Best popcorn makers for home use in India

Popcorn is one of the healthy snack loved by kids and adults throughout the world. Popcorn became famous when the fairs and carnivals started to serve popcorns during the 1850s.

Today we cannot find a single theatre playing movie without selling popcorns. Even there are some folks out there who go to the movie only for having popcorn.

How are popcorns prepared?

The preparation of popcorn is very simple. When the corn kernels are heated up, it gets expanded and puffed up, which results in producing delicious popcorn. The corn kernels are nothing but corn seeds, and we refer to this as kernels throughout this article.

Here is the list of best popcorn makers for home use in India!

Overall best popcorn makerBMS Lifestyle 1200W Hot Air Snacks Maker
best popcorn maker for kidsTrendz Forever 900W Popcorn maker
best efficient popcorn makerPigeon Popcorn maker 1200W
cook and server transparent bowlSinger corn delite
Microwave Popcorn MarkerFemora Borosilicate Glass

1. BMS Lifestyle 1200W Hot Air Snacks Maker – Overall best popcorn maker

BMS Lifestyle Popcorn maker is one of the best selling popcorn makers in India, which is ideal for home use. This machine uses hot air technology, which uses 0% oil for popcorn production. Since the popcorn made from this machine is oil-free, you can give this popcorn as evening snacks for your kids.

Note: You have to keep a bowl near the machine to collect the popcorn, which is popping out from the chamber.

Best popcorn makers for home use in India

Operation: You have to put the kernel (usually edible part of a nut, seed, or fruit stone contained within its shell) in the popcorn machine and wait for 2 minutes. You will get the delicious popcorn popped out from the machine.

This model is very easy to clean, as there is no oil involved in the making process.

You can use this machine for roasting dry nuts, peanuts, etc. Also, you can add butter along with the kernel so that you will get a buttery flavored popcorn! You can add as many flavors as you want, like cheese Chilli, etc.

The Outside layer is made up of high-quality plastic, and the popping chamber is made up of high-quality aluminium, which makes this machine durable.

BMS Lifestyle popcorn maker is our pick for the overall best popcorn maker!

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2. Trendz Forever 900W Popcorn maker – best popcorn maker for kids

Trendz Forever is one of the trendy products you can find in the Indian market. This popcorn maker uses hot air technology, which uses 0% oil., which is very much ideal for people who are on a strict diet. Also, this popcorn maker is very easy to clean since we are using no oil.

The operation is similar to other popcorn makers available in the market, like you have to put the kernels into the chamber. Within 3 minutes, the popcorn will be popped out from the machine.

The look of this popcorn maker is very attractive, and the kids will like it the most. The overall shape of this popcorn maker like a duck(doll).

Note: You cannot add oil, butter, or salt inside the chamber. If you add oil or butter in the popcorn chamber along with the kernel, it may cause an issue with the functionality of the product.

Kids will enjoy this product for sure. Also, they will enjoy the process more, while the popcorn pops out from the duck’s mouth.

If you are looking to buy this product for your kid, then definitely go for it without any second thought.

3. Pigeon Popcorn maker 1200W – best efficient popcorn maker

Pigeon popcorn maker works on 1200 watts. The specialty of the popcorn maker is it takes very little time compared to other models. That is, it takes only one minute to pop out one set of popcorn.

All you need to do is, put the kernel inside the chamber, switch on the machine, and wait for a minute to collect the popcorn.

The product is very light in weight and very much easy to carry. The machine is operating at 1200W, which makes the popcorn making process faster than a microwave.

Other features include like you can roast several nuts like peanuts, cashew, almond, etc.

The popcorn chamber is made up of aluminium which makes this product durable.

Like the other popcorn makers we have listed above, this pigeon popcorn maker also uses the same hot at technology, which uses 0% oil.

Operating Tip: Try to give a time gap between one lot to another, so that the machine gets cooler.

4. Singer corn delite – cook and server transparent bowl

The special feature of this popcorn maker is you can use this with oil or without oil.

This machine comes with the roller stirrer, which is very helpful to distribute the seeds evenly, inside the heating chamber.

Another cool feature of this machine is it comes with a cook and serve transparent bowl, i.e., there is no need to keep a bowl near the popcorn chamber to collect the popcorn. The cooked popcorn will get accumulated in the transparent about, and you can detach the bowl separately from the machine and serve it.

Also, since the bowl is transparent, you can see the entire operation on what is happening inside.

The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

Even though if you use oil to make popcorns, it is very easy to clean since the cooking tray is detachable.

The heating element is made up of high-quality halogen material, which makes the cooking process very fast. I.e., the entire operation will take only minutes to complete.

If you are looking for a popcorn maker with oil usage, then go for singer corn delite. And inbuilt popcorn collection is an added advantage!

5. Femora Borosilicate Glass – Microwave Popcorn Marker

This is not a popcorn maker. Instead, it is a popcorn making jar, where you have to keep the jar in the microwave to cook popcorns.

You have to put kernels inside the jar, then close the lid, and keep it inside the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes to get the sweet popcorns.

The glass is made up of high-quality borosilicate material, which is very good for microwave use.

Also, the popcorn jar is dishwasher and freezer safe, which makes the cleaning process quite simple.

The size of the jar is around two liters, which is very good for saving four people at a time.

The product comes with a warranty of 1 year.

If you are looking for a popcorn jar to use it with the microwave, then this is the ideal product for you.


Using these popcorn makers, we can prepare delicious popcorn in home itself. Please do let us know your comments!

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