10 Best Potpourris January 2021

Potpourris is a mixture of dried petals and spices which provide a natural fragrance. Potpourris are often placed in a bowl to perfume a room, and Potpourris are commonly used as a home decor item in India. We have listed the best Potpourris available in the market!

A good idea is to use fragrance oil sprays along with the potpourris, which can keep the fragrance for a long time.

Potpourri gives an excellent look to your house rather it’s a dining area, your garden area, your bedroom or your living room.

It is generally said that pure Potpourris can last up to 20 years. But, ordinarily, a decent Potpourri can last up to 3 years.

1. Soulflower Potpourri

Sunflower India is one of the fine manufactures of Potpourris. It comes in different flavors like lavender, rose, jasmine, and berry. These potpourris are made from pure and natural dried flowers.

Sunflower potpourris are chemical free from chemicals and artificial colors. The best thing of this product is the aroma which is very natural and organic.

best potpourri

Usage instructions: Just make sure to keep the potpourri dry every week by just keeping it outside for some time.

You can keep this potpourri in the living room or in your table, which will definitely act as a mood changer!

2. Home Centre Blossom Floral Garden Scented Potpourri

Home Centre is the leading manufactures of furniture, home accessories, and bed and bath products, and kitchenware. Home Centre Blossom Floral Garden Scented Potpourri is a decent product to buy as a personal room fragrance!

How to use it: Just keep the potpourri in a glass bowl in your personal room. It will act as good home decor and home fragrance item.

Why we recommend it: It comes in red flavor and comes in a combination of potpourri and hanging lantern.

Usage instructions: Make sure not to add any water in the potpourri and keep them dry as much as possible. And also keep them away from heat and flames.

3. Iris Lavender Home Fragrance Potpourri

It comes with a flavor lavender and comes with a pack of 100 gms. It is made from dried leaves and flowers which emits soothing fragrance.

Usage instructions: You can empty these products into an open bowl or container and keep it in the living room. A better idea is to use oil spray bottles along with the potpourris.

4. Iris Rose Candle Incense Stick & Potpourri Fragrance Gift Set

This combo gift set comes with a pack of potpourri, 5 Incense dhoop sticks, 5 Cones, 2 aromatic rose variant floating candles. It is the best fragrance gift option to gift your loved ones on any occasion.

This Subtle and rich fragrance can immediatly lift your mood and create a sensuous ambiance.

Why we recommend it: Iris rose Potpourri candle set is a perfect combo set to be given as a gift item to your loved ones!

5. Misha Potpourri Flowers for Home Decor/Potpourri

This is the potpourri decor, mainly used for decoration purposes. You can simply put these leaves in a transparent jar. Best to use these with a fragrance spray!

It comes in different colors like pink, green, yellow, orange, etc. There is an option of multi-color as well.

Why we like it: You can use any fragrance of your choice which rejuvenates your mood. And with these personalized fragrance potpourri give a special ambiance that reflects your persona.

6. All Naturals Shade Dried Lavender Flowers in Cork Bottle

This package contains 15 grams of dried lavender flowers from Kashmir which comes in a gorgeous reusable glass bottle with a cork lid.

It can be used as potpourris, or it can be used as a lavender pillow or a lavender-scented candle.

Why we like it: These are made from 100% Shade Dried Lavender Flowers from Kashmir and can work as a perfect home decor and fragrance for your home.

7. Home Centre Galaxy Flavia Vanilla Scented Decorative Potpourri

This bud vase Vanilla Scented Decorative Potpourri is a great addition to your living room decor for a delightful appeal. Place this alongside your couch and enhance the overall depths of your homefront.

The Package contains dried leaves and flowers of adorning and glossy potpourri and it is very good gift item to be considered for your special ones!

8. Digital Shoppy IKEA Scented Potpourri with Clear Glass Vase

The Package contains a clear glass vase along with scented potpourri. Just put the potpourris in the bowl which will give a pleasant fragrance to your home. The unique shape makes the vase artistic.

Why we like it: The outstanding thing in this potpourri pack is the glass vase, which looks very attractive. It is a perfect item to be bought as a gift or it can be used as a home decoration item.

9. Scentattva – Lavender Potpourri 

It is made up of a rich blend of dry flowers, leaves, herbs, and spices with a dash of inherent oil and natural fragrance.

The usage is similar to other potpourris. Just place the potpourri in vases or bowls and use it as sweet-smelling home decoration material. You can even add these leaves in sachets and use them in drawers, cupboards, or closets, which will make your mood relaxing, pleasurable, and delightful!

10. Rosemoore Scented Beads Sack Bergamot & Geranium

Rosemoore  is a very famous brand in UK and Europe which is known for manufacturing high quality scent products.

The pack comes with a fragrance of bergamot and geranium, wrapped with florals of hyacinth, rose, and jasmine on a woodlike patchouli base.

Usage:  You can directly hung this bag on the door knobs and also it can be placed in suitcases, cupboards, drawers, bathrooms, closets, etc for long lasting aroma.


The main advantage of Potpourris is we can refresh/reactivate the scent at any time by mixing it up a bit with few fresh drops of essential oil. Please do let us know your comments if you like the article.

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