7 Best Loud alarms for heavy sleepers in India January 2021

Nowadays, the need for an alarm clock is reduced because of the extensive use of mobile phones. In India, now everyone has a mobile on their hands and can use it to set alarms. Below are the best loud alarms for heavy sleepers available at the moment!

Why you need a separate alarm instead of Mobile?

The volume in the mobile alarm is limited, and it is not too loud, which is bad for heavy sleepers.

You will tend to snooze the alarm for now and then. If you are lazy to wake up every day, you will definitely need a separate alarm with no snooze option. The loud alarms are loud enough to wake you from a dead sleep and look good while doing it!

If you feel it is not a good option to give kids a mobile phone to set the alarm, an alarm clock is a much-needed option.

1. Efinito 5 Inch Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers Twin

Effinito alarm clock is one of the best alarm clocks for heavy sleepers. It comes with a size of 5 inches, which is ideal for carrying anywhere.

The alarm clock comes with twin bells, making the waking sound very loud, which is ideal for heavy sleepers.

The design is gorgeous, and the overall look of this alarm clock is like a vintage antique piece!

Best loud alarm for heavy sleepers

Also, the alarm clock comes with a useful option of a backlight, i.e., we can see the time even in darkness when we press the backlight button.

The alarm clock is made from good quality Metal which is super loud and very suitable for people who snooze!

2. TIED RIBBONS Antique Loud Sound Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

Table Clock for Kids Room Study Table Bedroom Kitchen Home Décor

This is another vintage look alarm clock that comes with a dimension of 9 x 6 x 15 cms, which works perfectly for your Kids Room Study Table or Bedroom.

The alarm comes with dual bells that give you a close and loud enough sound to wake you up in the morning. This alarm will work perfectly even I f you’re a heavy sleeper, or you have trouble waking up or have impaired hearing.

It comes with four buttons ie, two buttons to set the time and one button to ON/OFF the alarm, and the fourth one is for a nightlight, which helps to know the time at night. Just turn the alarm button clockwise and pull the alarm button next to the alarm button to change the settings.

3. Sapphire India Twin Bell Alarm Clock – Overall best loud alarm

This Antique analog alarm clock has a compact size, can be conveniently put on the nightstand and desk. It is a perfect decor for your study table, bedroom, living room, office, home, and bathroom.

Quartz Analog Twin Bell Alarm Clock comes in antique style, and the mini hammer delivers extra loud ringing, which is ideal for heavy sleepers.

The best thing with this alarm is there no snooze option. Without the snooze feature, there’s a strong wake-up alarm for those who have trouble waking up.

Easily click the night light button behind the clock to have a soft yellowish LED light that illuminate the clock face to see the time when it ‘s dark. 

Even though the design is antique, there is no tick tock sound which provides a silent environment for soothing sleep.

This is a perfect gift for your loved ones who have problems with waking up everyday!

Why we like it: No tick tock sound and No snooze option.

4. PaxMore Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

This beautiful antique twin bell alarm clock makes a harmonious collocation with your desk, and bedroom and the retro style brings you back to the ’80s.

This 5-inch twin bell alarm clock is loud enough to wake you up, which is ideal for heavy sleepers and hard of hearing people.

This alarm also comes with  No snooze button and comes with five minutes of intense alarm noise, which is perfect for people who have trouble waking up.

This noisy alarm clock is a lovely gift to your family and friends. This alarm clock also comes with a broad, round face for quick reading during the daytime, a perfect choice for everyday life.

This alarm clock comes with four buttons, which are very simple to set and use and is perfect for most people.

Why we recommend it: The backlight option for night view and no tick-tock sound are the best features in this alarm!

5. Breewell Twin Bell Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers

The alarm clock comes with a cheerful red and black color, which looks very attractive, and it is a perfect decor item for your study table, bedroom, or office room.

This alarm also has the No-snooze option, which is ideal for heavy sleepers, and the sound is booming, which is perfect for people who have problems waking up early in the morning.

The backlight option makes a perfect handy feature for seeing the time during the night time.

6. Jamboree Metal Analogue Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

This loud alarm clock is perfect for heavy sleepers or who have moderate hearing loss or deaf. It comes with Smiley Face Emoji Design Table Clock’s design, which is perfect for Kids Room home decor.

This alarm clock also comes with No snooze button, which is great if you have a habit of snoozing your phone alarm repeatedly.

The clock is made up of high-quality steel and comes with attractive colors. The overall design is classic, where it can be used as a decorative item for your table or bedroom.

There is a button for the backlight as well, and the clock is powered by one AAA size battery.

7. Lilone Black and Yellow Twin Bell Loud Alarm Clock

This is another beautiful, loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers, which comes in a black and yellow color combination. The overall look is perfect, and it is ideal for keeping it as a home decor for your kid’s room.

Twin Bell rings strongly, perfect for heavy sleepers. It’s made of aluminum, and it has a night light feature. The clock’s size is 5 inches, and the clock is operated by one AAA size battery.


Be it going to school or going to the office on time or to reach any occasion on time; alarms are much precious item in every home. Please do let us know your comments, if like the article.

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