch the switch for a fair length.

The positive thing to remember is that both sockets are universal and have a maximum peak current of 13000 amps.

best extension box

It has a connected equipment warranty for a maximum of rupees 20000 and has a warranty of 5 years.

It also acts as a perfect voltage stabilizer because the reaction time of this socket surge protector is less than 1 nanosecond.

This extension cord is ideal for all home appliances such as scanners, modems, and small household electronics.

2. Goldmedal Curve Plus 205101 Plastic 240 i-Strip LED Spike Guard Adaptors

Goldmedal curve plus is another best-selling electronics brand in India, and this extension box comes with 6 international sockets that are great for home and office use.

It has a good cord length of 2 meters, which is very good even if your switch is far away from your reach, and it has one master switch to control all 6 sockets.

The stylish look of the extension box fits great in any space with your home décor.

It has the long-lasting surge protection of 6500 amps and has a greater spike current amperage.

The design is very spacious as it can handle many plugs of different sizes at the same time.

3. Hilex 8+1 Multicolour Extension Cord with 3.6 Meter Wire

If you want the cheapest and safest extension box, then the Hilex 8 in 1 extension cord is the one for you. This extension box has a cord length of 4 yards, and it has 9 sockets.

best surge protector

This surge protector is very light in weight as the total weight of this box is around 250 grammes.

The sleek and futuristic style of this surge protector fits well with any home décor.

4. Axmon Extension Cord with 2 USB Charging Ports and 6 Socket

This is another beautifully built surge protector that comes with 6 socket pins that are perfect for connecting multiple smartphones and tablets.

The good thing we like about this extension box is that it has two USB ports, which are excellent for connecting any mobile chargers. It eliminates the need for having a separate adaptor for charging your mobile.

Another nice thing we like about this box is that USB ports can automatically detect your devices and easily charge up to 2 amps.

It is great for traveling, as it only weighs about 300 grams and does not take up much room.

5. Gongniu (Formerly Bull) Extension Board; 6 Socket

The bull is a multinational supplier of electrical equipment that is specialized in the manufacture of innovative technology products in India.

This surge protector is made of polypropylene material, which is lightweight and is the same material used in the manufacture of hardside luggage.

The extension box is suitable for almost all home appliances such as rice cookers, fans, refrigerators, and other appliances.

The best thing we can see about this extension box is that it has a cord length of 5 meters and an integrated brass bar inside that eliminates the chance of a short-circuit.

6. Hoteon LDNIO 2500W Extension Board with USB Slots

This extension box comes with 4 sockets and 4 USB charging ports, and in total, we can connect to 8 devices at a time, and it is a perfect extension box who have multiple gadgets at home.

The power strip is made of a high-strength fire-resistant ABS+PC shell, making it fire-proof up to 850°C and has overload protection around 10A along with a reset button.

As the 1st USB port comes with 18W, it has smart USB ports and provides fast charging, i.e., four times faster than the usual charger. The remaining three USB ports come with a 5V built-in smart charging technology that enables automatic device detection and fast charging.

The length of the cord is 2 meters, and the wires are made of 100% copper and are therefore fire-resistant.

It’s compact and lightweight to suit your luggage and briefcases on your trip.

7. GM Modular 3061- E-Book 4+4 Power Outlet Spike Guard

This surge protector comes with 4 universal pin sockets, and the best thing we like about this box is that each socket has an individual switch, i.e., a total of four switches. Having a separate switch for each socket allows you the flexibility to manage each socket individually.

Another good thing about this extension box is that it comes with a child safety shutter that guarantees more safety against electrical shock.

The length of the extension cord is 2 metres and the maximum working load is up to 10A.

It has a safety shutdown technology, as the box can be turned off automatically in case of thermal overload, which can protect all the connected devices. To return to Safe Function mode, you can press the red button.

8. EYUVAA LABEL 10 ampere Extension Board with 4 USB

This extension box is fitted with four universal pin sockets and four USB ports. The positive thing about this surge protector is that it can support voltage variations from 110V to 250V.

It is one of the lightweight extension boxes available on the market, as the basic design does not add much room to your table.

The four USB ports allow smart charging, and the maximum performance per port is up to 2.1A.

It also has overload and surge protection and has the high-temperature resistance, and thus it provides a safe work environment.

9. Palfrey Electric Extension Board – 16A/20A + 16A/20A with Two Switch

This is a special extension box, and it’s distinct from the other extension boxes we’ve mentioned above. The good thing about this extension box is that if you like, we can install it permanently on the wall.

It is made of white polycarbonate material that is unbreakable. It comes with two 16A/20A sockets and two separate switches, and it comes with a heavy-duty cable of 2 meters.

The Palfrey Electric Extension Board has an ISI certified 3 Pin Plug with a Power Status LED Light Indicator.

It can also be used for PCs, TVs, blenders, iron, and heavy equipment, including cooling systems, generators, microwaves, washing machines, and other household appliances.

10. iBELL SG721X ABS Power 2500W 7 Way Socket and 2 Way USB Socket Spike Guard Extension Cord Box

iBell is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic goods in India, and this is one of the decent extension boxes that comes with a surge protector. It comes with seven universal pin sockets and two USB ports.

It is made of high-quality ABS material and has flame retardant safety, and comes with a warranty of 6 months.

The wires are made of copper and are fire-resistant. It also has overload security as it can automatically shut down in the event of power overload, which ensures connected devices’ safety.


The extension boxes are becoming a basic necessity in every home as their need is increasing day by day. Please do let us know your comment if you like this article!

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