Best Face Cream for Daily Use in India

Finding the best face cream is not only tedious and time-consuming but also an annoying thing to do. That’s why we’ve tested and prepared a list of the best face cream for daily use that covers all skin types. While there are many face creams available out there, what you need is a quality skin cream based on your skin type, and the most daunting task is to find which one of them is the one for you. Here is our list of best face cream for daily use in India.

The best overall face creamLoreal Paris 20+ Skin Perfect Cream
Best anti-aging creamVLCC Ayurveda Youth Miracle Anti-Ageing Cream
Best day creamKaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream
Best moisture creamThe Body Shop 72H Intense Moisture Cream
Best facial massage creamLotus Wheatjuvenate Facial Massage cream

The important thing that you should consider when you buy a face cream is the kind of package that it has. Many face creams don’t include active and vibrant ingredients in packagings such as glass containers or pots as it will quickly oxidize the cream and turn it brown, which makes it worthless. 

So, creams in tubes or pumps will have anti-oxidants that help soothe, nourish, and replenish your skin very effectively. Avoid products that contain an excessive amount of alcohol or perfume as they are likely to cause an allergic reaction, pimples, or rashes in your face. 

Some face creams have higher SPF values to help protect your skin from harmful Ultraviolet rays. So, Face creams that have SPF are even better.

1. The best overall face cream – Loreal Paris 20+ Skin Perfect Cream

If you are in your 20s, then this is the one for you. Your face starts getting dark spots and sun tanning once you turn 20, and as you start to get worse as you get older. Now is the time for you to pay attention and begin this treatment with Loreal Paris Skin Perfect Cream. 

Best Face Cream for Daily Use in India

As the name suggests, the 20+ age is the right time to use this product. This cream is compatible with all skin types. For this cream to have a definite effect on you, all you will need to do is to use a face cleanser before you apply the cream. 

Once you are done with cleaner, gently apply the Loreal Paris 20+ cream all over your face at least once a day. After a week of continuous usage, you will see the following benefits,

  • Imperfections will be reduced
  • Skin-tone will be even throughout your face
  • Skin will get softer, and the quality of your skin will improve.
  • It will get rid of any dark spots, tan, etc.

It comes in a tube packaging; hence it will not suffer from loss of any active ingredients. Loreal Paris 20+ Skin Perfect Cream is the Indiaone’s overall best face cream in India.

2. Best anti-aging cream- VLCC Ayurveda Youth Miracle Anti-Ageing Cream

This VLCC anti-aging reduces the dark spots, pores, and appearances of wrinkles. This cream can be used for all skin types. It increases and enhances the tissue regeneration abilities and further increases the skin elasticity, making your skin softer and lighter, giving your skin a radiant glow for an extended period.

So, if you are looking for a miraculous anti-aging cream, then this one right here is your best bet.

3. Best day cream- Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream

Kaya Skin Clinic Renew Day Cream is a day cream like the name suggests for daily usage, and it’s suitable for all skin types. If you find the early signs of aging such as crow’s feet, loss of firmness, deep lines, etc., then it is an indication that skin went through some tough times, which is why you need this Kaya Skin Clinic Day Cream. 

The cream hydrates your skin thoroughly, which will promote softer skin, lighter, and you will look a lot brighter than usual. It will further nourish and rejuvenate your skin while also maintaining its natural moisture.

Kaya Dramatic Renew Day Cream is the pick of our best day creams available in the market!

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4. Best moisture cream- The Body Shop 72H Intense Moisture Cream

This 72H moisturizing cream from The Body Shop is fully loaded with the goodness of Vitamin E, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil, which has tremendous hydrating properties, and that’s why it is often recommended for people with extremely dry skin without making your face greasy.

It restores, enhances, and locks in your natural moisture of the skin, giving you a very soft radiance. This is the best moisture cream available in the market right now.

5. Best facial massage cream- Lotus Wheatjuvenate Facial Massage cream

Lotus Wheatjuvenate Wheatgerm Oil Massage cream is rich in Wheatgerm oils and Ashwagandha. A rich massage of this cream nourishes the skin deeply with an antiseptic and astringent effect on your skin. This cream also reduces any burning sensation or irritation that people usually get from being under the sun for too long. 

This is one of the best facial massaging cream skin available in India that rejuvenates dry skin, making it feel very soft and firm.

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This is the list of the best facial cream for each category. So, take your pick from the type that would be the best for you. But if you ask us, we will very much recommend the Loreal Paris 20+ Skin Perfect as it fulfills all other categories overall, even though it’s a bit expensive. Still, you know what they say, one good investment will benefit you for a long time.

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