Best home safes in India January 2021

A home safe is a box that is mainly made of steel and comes with a lock that is used to protect your personal valuables such as passports, credit cards, jewelry, cash, etc. Usually, the safes are made with high-quality steel or iron, which are unbreakable.

Some safes come with pre-drilled holes that help mount them to the floor or wall. It is often recommended that the safes be placed on the wall or floor to prevent burglaries from taking them away.

best home safe

Safes are very useful for protecting valuable objects not only from burglary but also in case of fire or house collapse. So, always choose a safe which is fire resistant, i.e., at least it should with-stand 30 minutes of fire and make sure the safe is made up of high-quality steel.

Some burglars use powerful magnetic fields to open the safe, and some use hand saws to break the bolt. So, make sure to select a safe composed of anti-saw lock bolts and solid magnetic field resistance.

Also, pick a safe that is waterproof or waterproof. In the event of a heavy flood, it will safeguard your precious things. It is suitable for people living by the sea or living in a location where heavy rainfall occurs.

Also, make sure your safe comes with a master key or an override key. If you forget the password, you can still access your valuable things with the aid of the master key.

1. Godrej Forte Pro 15 litres Digital Electronic Safe Locker for Home & Office

Godrej has been one of the pioneers in the manufacture of safes and lockers in India since 1902, and Forte Pro safe is one of the best safes. It is a modern electronic safe locker to keep your valuables safe and comes with 1-year warranty, perfect for home and office use.

best home safe

It operates with a digital locking system as the keypad can be unlocked with a four to six-digit password. The safe will freeze automatically when four wrong password attempts are made in a row. Another best thing about this safe is that it has a non-volatile memory that can remember the password even when the batteries are replaced and even when the power is running out.

Compared to normal protection, the Godrej forte safe cannot be opened with a powerful magnetic field or hammered hard by criminals as it is equipped with a motorized locking mechanism. When compared with a wooden safe or a wooden wardrobe, the Godrej forte pro is ten times stronger.

Other features: Comes with a low battery indicator and a small rug inside the locker that provides a smooth surface that is suitable for holding cell phones or any digital product. And it comes with a master override key, too.

The total volume of this safe is 15L and weighs around 9 kg, and has a dimension of 250 x 250 x 350 mm.

2. AmazonBasics Home Safe – 1.20 Cubic Feet

It’s one of the best selling Amazon home safes in India that’s great for holding your valuables—documents, passports, jewelry, and cash—safe.

The setup is very effortless as it comes with a programmable electronic keypad that offers fast setup and simple operation. Just enter the password and pull the handle to open the safe.

The overall look of this safe is good, as it comes with a black exterior finish that gives a high-quality finish that is ideal for home decor.

The safe is made of heavy-duty carbon steel, and the safe features an 8-gauge steel door and a 14-gauge steel body, as well as two live door bolts and a pre-resistant concealed hinge that guarantees premium protection.

It comes with an emergency safety key, and make sure to keep it safe, which will be very useful in case if you forgot the password. Just use the emergency safety key to bypass the electronic keypad and access your secured things.

It comes in the size of 1.2 cubic feet that is ideal for your home, and comes in the size of 13 x 13 x 14.2 inches.

This safe comes with pre-drilled holes, which are used for mounting the safe to the wall. Instead of placing it in a cupboard, it is best to mount the safe, as it stops burglars from taking the safe with them in case they can’t open it.

3. AmazonBasics Book Safe

This is another beautiful and unique safe from amazon, which is perfect for home use. The safe looks like a real book where you can keep it on your bookshelf along with the actual books. The front section is the actual book cover, and the storage room arrives after you open it, which is ideal for preventing theft.

It comes in the size of 24 x 5.5 x 15.5 cms, which is convenient for storing credit cards, cash, passports, and jewelry and comes with a 1-year warranty.

This portable book safe features a stylish look that blends seamlessly with the surrounding personal objects, and the fabric book cover and the spine are built to look like a book. Note: It is recommended that you keep this safe along with other books of similar size to make full use of this secret safe.

This safe is great for traveling as you can carry it like a book anywhere you go, which is good for keeping your passports safe.

4. Godrej Security Solutions Goldilocks Personal Locker

This is a kind of personal locker from the legendary Godrej brand that’s great for storing your daily valuables like credit cards, iPods, sunglasses, rings, keys, etc. If you have the habit of keeping your personal belongings in odd locations, then this safe is the perfect choice for you.

The nice thing about this personal safe is that it comes with the Tamper warning feature, i.e. if someone tries to take away the safe or if someone tries to smash it, the alarm will blow from the built-in sensor.

Once it is unlocked, you can take this safe from one room to another room as it weighs about 5 kgs, where you can carry it with your hands. It comes with a scale of 7.8 x 28.6 x 30 cm and comes with a one-year warranty.

It is made of hard metal, which is the same material used for Godrej forte, ensuring no safety compromise.

The safe comes with a smart touch panel that makes it easy to set the passcode and makes it easy to work even in the dark as it comes with a small light.

Another nice thing about this safe is that it works well with a laptop lock, where you can lock it with a wire that is used to lock laptops in the workplace.

5. Yale Standard Home Electronic Safe with Pincode Access

It comes with pre-drilled holes, which are ideal for permanently fixing the safe on walls and floors, adding a further layer of protection.

This home safe comes with two lock bolts, 16 mm in size, which are really unbreakable with a saw. It comes with a 200 x 310 x 200 mm size, and the total volume of space available is 16 liters and comes with one year warranty.

It comes with a digital keypad with an LCD display where you can set a passcode of length between 3 to 8 digits. It also has the feature of making an alarm in the event of a sequence of incorrect passcodes.

The safe comes with a manual key that will be very useful in case of a wrong passcode freeze where you can override the passcode and access the safe with this key.

It works with 4 AA-sized batteries, and in the event of a battery failure, the same password is remembered when changing the batteries.

6. Godrej Security Solutions New Stilo Electronic Safe

This home safe comes in a compact size with a 14-liter capacity and comes in the size of 254x350x250 mm. It can be opened with a 3 – 6 digit passcode, and it also comes with a master passcode in case if you forgot the passcode.

The compact size makes it easier to keep the safe in your cupboard or in your beero and works well with your home décor.

The safe comes with an additional layer of protection in the form of mechanical shooting bolts, making the safe more robust.

Other features: It comes with a low battery indicator, and after consecutive incorrect passcodes, it gets auto freeze, non-volatile memory in case the battery is depleted, it recalls the last passcode, and in case you forget the passcode, it comes with a master key.

7. Ozone Safety Solutions Tusker-10 Electronic Safe

This safe comes with built-in mounting screws as it can be mounted from the back and even from the bottom, which adds additional layer protection. It comes in the size of 40.4 x 30.8 x 30.6 cm and weighs just 7.5 kgs.

The good thing to note in this home safe is that it comes with a passcode hiding option, i.e., it is possible for someone to see the passcode from behind when you enter it. So the passcode hiding feature makes the passcode not to be displayed when you enter it.

Other features: Low battery indicator, auto-freeze after incorrect passcode attempts, comes with a master key, memory passcode after a battery change, and comes with a 1-year warranty.


Home safes are a must have in every home where you can store your valuables, such as home papers, passports, graduation certificates, cash and jewellery. Make sure to pick the right home safe for your home with help of our list!

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