Best Oil Burners January 2021

Oil burners, also called aroma diffusers create an energizing mood in your home and it acts as a de-stressing agent. Oil burners, when used along with good fragrance oil make your home smelling divine in any season.

Here is the list of best oil burners in India. And Farkraft ceramic aroma diffuser is our pick of the best aroma diffuser because of the design. Opinion varies 🙂

1. Kullicraft Black Ceramic Aroma Diffuser Oil Burner

Kullicraft is one of the pioneers in manufacturing handcraft products in India. This Oil burner from Kullicraft comes with a pack of two, along with a candle Tea light.

The burner is made up of high-quality ceramic and the best thing is, we can use any candle tea light and any fragrance oil in the burner.

It comes with a length of 7 cm x width 7 cm x height 9.6 cm, and the burner is very easy to clean.

Best Oil burners

It is a perfect gift for your loved ones for any occassion!

How to use: You have to fill 2/3 of the bowl with water and add three to five drops of fragrance oil and light the candle at the bottom! Also, make sure not to run the burner dry.

2. Pure Source India Ceramic Aroma Cum Table Lamp

It is one of the best oil burners available in the Indian market. Unlike, Kullicraft aroma diffuser, this burner is made up of ceramic and this is an electric burner, where there is a bulb at the bottom of the burner, which can be used as a night lamp! Also, this burner can be used for Aromatherapy!

Unlike candle burners, you can change the bulb according to your need, and you can use up to 40 watts bulb.

The best thing is, along with the pack, you will get a 10 ml lavender aroma oil, which works as a perfect air freshener for your room. Also, it is effortless to clean with normal water, and it can work as an ideal home decor item for any room.

It comes with a size of 8 inches height and 6 inches width and the water capacity is 100 ml.

3. FARKRAFT Ceramic Handcrafted Aroma DiffuserOverall Best Oil burner

This is another beautiful handcrafted ceramic aroma diffuser in India. It comes with a Tealight candle and a lemongrass fragrance oil of capacity 10 ml.

It creates a special mood and energy in your room once it is lit. The holes in the pot are designed like a flower, when the candle is lit, the light passes through the holes and you can see beautiful flower shadow in the nearby wall!

The usage is straightforward. You have to put some water in the bowl, add a few drops of fragrance oil, and light the candle. Then the tea light warms up the essential oils in the bowl to diffuse aroma around the room.

It can be used for aromatherapy by using fragrance oils and also can be used as mosquito repellent as well!

4. Pure Source India Porcelain Relaxing Fragrance Aroma Set

It is a natural aroma burner, made up of high-quality ceramic. The pack comes with 4 tea light candles and an aroma oil (lemongrass oil) of 10 ml.

The best thing in this aroma set is the hanger, which comes along with the burner set. The aroma set is white in color and comes with a rustproof aroma stand with antique black powder coating.

You will get a rejuvenating experience with this aroma diffuser in your living space, workspace, or bedroom, once it is lit up.

5. ExclusiveLane Pottery Ceramic Home Fragrances Humidifiers

It is a humidifier cum Aroma Diffuser and the best thing is, it comes with a ceramic kettle to add essential aroma oils. It is made up of ceramic and comes with a color of brown and pistachio green.

It is ideal for soothing the atmosphere and it is a perfect item to help you to reinvigorate, and can also be used to create an energizing mood in and around the house. Also, it can be used as a tea-light holder.

The pot design is very precise, which is perfectly made from high-quality craftsmen from Puducherry. It is a perfect gift for any aroma lover!

6. ASTROGHAR Ceramic Oil Warmer Lamp

It comes in the shape of a Buddha head, with a height of 8 inches. At the bottom of the head, there is a provision for placing the candlelight and at the top, you can pour water and fragrance oil, which creates a good fragrance once the candle is lit.

You can also light camphor in the absence of aroma oil. And when camphor is used instead of aroma oil, there is no need to add water and it is a natural way to experience healing and relaxation.

7. Aromafume Exotic Brass Oil Diffuser

This elegant burner is will sure to give a great experience for you and your family. It comes with a metal stand, cork coaster, and a brass bowl, and a light candle. It comes with a size of length 8 cm and 8 cm breadth and 8.5 cm height.

The aroma of the oil helps in revitalizing your body, mind, and soul and definitely acts as a mood changer!

8. ExclusiveLane Ceramic Aroma Oil Burner

The oil burner is made up of ceramic with a height of 4 inches. It has a cavity for pouring aroma oil and the tea light is placed below it.

The uniqueness of this oil burner is its shape. Yes, it is crafted in the shape of Shankh. Do note here that shanks are auspicious and having them at home draws good luck, wealth in your home.

9. Brahmz Aroma Oil Diffuser – Electric Diffuser

This is one of the elegant electric burners available in the market. It comes with a height of 22 cms and a width of 11.5 cms.

Why we like it: The color combination looks very attractive, as it comes with the black and white variety. The top aroma pot comes black color, and the bottom holder is pure white!

The bottom holder comes with an electric bulb. Once you add water and aroma oil in the pot, you can switch on the bulb, which in turn produces a beautiful fragrance around your home.

Note: Make sure to check the water level at the top. Once the pot is empty, make sure to refill again.

10. BRAHMZ Marble Aroma Burner

This oil burner is made up of marble, which looks very attractive. It is also a perfect decoration item for your room or study table.

It comes with two detachable parts. The upper part is for keeping water and aroma oil, and the lower part is for burning the candlelight. And it functions as similar to other oil burners which we have mentioned above.

The pieces are carved by hand, and if you want a unique oil burner, you can definitely go for this one.


Oil burners or aroma diffusers are the best option to create good vibes in your home! These are the best oil diffusers available in the market at the moment. We will update this article time to time. Please do let us know if you liked our list!

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