Best ice crushers | ice breakers in India January 2021

An ice crusher is a device which helps to crush the ice cubes or ice blocks into smaller pieces. We can even crush the ice cubes without any device, but there are some limitations, like we can’t get finer pieces like how we get from a crusher, and we can’t crush a large volume of ice manually as compared with the machine. You can even use a blender or a mixie to crush the ice, but you won’t get the fine pieces compared with a proper ice crusher. 

Why you need an ice crusher?

Ice creams and gola’s are the most famous street foods in India, and they are the ubiquitous comfort food which might have touched everyone at some point of time in our life. If you are fascinated with ice cream and gala’s and if you want to try your hand made gola and ice cream, then the ice crusher is the ideal solution.

Types of ice crushers

There are majorly two types of ice crushers in India. One is an electrical ice crusher, and the other one is a manual crusher. 

The electrical crushers are the one which runs with the help of electric current, and there is no need to use any mechanical energy to crush the ice. The advantage of electric crushers is that you can use them to produce large volumes of crushed ice. Mostly, they are much effective for commercial purposes. If you a juice shop or restaurant, the electric crushers are the ideal one.

With the help of mechanical energy, the manual crushers don’t need any power source for functioning. They are light in weight compared to the electric ones and are easy to carry anywhere. They are ideal for home usage and are even perfect for using on tour or picnic!

How to make an ice gola at home?

The process of making an ice gola at home is straightforward. First, you have to crush the ice cubes with the help of an ice crusher, and once you get the finer ice pieces, take a glass and fill it loosely. Then put a kulfi stick inside and press it tightly with your hand. Then you can take the ice out from the glass and add the fruit squash finally and enjoy your homemade gola!

We have listed the best ice crushers in India in this article. 

1. SYGA Electric Double Blade Food Ice Crusher

This ice crusher machine is perfect for making soft cold drinks to drink in summer and making homemade slush and frozen beverages. It is an electrical machine that operates on 220V, and the power consumption is 300W. The outer body comprises high-quality ABS and stainless steel material, and some parts are made with aluminum. The safety cover switch is a good addition to the machine as it prevents any accidental damage.

Best ice crusher

This is a Space-saving and efficient Electric Ice Crusher Machine which is ideal for making slushies and frozen drinks which runs with 1500 rotation per minute and operates on 50Hz frequency, which is perfect for home use.

The minimal to no vibration as the machine’s base is very strong and sturdy and hence ensures a quiet and relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen.

The operation is pretty straightforward as you just need to switch on the machine and put the ice and the sharp blade to take care of the rest. 

This ice crusher machine adds a gorgeous look to your kitchen, and it is a perfect choice for your home or even good at juice shops or restaurants.

The good thing to note is that the blade is made up of corrosion-resistant material, which ensures the machine’s durability, and the hopper is made of Anti-rust material, which ensures there’s is no rust even after many years of usage.

2. SHOPPOWORLD Gola Maker Machine

This is a manual ice crusher machine rather than an electrical one. The machine is made of high-quality food grade plastic material, and it comes with a rust-proof hardened stainless steel blade, which ensures there is no rust formation even after continuous usage.

The ice crusher is perfect for making delightful slushes and flavored ice creams. This is also called as a Gola making machine as it is perfect for making a perfect Gola. 

ice crusher

The outer body of the ice crusher is made up of virgin plastic and the smooth finish makes it quite safe to use for even children. 

The ice crusher comes with a specially designed ice mold where you have to use it to prepare the ice. Using the ice prepared from these molds ensures this ice fit perfectly in the machine.

The operation is pretty straightforward as you need to remove the cover by turning the handle anti-clockwise. Then put the ice cube, which was made with the ice molds which come along with the machine. Then place the cover again and rotate the handle in a clockwise direction again. The last step is to place the ice at the top, press the cover with one hand, and turn the handle in the clockwise direction to crush the ice.

This is a perfect machine for a picnic since it does not need any electric input and can be operated from anywhere!

3. Floraware Plastic Ice Gola Maker

This is another pretty decent ice breaker machine from the brand floraware. If you are a gola lover and too fascinated by ice creams, it is a perfect machine for you to make tasteful goals and have made ice creams. 

A good thing to note in this ice crusher machine is that the bottom of the machine comes with a rubber stab, which is ideal for making the machine steady while using it. 

This package comes with three bowls and a cup, and multiple sticks along with the handle. The outer body of the machine is made up of high-quality plastic, which is BPA free plastic material which ensures food safety. 

This ice crusher machine or the Gola machine is perfect for your picnic as this is portable and does not require any electrical input. It comes in multiple colors. It will add a beautiful look to your kitchen and perfectly work with any home decoration.

The operation of this machine is effortless and straightforward to get crushed ice. First, place the ice bar at the top, place the ice cube, close the lid, and start pressing with your hand and along with that, rotate the handle in a clockwise direction, and be crushed ice will be collected at the bottom. The total operation will be completed in a matter of a few minutes as it does not require much time to get the crushed ice or Gola. 

Note, this ice crushing machine set comes with one transparent both, which is ideal for collecting the crushed ice. The pair comes with six sticks that are used for making Kulfi and for handmade ice creams. And three plastic balls which come along with the package is used for making Golas.

This machine is totally detachable, and you can clean it easily. also it can be washed with the dishwasher.

4. SMARTFLAME Heavy Duty Electric Ice Crushe

This is an electric ice crusher that is ideal for home and commercial purposes. The operation is very straightforward as you have to just power on the machine and put the ice bars at the top. In a fraction of seconds, the crushed ice will be collected at the bottom. 

It comes in the size of 41.3 x 29.5 x 20.7 cms and weighs just above 5 kgs.  The outer body is solid and sturdy, which is made up of premium grade steel, which ensures the longevity of the machine. The crushing steel blade has anti-corrosion properties and works against any kind of rust. 

If you have a regular usage for ice crushing, or if you tend to make a lot of ice golas in your home, or if you have commercial usage, then this is the perfect ice crusher for you!

5. HY Stainless Steel Ice Crusher Smashing Machine

This is another decent ice crushing machine which runs on electric power. This is perfect for crushing ice for commercial purposes and for home use as it can crush 35 kgs of ice within one hour. It is powered by a 300w motor, which is made of high-quality copper. 

Another good thing about this ice crushing machine is that it has an auto-shutdown feature. Once the ice is over, it stops automatically to save some electricity and provide safety. 

The operation is pretty easy as we have to place the ice cubes on the top and press the power button, and in a fraction of seconds, you can get the crushed ice at the bottom, where you can collect it with a bowl.

It comes in the size of 42 x 32 x 21 cms and weighs about 4 kg. It’s a perfect ice crushing machine for preparing home-made Golas and home-made ice creams. It will be more perfect if you have a juice shop or a restaurant where you can create more crushed ice in a matter of a few minutes.


Kids are always fascinated with ice creams and Slushes. If you feel the street foods are unhealthy, then you have to prepare them in your home. The best way to prepare them in your home is with the help of an ice crusher machine, which definitely has a place in every Indian kitchen!

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