Best Spring Mattresses in India January 2021

Spring mattresses are commonly used by the people who have a back pain problem. The metal coils used inside the mattress helps to give extra support while you are sleeping on it.

So if you have a back problem or some medical history, then you can opt for getting a spring mattress rather than foam mattresses.

Overall best spring mattress in India

You get more health benefits if you sleep in spring, mattresses every day.

Things to check before buying spring mattresses:

The spring mattresses are also called as the traditional mattresses, which entered the market before the foam mattresses were made. They are fabricated with lots of coils combined with other materials like foam and cushion. Generally, small bits of metals will be combined with foam to make the mattresses robust and supportive.

spring mattress

There are so many spring mattresses available in the market, but you have to make sure the metal coils used inside are not so hard.

Here is the list of the best spring mattresses in India.

1. Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring Mattress – Overall best spring mattresses in India

The high-quality steel pocket coil used in this mattress makes it comfortable and durable.

The firmness of this mattress will help you heal your body’s pain while sleeping on this mattress.

The special antimicrobial fabric used to make this mattress cover gives you a dust-free experience.

It is one of the best products in the market at a very reasonable rate, and you will get at most comfort on it.

Best feature: The best feature on this mattress is its zero disturbance on your partner’s movements. Also, the sturdy construction of this mattress makes you not worry about your spinal movement.

Springtek Ortho Pocket Spring mattress is our pick for the overall best spring mattress in India!

2. Comforto Siesta 8 inch Pocket Spring King Size Mattress

Comforto Siesta spring mattress is built with premium quality pocket springs. The mattress comes with a thickness of 8 inches, which makes sleeping very comfortable.

Also, these mattresses are quite helpful in reducing your back pain problem.

The quilted cover of this mattress has a 3D air mesh fabric that helps to circulate more air than any other form of mattress.

So if you are searching for a comfortable mattress with the feature of pocket spring coils, which will give proper support to your back, then Comforto Siesta spring mattress is the right choice for you.

Best feature: one of the best features of this mattress is it comes with a warranty of 10 years. And also you can avail 100 Nights trial before buying it. So you will get to know all the features of this mattress before starting to use it full-fledged.

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo 6 inch King Size Pocket Spring Mattress

This multi-layer mattress gives you proper support to your body while sleeping, and it can also accommodate your bodyweight really well.

High-quality pocket coils are used in the large count to make the mattress more supportive. In addition to that, high-density foams are used to make this mattress comfortable.

These large count pocket springs reduce the movement of the mattress caused by your partner’s movement.

The cover of this mattress is made with 200 GSM fabric, which will give you extra softness.

This product has a 5-year warranty, which is why you can rest assured of its quality.

Best feature: the best feature of this mattress is the high-density foam used inside along with the higher amount of pocket spring coils. This feature makes the mattress sturdy, and it gives proper support to your body during your sleep

4. Springtek Eurotop 8 inch King Bed Pocket Spring and High-Density Foam Mattress

If you want the best care for your spinal cord and your back, then this mattress is the right choice for you.

It has a multi-layer feature, which makes it quite supportive to almost seven parts of your body while sleeping.

The non-woven fabric used as its cover keeps the mattress cool during summer.

Also, the antimicrobial substance present in the cover helps you to avoid skin problems.

The mattress ensures zero partner disturbance and noise reduction.

Best feature: The best feature of this product is the 3D knitted breathable cover. It helps the mattress to get proper air circulation, which reduces the possibility of mildew formation on the mattress and maintain the quality for a long time.

5. Boston Basics 6 inch Bonnell Spring King Size Mattress

If you have a severe back pain problem, then this mattress is perfect for you. It has proper firmness and high residence to help you by giving adequate support to your spine.

A large number of pocket spring coils are used to make the mattress firm. Along with that, 1 inch of soft foam is used to give you a comfortable feeling while sleeping.

best spring mattress in India

Best feature: The fabric used in that mattress cover is made of antimicrobial material and 3D air mesh. This will help the mattress to have proper air circulation all the time.

We can say that it is quite a robust spring mattress available at the moment!


Back pain is a massive problem for most people, and they need proper posture while sleeping to cure this problem. So these are the top 5 spring mattresses in the market, which can reduce your back pain problem.

Using the right mattress can immediately solve these chaotic back pain problems. So, pick any of the products listed above according to your preference!

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