Best kettle for Milk boiling

Every morning, we have the common problem of milk spillage in most of the homes, as milk is the most commonly consumed day to day product in India. We switch on the stove and tend to forget that the milk is boiling, which leads to milk spillage. And if it does, we have the additional work of cleaning the stove, as well as the kitchen. Here comes the rescue, the milk boiling kettle.

best kettle for milk boiling

The only recommended kettle for milk boiling from IndiaOne is the Prestige Milk Boiler. There are other few products available in the market, but they are not up to the mark!

Prestige Milk Boiler Pmb 1.0 review – Overall best kettle for milk boiling

There are few kettles available in the market, which claim that they can use it for milk boiling purposes, but it is very hard to use them. 

The main issue with these kettles is the bottom getting burnt while boiling milk. Also, it is tough to clean these kettles once you use it for milk boiling.

Prestige Milk Boiler Pmb 1.0 is the one only authentic milk boiling kettle available in the market at the moment.  

best kettle for milk boiling

The usage is pretty straight forward. You can just pour the milk in the kettle, switch it on, and that’s all.

The Prestige milk boiler kettle has a built-in sensor, which cuts off heating once the desired level of warming is achieved. The milk began to raise once it attains its boiling point, and the sensor recognizes it, and it cuts off the heating.

The intelligent sensor also ensures the milk never gets burnt, as the heating will be stopped once its boiling point is reached. 

Note: The blinking red light indicates the boiling process is done!

The body is made up of high-quality stainless steel material, hence ensures the product’s durability.

The capacity of the kettle is 1 liter, and the mouth of the kettle is pretty wide so that you can clean the inner surface easily.

Another cool feature in this kettle is the detachable base and the detachable power cord, which makes cleaning effortlessly. 

Caution: Any vessel, which is used to boil milk, has to be cleaned very well. Else, you get a foul smell in the milk, or it may even cause the milk to sour.

The Prestige Milk boiling kettle comes with a protective cap, which is used to cover the bottom of the container so that the water does not enter inside and damage any electrical component.

The product comes with a warranty of 1 year. The operating voltage 240 V, and it works with a 500 W motor.

One useful feature in this kettle is the see-through glass lid, and this helps you to check the level of boiling without opening the lid. Also, there is a handle on the lid for easy lifting purposes.

The product comes with a price range of rupees 2000, which is quite reasonable for this product. Undoubtedly, Prestige Milk Boiler Pmb is the best milk boiling kettle at the moment!


If you are consuming milk every day, or if you have a kid and you are often traveling, then this is the right kettle to buy. Consider this as a one-time investment, and there won’t be any regrets!

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