Best Incense holders January 2021

An incense holder is a piece of wood or metal, which is used for burning incense sticks. The incense sticks are used throughout the world for spiritual purposes, from ancient time to till date. The incense sticks are placed directly on the holder and when they are burnt, produce the desirable fragrance! Below are the best incense holders available in the Indian market.

1. Soulveda Kraftz Agarbatti Stand and Incense Ash Catcher

These agarbatti holders, handcrafted by classical artisans of Karnataka, are coated with an eco-friendly coating and are easy to maintain and clean and this is one of the elegant products from Cycle brand agarbatti.

The best thing in this Incense holder is the concealed holder, along with a rotatable incense head, which is an innovative design for any handcrafted wooden product. The optimally sized ash catcher tray ensures that no agarbatti ash falls outside the stand. Try this, and add a style to your puja room.

Best incense holder

2. KULLICRAFT Marble Handcrafted Floral Carving Incense Agarbati Stand Holder

This Incense stick holder handcrafted from soapstone with the most excellent shape with open work with multiple holes for holding incense sticks. Ignite your favorite incense sticks and luxuriate yourself in an aromatic ambiance after a long tiring day.

The incense holder is made up of Marble Soapstone and has a dimension of 7-inch height and 3-inch width and 3-inch length. The Soapstone is a naturally found material that had its own natural shade.

This incense holder can be used with Camphor, Candle Tea light holder, and different Sizes of Candle Pillar.

This incense holder can be used along with Dhoop Batti and you will get a pack of free Dhoop Batti along with the incense holder.

3. Sadhubela’s Degchi Dhoop Pot – Antique Fnished Incense Holder

The incense holder is handcrafted in Rajasthan, with an Antique golden finish, and this is the best spiritual decorative piece for your meditation room or loving home.

It weighs 600 gms and its dimensions are 23 cm x ht. 15cm. The incense holder is made up of iron material, but the color antique black gold gives a royal finish to the product.

4. Wooden Handicrafts Wood Incense Stick Holder

This is another beautiful holder which is made from strong and durable Rosewood. Note, the rosewood is one of the finest timbers available in India.

Dhoop holder is perfect for home puja

The incense holder is perfect to keep many incense sticks and it is an elegant gift for all spiritual lovers

It comes with a Length of 3.5 inches, Width – 3.5 inches, Height – 7 inches.

5. Pure Source Incense Holder and Ash Catcher

The pure source incense holder is a perfect gift for all occasions like Diwali, housewarming, and all spiritual occasions. It is made from natural wood and the color used in this holder makes the look as antique.

It makes a perfect enhancement to a side table, or anywhere you want to enjoy the pleasant aroma of incense sticks. The ash catcher in this holder ensures no ash is spilled outside the holder.

The incense holder comes with a length of 11 inches and a width of 4 inches, which ensures there is enough space to collect all ashes!

6. SADHUBELA Iron Brass Decorative Incense holder

One of the most elegant incense holders available in Indian market. It is a hanging holder, as one side is attached to the wall .

It is a handcrafted product, made from iron and it is manufactured in Rajasthan. It is perfect pooja room decor and also a perfect gift for any spiritual lover.

The Handi pot and the hanger are made with iron and the chain and the bells are made with brass material, which makes this an antique piece!

7. NYRWANA Clay Buddha Smoke Fountain with Incense Cones

This is a beautiful piece of art from Nyrwana and one of the best pooja room decors in India and a perfect product to buy as an incense holder.

The Backflow cones Leasing Waterfall Smoke Effect adds Beauty To Your Home or your table. This showpiece is an excellent home decor item, which can be used in the study room, yoga room, or even in your bedroom.

It comes with 30 Backflow Incense Cone and the beauty of the incense holder is the smoke streams from the high down like a waterfall!

One of the most recommended product to buy!

8. Sheesham Wood Brass Agarbatti holder

The incense holder is made with high quality wood and one of the unique agarbatti stick holder available in the market.

The painting looks so elegant, which makes the holder as an antique piece and definitely adds a beauty to your pooja room.

9. Pure Source India Aluminum Agarbatti Stand

This holder is made from aluminum silver and it is a beautiful product for a home decoration and an ideal incense burner.

It comes with a size of 10 inch x 3.25 inches.

Even thought the holder is not made in wood, the stand is rust proof due to property of the aluminum silvermetal .

There is no chance to get the ash fall down on the table, as everything will catch by this holder. 

10. The Indian Casa Classic Smoke Fountain

It is a multi purpose incense holder, which can be used in pooja room, office, bedroom etc.

It comes with 20 incense sticks with two different fragrances.

Perfect gift idea for spiritual lovers and also it is a very durable product which you can trust!


Incense sticks are a pure symbol of spirituality. These are the best incense sticks available in the market currently. Please do let us know your comment, if you like this article!

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