Best Geysers in India

Are you looking to buy a geyser for your home? Well, you don’t have to be an engineer to figure out how to choose the best one. In this post, we will provide you with a thorough and easy overview of the best geysers in India that you can buy based on your needs and preferences. We recommend you to check our Geyser buying guide before making the purchase.

Best Geysers in India today in the market

1. AO Smith Storage New Green Series Water Heater

It comes in 2 variants, 15 liters, and 25 liters. It is an electric storage geyser which comes with a glass-lined tank and an ABS exterior. It can heat the water up to 75 degrees celsius. 

  • It has a 5-star BEE rating, which ensures optimum electricity usage. nThe heating element is also glass-coated, and the Heater comes with a manual temperature control knob, a thermal cutout, a safety valve, and a seven-year warranty on the inner tank. nIt is a complete package for home usage and AO Smith, being a renowned brand, the Heater is perfect for general bathroom usage at home. n
  • It is quite expensive compared to other brands with the same features

2. Bajaj New Shakti Storage Vertical Water Heater

This electric storage water heater comes in 10, 15, and 25-liter variants. It is good for regular usage in homes with families that require lots of hot water and it is one of the best geysers in India.

  • The inner tank is made of mild steel with glass lining, which prevents corrosion nIt has 8 bar pressure rating, which ensures that it can withstand the high-pressure flow of water in high rise buildingsnIt has an adjustable thermostat, safety valve and wattage of 2000 wattsn
  • It has a warranty of 5 years on the heating element and only two years on the inner tanknIt is a BEE 4 star rated heater which is not very energy efficientn

3. Usha Misty Storage Water Geyser

  • It comes with a 25-liter storage tank and a 5-star BEE rating, which helps to save electricity. nThe heating element is Incology 800 with a glass-lined enamel coating for a long life. nIt has a safety valve that releases pressure when the water is heated beyond capacity and a drainage outlet to let out steam and excess water. nIt has a capillary style thermostat that will provide automatic cutoff to the electricity when the temperature reaches the set level. nIt has a pressure rating of 8 bars, which is good for usage in high rise buildings.nIt comes in a golden and ivory color. n
  • It is bulky in size and does not blend in with the decor

4. Crompton Amica ASWH-2015

This comes in black and white color with a 15-liter storage capacity. It is very energy efficient and has the added advantage of being made in India.

  • BEE 5 star rating and 8 bar pressure rating, suitable for high-pressure flow of water in high rise buildingsnComes with a superior polymer coated tank, made with Crompton’s patented nano poly bond technology to prevent corrosion within the tanknIt uses a magnesium anode to prevent rustingnIt comes with a manual thermostat, a safety valve, dry heating protection, and uses the power of an acceptable 2000Watts. n
  • Takes 10 minutes to heat the water up to 45 degrees, which can be considered slow

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5. Racold Pronto Neo Instant Heater

This is a 6-liter instant water heater that comes in a compact size. It is designed in Italy and crafted in India and combines technology with style. 

  • It is extremely fast due to Racold’s high power heating elementnIt has an anti-siphoning system that prevents the backflow of water, thus preventing dry heatingnIt has a thick PUF insulation which helps in keeping water hot and reduces wastage of electricitynIt has a thermostat, automatic cutoff system, and safety valvenIt has high pressure withstanding ability, making it suitable for use in high rise buildingsnBeing an instant heater, the 6-liter capacity is very good nIt has a BEE 5 star ratingn
  • There is no facility to control the temperature

6. Crompton Bliss 3-Litre Instant Water Heater (White)

If your water requirement is low and an instant heater will do the trick, then Crompton’s Bliss model is perfect for you. It has a 3-liter capacity and can be used in kitchens and offices for occasional hot water requirements. It is quite compact and is white in color, so it is easy to blend in with any decor. 

  • It has a stainless steel weldless tank and an ABS bodynIt has anti-siphon protection and can be used in high rise buildings as it has a pressure withstanding capacity of 6.5 barsnIt has LED indicators that indicate the Heater is ready to usenIt has a thermostat and 4 level safety protocols to ensure no leakage or overheating takes placen
  • High electricity usage at 3000 watts

7. V Guard Smart IOT Enabled Storage Heater

This V-Guard storage heater is one of its kind smart heater with wifi functionality that can be remotely controlled by an app. It can be switched on/off, monitored, and accessed from anywhere in the world with just a few clicks on the V-Guard smart app. It is a 15-liter heater, which looks as good as it sounds.

