Best in-ear Headphones under 500 in India

Are you a budget smartphone buyer? Well, then you may have missed the newly made in-ear style headphones. But no one certainly wants a big hole in a pocket while looking for a simple headphone. So you need to invest in the right thing. Here are some of the best in-ear headphones under 500, that will make your investment really fruitful.

But before buying the headphone, you need to look after some key factors:

It’s type: You must be very clear what type of headphones you are planning to buy.

In-Ears: The in-ear monitors, also known as IEMs, are really very handy and also have excellent sound quality. But if you use them for a long duration, then that’s not a very good idea.

On Ears: These types of headphones are also called supra-aural headphones. They are really big, but they are not very comfortable for long time use.

Over ears: These are the most comfortable headphones when using for long hours. They deliver excellent sound quality. But the main problem is you cannot carry them while traveling because of their size and overweight. They are also known as circum-aural headphones.

Sensitivity: Do you like to hear very loud music? Then look for the specifications of your headphones. It is the sensitivity that clearly states how louder the headphone can get. Many headphones can be around 110 dB/Mw or lower than 85Db/Mw. It must be avoided.

Frequency Response: Do you like music having bass? Then frequency response can be the range of a frequency that can be produced by a headphone. Here the lower limit is the bass sound, and the upper limit can be treble.

Cord: Try not to skip this section even when you are planning for a wireless headphone. Even if a wireless headphone is cool and portable, you must select on the basis of wireless technology that is used by it. It is either radiofrequency or Bluetooth. Bluetooth has a 30m range and doesn’t sound as great as any wired headphones as a result of battery or range issues. If it is a wired headphone, better do not go with any rubber-coated because it easily tangles and has early damage.

Design and comfort: Before buying a headphone, you must check if the headphone is comfortable for the ears. Most human ears are non-identical, and every device is not suitable for you. If your headphone is of in-ear type, try to go for a smaller earbud size that will fit in and will not slip off easily.

So these are significant features which you must check before buying a headphone. Top 10 headphones which you must buy are:

1. Renowned Sound Magic ES 18S in-Ear Headphone with Mic (Black/Red)

This product is Amazon renewed, which is professionally inspected as well as tested by the Amazon qualified supplier. This is a good quality earphone that makes the song very close to the original track. This built-in mic helps to talk easily even if the user is busy doing other things. This earphone is designed for use in all types of smartphones. Its box and accessories are quite generic. It has an In-ear Headset along with a microphone and a dynamic 10mm Neodymium driver. The frequency ranges from 15Hz-22KHz. It has a cable length of 1.2m (3.5ft) 3.5 mm right angle. The product gives a sound quality which one cannot afford to miss.

  • Excellent sound qualitynNatural and clear
  • The mids and highs of the earphone are good, but lows are the average

2. Mi Earphone Basic with Ultra deep bass and mic

As per expectation, the Mi Earphones are entirely made of plastic. The build quality is really very impressive, which has a high-quality TPE surrounds around 3.5mm plug and earpieces.

While the Mi Earphones is pretty, a few designs flourishing like a textured metallic finish in the back of the earphone, and also Kevlar fiber cable that makes it unique. It is just 14g, and the earphones are extremely comfortable.

It has a three-button inline remote having a mic located just right below the right earpiece. These buttons are tough to discriminate and identified by touching alone. The earphone has a mic and play/pause button. It has an aluminum alloy sound chamber. This is available in both red and black.

  • Excellent sound quality nReally comfortablenGood value for moneyn
  • Queer remote

3. Boat Bass Heads 100 – Our Recommendation!

This is an in-ear type headphone where its frequency ranges from 20Hz-20KHz. Its sensitivity is from 104db/MW. The cord type is 3.5mm jack. This is compatible with mobile, PC, Laptop, LED TV, Mp3 Player. Its features include Super extra bass and have passive noise isolation, play/pause/track Change Music and picking up and answer calls, In-Line Microphone, Tangle Free Cable. Its warranty is 1year.

  • The design is unique.nThe customer support is excellent and has an after service.nIt has rich and punchy bass. nThe configuration is stable.
  • The product has a limited set of colors.

4.  JBL C50HI in-ear Headphones with Mic:

This is an in-ear type headphone having a microphone. Its frequency is 20-20KHz. It has a sensitivity of 101+3dBSPL, 1mW. It has a 3.5mm jack, which is compatible with Mobile, PC, Laptop, LED TV, Mp3 player. It has a Tangle-free Cord, Noise Isolation, Foldable/ Collapsible. It has a warranty of one year.

  • The look is incredible and unique.nIt has a JBL signature with excellent sound technology. nIt is one of the best budget headphones and has a good after-sales service.
  • The material is extremely sensitive.

