Best Perfumes for Men in India

Are you someone who thinks perfumes are only for women? Well, think again, because men like smelling good as much as anyone else, and there are plenty of fragrances available for men in the market today. Most places in India have a moderate climate, so the need for a good cologne is important to keep smelling fresh and clean. Smelling good can make men feel attractive and trustworthy.

Perfumes for men have come a long way from just being musky and strong. Perfumes today have a variety of fragrances ranging from sandalwood to chocolate to citrusy to even vanilla. Many brands are entering this space with newer scents so you might want to consider the best one for your body. Here are 5 of the best perfumes in our list curated according to specific needs and body types which will make it easy for you to choose.

1. Park Avenue Signature Voyage Body Spray – The overall Best Product

Park Avenue is a well-known brand for many years which has been making some of the best cosmetic products for men. The Signature Voyage body spray also lives up to its name, with its Signature scent which is not too strong, and yet not too mild. The fragrance is sweet and spicy with notes of musk, wood and sandal that give a refreshing, pleasant smell throughout the day. The spray lasts for a good seven to eight hours a day.

It is good for medium outdoor use or indoor office stays. It contains gas but the fragrance content is increased by 40% in the latest versions of the deo. It also has an antibacterial formula that prevents bad odour and is suitable for all skin types. The 150 ml bottle costs Rs 240 which is a little pricey, but the long-lasting effects and pleasant smell make up for it and it is one of the best perfumes for men in India!

Best feature: This is our pick of the lot for the best overall perfume spray for men.

2. Axe Signature Dark Temptation – best long lasting scent!

Coming from the best, the Signature Dark Temptation is a spinoff from the Deo spray already available in Axe. The Axe brand is well known for its unique fragrances made specially for men. This perfume has a chocolatey and musky scent which assaults your noses at first but slowly grows on you after wearing it a while. The perfume is wholly male and strong. The main advantage of this perfume is that it contains no gas at all, so the content is strong and long-lasting. It is suitable for outdoor use and can last for over 5-6 hours, after which the scent blends in becoming very subtle.

This perfume is the best product to buy for men who are looking for a quality product from a well-known brand. It is a little pricey at Rs 240 for a 150ml bottle but the no gas option and long-lasting scent make up for that. Since the perfume is quite strong, you do not need to apply a lot of it too. Overall, this is our pick of the lot in for its masculine scent, great packaging and smooth application.

Best feature: The spray contains no gas and yet has a strong pleasurable scent.

3. Skinn Raw Fragrance For Men – Best indoor use perfume!

A high-end product from Skinn by Titan, this product is crafted by the finest perfumers in France. All the fragrances from Skinn have the unique ability to blend into your skin, becoming a part of you, and not just an accessory worn everyday. The Skinn Raw Fragrance is no different, with its woody and citrusy notes. It has a light fragrance that leaves you smelling fresh and smooth for at least six hours after application. The bottle is light and travel-friendly. Since it is a mild scent, it is ideal for indoor usage and not for covering up heavy odours gained outdoors. If you have a special occasion, this is the perfume for you.

However, this is a perfume and not a deodorant so the bottle is quite small at 20ml. We suggest this perfume strongly if you like delicate wafting scents, rather than heavy musky ones, or are looking for a nice change in your evening outs. However, at Rs545 for a 20 ml bottle, it is quite expensive, unless you are looking for that unique scent that ordinary deo’s will not give you.

Best feature: This spray is great for indoor use when you need to smell good but not overpoweringly so.

4. Engage Yin Eau De Parfum – best rich in fragrance perfume!

From the house of ITC, Engage perfumes and deos are a cut above the rest with their unique scents. The Yin Eau De Parfum is a speciality perfume for men. It has citrusy and earthy wooden notes, which give it a subtle masculine fragrance that is quite intoxicating. It is a high fragrance content perfume that lasts throughout the day with just a single application. The bottle is made from strong frosted glass and looks very appealing.

The scent is extremely noticeable and has the wow effect on other people. It is the perfect perfume to wear for special occasions. The 90 ml bottle is expensive at Rs 500, but the fragrance is so unique and different that the Engage Yin Eau De Parfum turns out to be the best affordable perfume you could buy in its class. And it makes for a great gifting product too!

Best feature: Its exotic fragrance makes this perfume stand out from all others. A mild application to the wrist is enough to make you smell amazing.

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5. Fogg Imperial Fragrance Body Spray – Best Budget Spray!

The Fogg brand is known for its non-gas body sprays and deos. Imperial fragrance by Fogg is a pretty strong scent which settles down into a milder tone after some time of applying it. The bottle is well made with a tight spray lid and cap, so travelling with it is easy. It promises 800 sprays which are enough to last you for many months as the spray is pure fragrance and no gas. It lasts for over four to five hours and is good for covering up strong body odours.

Due to its strong scent, it is better to apply it equally on the body and clothes, as the spray does not spread equally everywhere. This is a great product if you work a lot outdoors or sweat a lot. It is quite affordable at Rs 230 as the spray is all scent and no gas.

Best feature: The spray is the best budget product to buy as it has no gas and therefore lasts for much longer than other sprays. The 800 spray promise cannot be matched by any other brand in the market today.


Perfumes for men come in different types and fragrances. The important thing to consider while buying, is the purpose of use. Are you partying? Do you work a lot outdoors? Or is it for indoor office use? The perfumes picked out above can be considered for all these needs as they are some of the most popular ones in the market today. After all, a man’s scent lingers even when he leaves the room, so don’t cut corners. Get the best perfume for yourself and see how good you feel about yourself!

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