  • A digital temperature display shows you the temperature at which water is heatednYou can schedule the switch on/off timings of the Heater and the temperature required through the app, so time and energy is savednIt also contains an infrared remote control to access the functions of this HeaternEngineered polymer or the revolutionary EPAC technology is used to ensure a corrosion-free inner tanknIt has BEE 5 star ratingn
  • Can give problems with app-based connectivity nIt is quite pricey compared to other heatersn

8. Orient Electric Enamour Plus 25-Litre Vertical Storage Water Heater

Orient water heaters come with superior technologies, and this geyser is no exception as it comes in a unique diamond-shaped design. It comes in 15 and 25-liter variants.

  • It has a patented Japanese anti-bacterial technology inside its tanknIt is BEE 5 star rated with a titanium enamel coated tank, glass-lined heating element and whirlwind technology which gives 20% more hot waternThere is a good 7-year warranty on the tank.nHas an 8 bar pressure rating for use in high rise buildingsn
  • Heater gives a rumbling sound when water is being heated

9. Usha Aquagenie Water Heater

A product by Usha, this is a compact heater with a limited capacity of 6 liters that gives enough water for one person. It comes in an attractive creamy grey color and has a sturdy build.

  • The tank has a glass-lined coating. The insulation on this product is very good, and water stays hot for a long timenWhirlflow technology ensures faster heatingnIt has a high-grade thermostat, safety valve, 6 bar high-pressure rating and BEE 5 star ratingnIt has a decent warranty period of 5 years on the tankn
  • Very pricey for the capacity. Other higher capacity models are available for this price

10. Bajaj Flora Instant Vertical Water Heater

The Bajaj Instant water heater is available in 1 liter and 3-liter variants. It is safe, elegant, and well designed to fit into any small space. 

  • It uses a wattage of the standard 3000watts and has an 8 bar rating for pressure sustenancenThere are multiple safety systems for overheating, pressure heating and dry pressurenThe outer body is made of ABS, and the inner tank is made from stainless steelnAn indicator gives the readiness of water heatedn
  • Not ideal for use in bathrooms. Can be used only for occasional hot water requirementsnTemperature control is not possiblen

What is a geyser

A geyser or a water heater is a small machine that you set up in your bathroom, kitchen, office, or water space, which heats up water for use. The average temperature needed for a hot bath is around 40- 60-degree celsius. Geysers come in different sizes. For a small family of 4 in India, a 15-25 liter water heater is usually sufficient for bathing purposes. A single person can make do with a 6-10 liter geyser too. There are also 50-liter geysers available, which are usually used in commercial buildings requiring a higher capacity for hot water. 

Now let’s move on to the distinct types of geysers on the market. There is the Instant geyser, storage geyser, the solar, and the gas geyser. 

Instant Geyser or Tankless Geyser

  • Instant geysers have a small water storage capacity of 1-3 liters of water
  • They have a high heating rate of 3-4.5kW
  • They heat small quantities of water instantaneously within 1 or 2 minutes
  • They consist of a small stainless steel tank that has metallic coils in it. When the geyser is switched on, the coils heat up, and water passing through the tank gets heated up instantly to a high temperature
  • The inbuilt safety features nowadays include latest technological advances like a protective coating over the stainless steel tank, a safety valve which lets hot water and steam drain out through an external outlet and an automatic temperature cutoff, to prevent overheating
  • Instant water heaters are best suited for use in kitchens or basins for washing hands or small quantities of vessels

Pros of Instant Geysers

  • They use less water and the water coming out of the Heater is fresh, as it does not sit in a tank, mixing with any sediments or rust
  • They are small and compact and blend easily into home decor. They also use less space in a small bathroom
  • They reduce standing losses. This is the energy wasted when unused hot water is left to cool down in a storage tank or pipe
  • They have a longer operating life of around 20-25 years as the inner tank is not exposed to stored water 
  • They can provide unlimited hot water if the water is let down in a trickle. So they can be used best with a bucket storing the water continuously. 