5. Infinity (JBL) Zip 100 with Mic:

Infinity, one of the brand new headphones by Harman audio, which is one of the trending headphones now. This company has previously provided us with JBL, AKG, and Harman Kardon. So there is definitely some high expectation from these types of earphones, and this is a must-try one.

  • The earphones have deep bass.nOne of its important features is voice recognitionn9mm dynamic driversnThis cable is 1.2m in length, flat, and it does not tangle easily. nIt has a soft earbud.
  • Not good for any progressive or any electronic music

6. Sound Magic ES11S

Sound Magic is one of the Chinese electric manufacturer specializing in high-quality audio products. This offers us quality service in comparison to the competitors. It  provides excellent sound quality which we cannot get even from the ones which cost twice its price. This is having an L-shaped 3.5mm jack and has a cable length of 1.2m. This SoundMagic ES11S is coming with a single button remote, which features a microphone that helps in calling while traveling. This has a single button that is present on the inline remote and it is quite tactile and even responsive to clicks. This is one of the best headphones from sound magic under 500. It has the perfect sound output and the ergonomic design is what makes it the most preferred earphones under this price.

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  • It has excellent sound qualitynGives value for money nHas a carry pouch included in it
  • Left/Right markings on the earbuds cannot be easily read

7. Portronics Conch 204

The Portronics has made a place in the market for quite a long time with the popular Bluetooth speaker just like other electronic peripherals. The Conch 204 from the Portronics is one of the entry-level in-ear styled earphones having a mic with a price under Rs. 500. When it comes to design, this earphone beats all its competitors on the list by a great margin. Its minimal but sleek finish gives a premium quality when looked first. Its flat style cable is strong and sturdy, and it is also resistant to tangle. This is equipped with the two speaker drivers having 8mm each, and it delivers a clear and decent bass.

The output of the bass is not at all overpowering but gives a pleasant sound. This earphone has an inline remote that helps in attending the calls. The earphone has a warranty of 6 months domestic as well as international. It comes with a decent sound quality compared to the price. The earphone has a frequency response of around 20-20,000Hz. Its impedance rating is 16 ohms.

  • Sleek designnFlat, tangle-free cablesnAn inline volume rocker button
  • Bass levels are not that good

8. Philips IN She 1525 BK/94 Headset with Mic

Philips has provided us with a good number of in-ear earphones in India, with excellent build quality and decent sound quality at affordable prices. The Philips IN-SHE 1525 BK/94 has an elegant design, and it is quite posh and premium in looks though it has a plastic build. The lenient silicone tip and the earpiece tube have a perfect fit offering a passive noise cancellation.

It has a frequency response ranging from 10-20,000 Hz. This is equipped with an in-line remote having a single button for accepting and rejecting a call. This is perfect for listening to vocals, and soft music and the subtle nuances of the music will definitely satisfy a real music lover.

  • Earhooks for the stabilitynLight-weighted nComes with one year Warranty
  • This is not compatible with the small earsnThe jack pin is L type

9. Artis E400M

This is a Mumbai based company dealing with a complete budget-friendly product that ranges from the Bluetooth speakers to power banks. This popular in-ear style headphone having a price range under Rs 500 provides excellent audio and has a build quality which is highly appreciated. double-layered is made of excellent quality ABS plastic. The outer case of the earphone has a sparkling finishing which makes it even more aesthetic. The two-toned black and red combination mix well with the design, thus making it look like a premium product. This has a long 1.5mm braided double-layered cable that withstands any tough use.

This model stacks against the well-known players of the market. Its range varies from 20-20,000Hz. Starting from the bass lovers, the large drivers this is a real treat. It also has a 15mm driver delivering excellent quality sound.

  • High-quality ABS plastic shellnDesign ergonomic and a balanced sound output
  • Long cable helps in swinging the in-line remote too much

10.  Realme Buds

This particular earphone is alternate to Xiaomi Mi-basic in-ear style earphones. It has a 3.5mm headphone jack which is straight and has a gold coating in it. It also has an inline remote feature with three buttons and a microphone. This Realme bud has an excellent quality sound with an aggressive price and it is one of the best headphones under 500.

  • Interweaved cablenExcellent design nSoothing sound quality
  • The punch is missing in highs

Before choosing a perfect earphone for yourself which provides you with quality sound just go through the details of the above-mentioned products. You must have a look at our list and it is certain that it will help you to choose the best earphone. Our buying guide will guide you through buying the product even more easily.

Have any questions? Then you are free to ask in the comment section below. We are ready to assist you out any time. This list will be restructured from time to time with the latest trends and models.     

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