Best printers for home use in India

Printers are increasingly becoming an essential commodity at home and office. People no longer have to run around looking for Xerox and printing shops. It’s easy to buy a printer since printers come with a variety of options and variations.

Here is our list of best printers for home use in India.

The overall best printerHP Deskjet ink advantage 2135
Best to print large volumesCanon Pixma G2000 inkjet printer
Contains all latest featuresEpson L380 printer
The best budget printerBrother DCP-T300 color ink printer
The best printer for low usageCanon MG2570S Multi-Function Inkjet Printer

Printers a few years back just printed copies. But now printers can scan copy and print in a single machine. It can be either black and white or colored. They can also print on one side or both sides.

One of the main issues with home printers is refilling cartridges. But thanks to the improvements in technology! Printers today come with numerous features such as wireless, USB, WiFi-enabled, to name a few. But how do you pick the right one for your house? Hence it can be overwhelming to choose the right printer suiting your needs.

Here is an easy guide to find your best printer for your home. Depending on what you exactly want, you can choose wisely within your budget.

1. HP Deskjet Advantage 2135 – The overall best printer

HP deskjet printers come in many models. One of the most successful models is HP Deskjet Advantage 2135. It has all the latest options perfect for any home. You can scan copy and print at ease with a resolution up to 1200 dpi.

It is a color printer with duplex printing and has USB support. It comes with good printing speed. It is priced around 4700 rs. 

Though it is nominally priced, there are few drawbacks. It has no WiFi printing support, which is a must now. Colour prints are not extremely good, as there is a lack of accuracy.

Overall it is an absolutely lovely printer for home and even for small offices. You can buy this if you want to print school projects and other documents both in color and b/w often. For the price, it offers all the right qualities and this is our pick of the best printers for home use in India.

2. Canon Pixma G2000 inkjet printer – Best to print large volumes

Canon Pixma G2000 is one of the latest printers from the house of Canon. It is a box-type printer which has provision for scanning on top and printer at the bottom. It is a compact model where you can stack 100 sheets at a time.

The ink tank can store a requisite amount of ink. So the problem of refilling the cartridge is reduced a lot. This printer prints at a good speed with quality and a lot of pages frequently too. Another feature is you can go for borderless printing.

It is a bit pricey considering for home purpose (around 11,000 rs). Few cons are it doesn’t have a display unit, and there is no option for WiFi connectivity. The physical build quality is also average compared to other printers.

If your requirement for printing asks for high and frequent usage, Canon Pixma G2000 is the right choice. It is a bit costly, but in the long run, it is ideal.

3. Epson L380 Printer – Contains all latest features

This model is one of the latest models in the market today. It comes in a sleek matte finish giving it a sophisticated look. It has just four buttons in front to show the necessary options.

One of the buttons helps you switch between black and white and color printing option. It lacks WiFi connectivity, but it can be connected to your computer through USB. The build quality is excellent; hence it is durable for years together.

Texts, images, and any documents come out in excellent quality. Scanning is also carried out at a decent speed with good accuracy. This printer can print in 250GSM paper easily. 

Cons: It is expensive at almost 11,000 rs, and it doesn’t have a WiFi option. Also selecting the number of photocopies is an issue.

In conclusion, Epson L380 is the precise printer for home and small office needs. The cost is lesser, and the durability is pretty good. This machine is an excellent addition to your devices at home.

4. Brother DCP-T300 color ink printer – Best budget priner

This Ink printer is a fabulous printer with some of the best features in the market. Apart from copy scan and print, you can also fax through this machine. One more fantastic feature is its printing ability to envelopes, posters, legal docs, and many more.

It has an input tray with a capacity of 100 papers and is also USB supported. You can print awesome pictures and designed papers too. This model prints vibrant colors with minute details. Printing clarity is at its peak in Brother DCP-3000.

The major drawback is its price, which is around 12,000 rs making it not very affordable for every home. Also, at high resolution, printing gets slowed down, and the ink is expensive compared to other printers and varieties.

On the whole, it is a tremendous printer with topmost quality in inkjet. The design is well-built to withstand the longer duration of working hours. If you keep updating your printer, it will give better results. And this is our pick our best budget printers in India.

5. Canon MG2570S Multi-Function Inkjet Printer – The best printer for low usage

Canon has come up with this versatile printer that is made for Indian households. Priced at around 2500 rs, it is an irresistible machine. It photocopies without any problem and can also scan. It is compatible with almost all the latest computers. It can print A4, A5, B5 size, legal and letter-sized papers. Duplex printing can also be done. It prints at a decent speed of 8 pages per minute. 

It can be connected with USB and does occupy much space too.

It comes with some minor problems. The cartridge gets empty pretty quickly and hence has to be refilled very often. When the need for printing is very less, this is the best pick.

This Canon printer is simple to use for anybody. It can print in many formats at any size. It can be a bit slow, but the price makes it all the more impressive.

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This comprehensive list of printers given here will help the readers to find the best printers. Depending on your necessity, you can decide your printer. For every type of household, one of these printers will serve the purpose.

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