Best Hand Juicers in India

Even though doctors recommend that eating whole fibrous fruits is better than drinking juices, the juicing craze persists amongst everyone starting from health buffs, athletes, and even celebrities. 

Best Hand Juicers in India

Juicers mean a lot more to us than just a kitchen appliance. A fresh glass of fruit juice not only helps you to pamper your taste buds but also instantly invigorates you.

There cannot be anything more refreshing than a glass of fruit crush in the scorching heat of summer. Be it a workout session, a morning jog, or a breakfast essential, a glass of juice is a must-have in all the mentioned occasions.

Hence, a juicer assists you in making juices to quench your thirst. But there are some facts about a few juicers that you may want to consider before investing your money in the product. 

In this article, we are listing some of the popular juicers that are bought in India. We are also giving you a fast guide to aid you in choosing the best juicer amongst an inventory of products.

What is a hand juicer?

The hand juicer is nothing but a manual juicer, which extracts juice from fruit pulp, without the need for electricity. The hand juicer comes with a lever, where you have to press/rotate with your hand to extract the juice.

Benefits of using a hand juicer

The juice extracted from the manual juicer preserves more nutrients than that are derived from an electric juicer.

Hand juicers are very easy to clean, and you can carry it anywhere along with you since its operation doesn’t require electricity.

1. MSE Eco- friendly Hand Press juicer – Overall best manual juicer

The MSE eco-friendly manual juicer an efficient juicer and has won the hearts of 100’s of happy customers. The product is preferred for its attractive look and compact size.

Now get fresh and pure fruit crush instantly with minimum efforts. This professional juicer comes with a manual lever which, when pressed with hands, easily squeezes out the juice from various fruits like orange, pomegranates, lemons, etc.

Best Hand Juicers in India

Being made of Aluminium and iron, it is corrosion-free and durable and also hygienic. It contains a strainer with holes that easily separates the pulp. Therefore, it effectively removes the pith from the juice. Also, with a detachable funnel, strainer, and other parts, it is easy to wash.


  1. The juicer is made from top quality aluminium.
  2. Its trendy design adds to the elegance of your kitchen decor.
  3. It is a single press juicer which produces maximum results with minimal effort 
  4. The aluminium Classic Hand Pressed Juicer is ideal for orange, pomegranate, and other fresh and healthy juices at any time of the day.
  5. The filter can be easily removed and washed. 


The quantity of juice produced is quite less as compared to the other machines

Best Feature

This is the best juicer overall and is recommended for everyone. The MSE Eco- friendly Aluminium and Iron Hand Press Manual Classic Juice Machine is the right fit for your modular kitchen. The juicer is simple to operate and is extremely efficient and it is one of the best hand juicers in India at the moment!

2. Crystal Plastic Xpress Handy Juicer 

This handy product is easy to use. The product works well with citrus fruits like lemons, oranges, etc. If you have infants in your home, then this might be a handy product for preparing quick juices for your little munchkin.


  1. This juicer operates manually. No power or battery is needed. Simply cut the fruit in half and insert it and twist the lid to enjoy a glass full of fresh juice. 
  2. The whole body of the appliance is fabricated with BPA free, ABS material, which does not harm you. The product retains the original flavor of the fruits.
  3. The size is just right; it is neither too large nor too small. Unlike the electrical juicers, this operates without any noise and hence does not annoy your neighbors. This acts as an essential widget for multiple occasions, and the compact size enables you to pack it in your suitcase and carry it in your tours.
  4. The material is of excellent quality
  5. It can be easily assembled and used


This juicer works best with soft fruits only.

Best Feature

The blade edge is lengthened to make them sharper. The rotatable lid and the modified blades allow you to extract the juices effortlessly, and all the juice extracts can be collected seamlessly with no-spill technology. 

The seeds, pulp or peel, gets filtered with the aid of the strainer. Besides, the cup has the potential to store 160z/2cups juice.

3. ADMI Plastic Hand Juicer 

This citrus squeezer makes juicing easy and convenient. If you want to enjoy fresh juices without any hassle, then this might be the best product for you. 


  1. This stylish product ameliorates the look of your kitchen.
  2. This smartly designed citrus squeezer effectively squeezes Orange, Lemon & grapefruit juices. The strainer efficiently filters the debris and seeds, allowing 2 cups of juice to gather in the base. 
  3. The Professional multi-purpose juicer squeezes lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruit, and everything!


This juicer works for selective fruits only.

Best Feature

It is fabricated with top quality food grade plastic materials that ensure food safety.

4. Blazon Plastic Hand Juicer 

Everybody admires fresh juices. Not only are they refreshing, but also they have numerous health benefits. Be it, adults or kids, everybody prefers a glass of freshly made juice over the packaged options.

This matte-finished juicer is easy to use and is often preferred by many Indian families. It is non-electrical with a simple manual operation; this product will help prepare many glasses of fresh fruit juice in minutes. 


  • The blazon virgin plastic fruit juicer enables you to prepare tasty fruit juices right in less time. 
  • The vibrant orange color matches your kitchen interiors
  • The product is rust-free and has a matte finish.


The plastic body is not durable and is subjected to wear and tear.

Best Feature

This product is designed to extract maximum juice out of fruits and vegetables while retaining the natural taste. 

5. Blue whale Plastic Hand Juicer

The turquoise blue fruit juicer is soothing to the eyes with its beautiful color and design.


  1. It is made of Virgin ABS plastic and steel which makes it durable
  2. It has a vacuum Based surface lock system
  3. All parts are easily detachable to facilitate usage
  4. The product is handy and comfortable to use with Metal handle Create fresh Juice glasses in minutes

Cons: Cleaning of the product is cumbersome

Best feature: The product is affordable and pocket friendly


Hence, the above products guide you to choose the best manual juicer. Discounts can be availed at the online stores while making the purchase. Please do let us know your comments!

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