Best OTG Ovens in India

Looking to heat your food quickly? You need to have an OTG in your kitchen to suffice your day & night time cravings. It makes an effortless way to heat your food, and do everything from grilling, toasting as well as baking. But, how would you differentiate the best OTG ovens in India? With different price range, quality, and features that you get in the product. It makes it difficult for us to distinguish which amongst the many, is worth it? We have a list of 5 best products that would fit the needs of every homemaker. Now tasty food isn’t just a call away from the restaurant, and you can make it up in a few minutes with any of these appliances below.

The Overall best productPhilips HD6975
The High-quality cooking experienceBorosil Prima 42 L
The best fast heating OTGInalsa MasterChef 30SSRC
Best Grilling OTGBajaj Majesty 2800
The Best Budget OTGAmerican Micronic

1. The Overall best product – Philips HD6975

Philips, being a prominent brand, solves your problem. It servers 25 liters capacity, which is upright for a five people family.  The powerful 15000W fitted in it, make it a smart choice for you to pick. It has been serving homeowners with versatile products and best ranging ones and also been a market leader.

Its Optic temp technology is the most loved feature, especially for health freaks, as you get a healthy cooking experience. The main purpose of buying it is for the baking temptations. It makes cakes & cookies mouthwatering crispy along with ten customized on touch menus that help you navigate options easily. Absolutely, a healthy way to make, cook, and in fact, grill with perfection in flavors. 

Cons – Handles turn slightly hot when the oven is hot; But, this won’t seem to be a problem if you use proper safety gloves to access the tray & handle of the OTG. 

2. The High-quality cooking experience OTG – Borosil Prima

Best OTG Ovens in India

This one is another high quality & performance-oriented best OTG ovens in India. With 2000W of the heating element in it, the power shut off as soon as the timer knob is set. For easy handling, you have manual control features as well to use. The great design already is a perfect attraction to the eye, but that’s not it. The bright light is the best part that allows you to see inside if it’s cooking properly.

Another key feature is the convection heating for evenly grilled food & motorized rotisserie. You will be provided with an array of accessories along with it, a tray handle, recipe book, rotisserie axis, handle, and fork. Now cooking delighted savors at home isn’t problematic, bake cookies cake, grill veggies with adjustable temperature control. No wonder what you plan to cook, the 6 stage heating options allow you to become a MasterChef at home. 

Cons – Heat dispensed is higher;But, this won’t be a problem is you have sufficient ventilation facility in your kitchen. All in all, it’s a great product to become a MasterChef of your house. 

3. The best fast heating OTG – Inalsa MasterChef 30SSRC

Inalsa MasterChef 30SSRC is the right product to suffice your starter needs 2-3 minutes fast heating capacity. The 100 to 250-degree temperature C setting is another advanced feature seen in the product. The fast Heating 1600W power is the most loved feature along with the energy-efficient quality. This makes you save your money on electricity and get your food cooked in no time.

It also provides a wide range of temperatures to set, along with multiple functions to cook up snacks and meals. Its convection mode gives outstanding results and provides consistency in heating. The heating element on the OTG is present on bottom and top to evenly toast, grill and bake with perfection. Its top-class look makes you want to spend your money on it in the first look itself. 

Cons – Little expensive; Although the price is high, the product does have great features that balance the product pricing well. 

4. Best Grilling OTG – Bajaj Majesty 2800

This 28 liters unique OTG with great power & unique heating mechanism makes it a worthy product to buy. It comes along with convection and motorized rotisserie. The confidence you get while trying new cuisine with this product is simply the best. From preparing the softest cake to the crispiest grilled veggie, it does it in no time and easy to choose modes.

Along with the 60-minute timer and the accessories featured with the OTG, you have got all the requirements to make a perfect dish as per your convenience. The extra-long skewer rod helps you cook the whole chicken evenly. Choose the settings with the power of 1800 watts and Enjoy cooking with multi-functional modes with which, every day, you get to try new dishes to please your family.

Cons – Metal gauge little thin; Although the metal gauge is thin, it doesn’t provide any discomfort in your cooking experience with the OTG. 

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5. The Best Budget OTG – American Micronic

This is 100% imported OTG oven, which features 42 liters with a full tough glass door, which is unbreakable. It gets stainless design W shaped heating element to work for years.  Why don’t you think about American Micronic AMI OTG? It is highly powerful, durable, versatile, and provides great functions for you to cook food like never before. The hassle-free six heating element is designed for the comfort of the user.

Clear glass door makes you easily see what’s cooking inside, along with versatile temperature control, which you can monitor and change accordingly. Convection functions allow you to get evenly cooking experience and all these features perfectly in your budget. Be it any needs, to defrost, toast, grill, bake or broil as well as a rotisserie, you get it done the right way with it. Its aesthetic design is another thing to look at, and the shiny silver body does complete justice to the appearance of your kitchen.

Cons – Ideal for beginners; If you’re a beginner, you will love to grab this OTG and suffice all your cooking needs. 


All in all, I prefer, Philips HD6975, whatever you wish to make, it does it in no time, it’s simple, quick, smarter & better in taste. The price, along with the list of features you get from it is worth it! You won’t mind spending maximum time in the kitchen, baking, grilling, and heating your food. 

Our Top 5 recommendation is the best pick for you. The best part about buying this product than investing your money on other products is, they heat in seconds and comes with versatile features with the best pricing. And it doesn’t take much time to prepare your food. 

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