Cons on Instant Geysers

  • The water heater is usually not enough for a bath or shower
  • If the flow of water to the Heater is not constant, then water is not heated at a constant temperature. 
  • The bathrooms should have an outdoor vent to enable drainage of excess water and steam
  • Instant heaters usually heat up water at instant high temperatures, so the electricity draw required is higher at 3-4.5 kW
  • It cannot be used simultaneously for two bathrooms or multiple purposes as the hot water gets over fast
  • It gives only around 3 liters of hot water at a time. You have to wait for another minute while the water heats up again
  • In case of no power in the house, hot water will not be available as there is no tank to store any hot water. Water heated up needs to be used immediately.

Storage Geysers or a Tank Geyser

  • They are larger in size and come in capacities of 3 liters and above
  • A storage heater basically stores water in its tank when switched on and heats water to the required temperature 
  • It contains three main parts. The heating element, the tank, and the thermostat
  • The heating element may be made from metals such as copper, stainless steel, aluminum, nickel alloy, brass, etc. This element heats up when the geyser is switched on and heats up the water. 
  • The tank is usually made of stainless steel and iis covered with an insulating material such as glass, porcelain, vitreous enamel, etc. These coatings tare given so that the inner layer is not corroded by continuous contact with water and the sediments in it
  • The thermostat is a device placed against the wall of the tank, encased in an insulating material. When heat temperature reaches the set level, the thermostat switches of the Heater automatically, thereby stopping the heating process. This is a safety protocol followed by every geyser manufacturer today
  • A pressure relief valve is also given to control the pressure caused by the heat. Drainage outlet is given to drain out the steam and excess hot water
  • There are also two tubes, one for bringing in cold water and one passing out hot water

Pros of Storage Geysers

  • They are extremely safe and can be used by anyone without fear of scalding
  • They can store large quantities of water and can be used for a longer period once hot water is stored in the tank
  • They heat slowly, so the electricity required is less. Most geysers use only around 2kW of energy compared to instant geysers
  • They are very budget-friendly and are easy to install

Cons of Storage Geysers

  • Standing loss of water that happens when heated water is left to cool in the tank is quite high
  • These heaters tend to reheat water, again and again, so the energy cost can be more
  • It takes time to heat the entire capacity of water if the Heater is a high capacity one
  • If you run out of hot water while taking a bath, you’ll have to wait a long time until the water heats up again.
  • They have a lower life expectancy of 10-15 years due to corrosion in the inner tanks. Regular maintenance and cleaning are also necessary.

Gas Geysers

  • While electric geysers run on electricity, gas geysers run on, well, gas. 
  • They are fast heaters and heat water faster than the average electric geyser, but come in compact sizes like the instant geyser
  • The geyser has a pipeline that has a gas burner installed underneath. When water passes through the pipe, the burner ignites and heats pipe which in turn heats the water
  • The mechanism starts when you open the tap of water and shuts when you close the tap. There is no electricity involved

Pros of Gas Geysers

  • They are quite efficient and use less energy in terms of gas 
  • They are very compact as there is no need for storing water
  • They can be used in times when there is no power and are not subject to voltage fluctuations
  • They are speedy to heat water compared to electric storage heaters
  • The heating element uses high energy equivalent to 12 kW 


  • They require space in the bathroom as an outdoor vent is required. In fact, gas geysers should never be installed in a completely closed space
  • They should be kept away from any other electric equipment, wiring, and corrosive material
  • Since gas is used, it is necessary to keep refueling the LPG and checking the flame while using the Heater

Solar Geysers

  • These geysers are usually installed on the roofs of buildings and use solar energy to power the heating process
  • They are available in larger capacity tanks from 100 to 350 liters. 
  • The Heater is connected to solar panels which convert sunlight into solar energy
  • The heated water can be stored in an insulated tank 
  • Two types of solar heaters are available in the Indian market: the metallic FPC system. The other one is an ETC system, which is made of glass. 


  • Solar heaters save on electricity costs as they use the suns rays to generate hot water
  • They can provide hot water without any electrical wiring and work when there is no power
  • They use green energy


  • They have high maintenance costs as the exterior of the tanks can get corroded, due to being in the outdoors
  • Solar panels also need regular maintenance
  • A sizeable area is required on the terrace for installation
  • On overcast and rainy days, heating may not happen

Instant Electric heaters and storage heaters are the ones that are used in most homes in India. Solar heaters are slowly gaining ground with high rise buildings who want to reduce electricity costs. But gas geysers are not used much, due to their inherent safety concerns.

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