7 Best Marble table Clocks January 2021

The Marble table clocks are relatively small house clocks traditionally placed on the shelf, table, or mantel above the fireplace. We have listed the best marble table clocks, which are ideal to be kept on the table in this article!

The Marble clocks are made up of marble stones which often highly ornate, decorative works. These clocks are compact enough to be placed upon someone’s table .but these clocks don’t need to be kept on one’s table; not anymore. They can be placed anywhere around the house as a home decor!

Time is money and that’s why having a beautiful clock as a part of your interior helps you shift towards success and a positive attitude!

1. Anjali Arts Decorative Round Marble Clock Cum Mobile Stand

This is a battery-powered designer decorative table clock made of marble that is perfect for placing it on the study table or office table, which comes with the dimension of Length 10.5 x 10 x 11.5.

The marble clock is crafted from beautiful handmade Golden Meenakari Work, and the good thing is these clocks are painted by hand.

It’s a great gift For Wedding, House Warm Gathering, Anniversary, Festivals, And Can Be Used For All Other Occasions, Including Marriage And Commitment Ceremonies.

Why we like it: This marble clock has a provision for holding your mobile phone, which is perfect for a study or office table.

2. Marble Double Color Pillar Clock from handicrafts Paradise

This clock is designed like a pillar made from pure makarna marble, and this marble table clock is hand-made and hand-painted with Enamel, and stonework makes very attractive.

The clock operated with one AAA size battery and it is 6.5 inches in height, and the color used in the product is red tomato and blue peacock, which looks charming.

The heavy kuppi work and scattered Kundan give the clock a traditional feel and the fine gold painting adds the embellishment.

It’s the ideal present for a wedding or house warming function or an engagement or a festive occasion.

3. Little India Painted Handmade Round Marble Table Clock

Antique-inspired design by Professional Artisans from India Rajasthan brings the best Indian arts & crafts design and it gives a Royal Look to your home and office table.

This fancy table clock allows a wide variety of items for any home lover. If you’re looking for a great wedding present or a birthday housewarming present, this marble clock is a perfect choice.

Marble table clocks

This table clock can be stuck to the refrigerator with the provided strong magnet, and also it can be used as a table or desk decoration item for any room.

This handcrafted Rajasthani Marble Table Clock is a table clock made of pure marble and the round base of the clock is decorated with colorful gold painted beads.

The clock is equipped with a high-quality movement in a brass case and is fixed in a round marble ball, and also, the lower round base has space on which to position the upper ball.

4. Balaji Art Ethnic Design Marble Table Clock Handicraft

This is another good marble table clock from Balaji art, which is a perfect home decor item for your table or your bedroom.

The design looks pure ethnic and antique and comes with a dimension of 23.1 cm x 11.21 cm x 9.2 cm.

best marble table clocks

Why we like it: The designs on the white marble pillar makes this clock a beautiful decorative piece to be placed on any parts of the home.

Caution: Make sure not to wash the marble clock directly on the water, which may damage the white marble designs.

5. Anjali Arts Decorative Pillar Shape Round Marble Clock

Anjali arts are one of the good manufactures of handicraft items in India, and this is one of the beautiful marble table clocks for your home. The clock is at the top of the pillar, and the clock is powered by one AAA size battery.

Why we like it: The engraved designs and the Rajasthani Meenakari Work on the multicolored hand-painted clock looks very attractive. It is a perfect gift for any occasion and a perfect home decor item.

6. Designer Peacock Design Pen Holder with Rajasthani Meenakari

This is another excellent table clock from Anjali arts, which comes with a pen stand design that comes with a dimension of 4×8 inches.

These Pen Stands are artistically made with appreciable style by our professional craftsmen giving it an eye-catching look.

It is a great gift for weddings, house warm gathering, anniversary, festivals and can also be used for all other occasions, including marriage ceremony.

7. Varuna Arts Wooden Ashoka Pillar stambh with Pen Holder with Flag

This clock comes with a pen holder and a National flag, which makes this clock a charming table accessory for your home!

This crafted display piece is perfect for gifting to families and friends or business enthusiasts, and it is the perfect stationery workpiece for your desktops.

This exquisitely designed and crafted clock provides a great gifting option for any occasion!


The clock helps us to control our lives. We depend on the clock in the morning to sleep at night for our routine activities, and it allows you to enter work, leave work, meet with friends, or make social commitments anywhere in time. Please do let us know your comments if you like this article!

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