Best Mattress Toppers in India

We all want to keep our favorite mattress safe from dirt, and that is the primary purpose of having a mattress topper.

The main reason for mattresses damage is because of the mildew formation on the top. It occurs mainly due to the absorption of moisture from the air. 

Best Mattress Toppers in India

It ruins the whole material in a few days, and that is quite annoying for anyone. As a solution to this problem, mattress toppers are a must. 

It is one of the best ways to avoid the mattress getting spoilt. Generally, the appropriate mattress toppers improve the quality of our sleep.

 Also, mattress toppers add an additional comfort layer to your mattress.

Mattress toppers are also called as underpad or a mattress pad. They are much needed when your mattress becomes worn out or uncomfortable. 

Also, the another reason for using mattress toppers is to protect the mattresses from getting spoilt.

Here we have given top 5 mattress toppers in India, which are being used by many people right now!

1. FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Topper – overall best mattress toppers in India

FITMAT memory foam mattress topper can contour your body according to your shape. It will be quite helpful for people who have severe body pains. 

It can provide proper support to the lower back of our body and also helps in blood circulation. 

overall best mattress topper in India

The hypoallergenic material used in this mattress topper helps to avoid outside dust entering the mattress. So it ideal to have this topper if you are staying near a dusty place!

Different colors are available for this mattress topper, which is an excellent thing for everyone who wants some variety in their bedroom decor.

Best feature: One of the important features in this product is the ability to take the body shape of the person sleeping on it. Because whenever we sleep, we want something comfortable and cozy. And this topper will deliver that!

FITMAT Memory Foam Mattress Topper is our pick of the best overall mattress toppers in India!

2. AVI 2500 GSM Super Soft Cotton Mattress Padding/Topper

AVI GSM mattress topper is made with premium quality cotton, which will give you a preferred level of comforts while sleeping. 

And, this is the main reason why so many people prefer this mattress topper for their home. The topper has anti-dust threads and also hypoallergenic material to avoid allergens like dust and pollens. 

There is also a useful elastic strap given in all the sides to fit the mattress topper properly. It will keep the topper firmly at its place without any movement.

Best feature: One of the significant features of this topper is the box stitch done on it, which helps the topper to spread evenly throughout the mattress. Also, it can absorb heat and keep the mattress cool to give you a comfortable sleeping experience. 

3. NAPCLOUD SoftNap 2 inches Cool Gel Memory Foam Topper

NAPCLOUD memory foam topper is made with a special gel memory foam, which takes the form of your body to give you pleasure while sleeping. 

The topper is made with sustainable material that has non-toxic elements to prevent allergens from the air, getting into the mattress. 

It will give you extra support to your body, and this topper is ideal to use if you have problems like body pain. 

The bamboo fiber stitching has given it a ventilated structure, which will help you to have proper air circulation while sleeping.

Best feature: The best of this mattress topper is the specially made zipper cover, which is quite easy to fit and also very easy to remove whenever essential. 

4. AmazonBasics Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Amazon basics mattress topper is quite famous among people because of its pillow-soft feature. 

It is quite comfortable to sleep with and also has many health benefits!

It can cure back pain by giving you comfort while sleeping. You won’t have to change the sides, again and again, to get them the proper posture. So it is quite good for the people who have a back problem or any other body pain. 

Best feature: This topper has a special memory foam, which helps to reduce back pain. The thickness of this product is around two inches, which will give you a comfortable feeling whenever you will lie on it. 

So if you are searching for a cozy mattress, then this is the right pick for you!

5. Rajasthan Crafts Microfiber Mattress Topper/Padding

Rajasthan Crafts is a specially crafted mattress topper made with microfiber, which forms a good grip on your matters. 

You can fit the mattress topper quite firmly with the mattress in all sides, and the hypoallergenic material used on this helps to reduce the level of dust on your bed. 

So the people who are prone to some allergy created by dust or allergens like pollen should choose this product as their savior. 

Best feature: One of the best features in this product is the baffle box stitch, which gives an excellent grip to the mattress. You can fit it with your mattress very quickly and also can remove it without any problem. 

You can wash it at home with simple detergents, which are an added benefit!


Everyone wants a comfortable sleep, and that is why mattress toppers have become a must-have item in every bedroom.

So these are the best mattress toppers in India right now, which are used by a large number of people. These mattress toppers assure a comfortable sleep at night and also protect the mattresses from dust!

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