Best Steam Iron in India

Time for an interview or any party?? And your attire needs to be flawless?? Your make-up is perfect? Wait, but what about the dress? Yes, it has wrinkles, and that needs to be ironed. Here comes the need of an iron and we are going to list the best Steam Iron in India at the moment!

1. Philips GC 3811/80- Azur Performer Steam Iron:

This steam iron is available at a very affordable price and is in a pristine blue color having decent features. Its best features are 160g/min steam boost and steam glide cum soleplate. The steam boost technology helps in ironing vertically, thus refreshing the hanging surfaces like curtains, suits, and dresses.

For getting long-lasting crease-free ironing, the Philips iron emits 40g/min of steam that is elevated by 160g/min of steam boosting for any kind of sturdy fabrics or deep creases.

The steam iron has a pointed tip, which makes the ironing easier, especially the creases in between the pleats, button, and collar. The tank has a capacity of accommodating 250ml water. This is quite good amount for a 1.3kg instrument. It has a double calc clean system which has a self-clean button which the consumer must use once in a month. This helps in reducing the scale build-up, thus increasing the shelf life of the instrument.

This steam iron utilizes 2400 watts of power, thus heating up quickly and helping to get the job completed in a very less amount of time. The length of the cord is about 6 feet. This steam iron has a 12-month warranty period.

This iron has a steam glide plus soleplate, which is durable and non-sticky, in addition to it is the vertical steam. This is the best option for ironing coarse material like linen.

  • Has a steam-boost technology with 40-160g/min steam shots
  • Can self-clean itself as a result of double active calc clean technology
  • It has an automatic temperature and steam control
  • It’s pointed tip and the button groove reaches in every little corner of the fabric
  • It has a vertical steam dispense system
  • It has no auto cut off features

2. Inalsa Titanium 2000-Watt Steam Iron

This steam iron is used for its accuracy in ironing. Is your time a luxury? Then you should opt for a geyser titanium iron, which helps in reducing the workload. The design which it has is ergonomic, and this is mainly used for the benefit of the consumer.

This steam iron has a titanium coated soleplate, which is heavy, and it also distributes the steam in a regular way for the reduction of repetitive strokes. It has a tip that consists of 12 steam vents.

And has a steam dispersion of about 22g/min. This product has a steam vent on the nose, allowing to spray the steam using the time of extra damp. This geyser steam iron also helps in producing the steam vertically for the fabrics like drapes.

The watt power enables heating iron very quickly. It also maintains the temperature for producing the steam continuously throughout. It’s temperature, and the steam controlling feature helps in selecting a temperature essential for a particular fabric. This helps in deciding the amount of steam necessary for ironing the wrinkles from the fabric.

The 300ml water tank is enough for using the product for a very long time, even without filling up the tank. This soleplate has an anti-drip function that gives a clear sensation of when the iron has reached the low temperature, thus cutting the water flow to prevent the leakage.

The tank has a self-clean anti-calc feature, which helps in preventing the accumulation of the lime deposits. It helps in reducing the steam vents clogging.

  • Steam bursts are sturdy and the steam spray as well. From 22-160g/min
  • Vertical steam
  • Temperature controlling system
  • Build quality
  • Bad customer service

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3. Eveready S11400 1400-Watt Steam Iron

This is another smart steam iron which is perfect for the regular use and ironing the wrinkle-free garments. This is a renowned brand. This steam iron is having all sorts of necessary features which is efficient, at the same time, durable and safe to use.

The water tank is not very large, but it can be refilled during the consistent distribution of steam. This tank has a self-clean feature, thus ensuring it prevents the deposits of lime in vents.

It has an easy holding handlebar, which helps in working smoother. The linish surface of the plate has a secure gliding system over the fabric, which makes ironing a quick task. It has a power consumption of about 1400 watts and has a warranty of 2 years.

  • Steam spray is easier
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • The power cord is flexible and swiveling
  • Soleplate is scratch-resistant
  • Response is quick
  • Water leakage issue

4. Philips Easy Speed GC 1028 2000- Watt Steam Iron

The Philips Watt Steam Iron is having a light, pleasant blue color, and it also works as a quick machine. Its features are excellent compared to other products. Philips never let its customers down.


  • It has everything which keeps the customers satisfied.
  • It has a soleplate, which is ceramic coated.
  • It also has a system of drip stops.
  • It gives a steam boost, which is 1000 grams.
  • The product dimension is about 1.3x 2.9x 1.6 cm.
  • The product weighs around 930g.
  • Its triple precision tip is excellent.
  • It’s ceramic soleplate helps in soft and helps in efficient ironing
  • This product is stylish and easy to use.
  • The product comes with a thick handle
  • The steam is continuous which helps to get rid of all sorts of bad creases
  • The scale cleaning function should be used once every month to be certain that the iron works well
  • There is no auto switch off option
  • There should be a gap which is essential for maintaining while filling the water for avoiding any leakage.

5. Inalsa Optra 1400-Watt Steam Iron with Ceramic Coated Sole Plate

This is the steam iron, which has a rated power consumption of about 1400 watts. This is generally used as the dry or steam iron. The product has 2 years’ warranty.

It is approved by ISI. The features that incorporate into the steam iron has variable steam, and also a heating system which varies and a steam booster system.

  • Ceramic coated soleplates
  • 1400 watts rating
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • There is a problem of water leakage if the iron box is kept horizontally

6. Havells Sparkle 1250- Watt Steam Iron

Havells has a reputation for all sorts of manufacturing and marketing the best iron box. The steam iron box is designed for use in both the steam and dry ironing.

The device contains a 230ml water tank. It also has a non-stick soleplate, thus enabling the user to iron the clothes efficiently. The steam iron is having a power consumption of 1250 watts and also has a steam option, which is variable.

  • Low power consumption
  • 230 ml water tank reservoir
  • Coming with an over-heating protection
  • The soft grip is useful for handling the enhanced stability
  • We should be careful when selecting the temperature and steam as it will burn the fabric.

7. Phillips GC1010 1200 – Watt Comfort Steam Iron with Spray

The Phillips GC 1010, one of the steam iron, is running with 1200 watts’ power. This product is having features like calc-clean, thus ensuring the removal of scales or any unwanted particles from the water. The water tank of the product has a capacity of around 150ml.

The manufacturer includes the linished aluminum soleplate in this product. Another notable thing is the number of steam vents on the product. This manufacturer has placed a right amount of steam vents on the surface, thus ensuring that the steam is evenly distributed. This product has 2 years’ warranty.

  • 1200 watts’ power consumption
  • Calc clean Feature
  • Well brushed soleplate
  • Steam vents evenly distributed
  • The temperature control feature has been quite complicated in this product.
  • It should also be verified whether it is suitable to iron the particular fabric.

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8. Havells 1840 – Watt Steam Iron

An addition to the list is Havells Magnum Steam Iron, having 1840 wattage. It has a dual-sealed steam generator, which gives a wonderful performance.

The tank capacity is 300 ml and this is enough for pressing and steaming the clothes for a small family. It is necessary for filling the device with water and plugging it to the board and switch it on as well as start to use it, thus removing the creases.

The steam iron has a handle which is ergonomic as well as groovy and has a soft grip, which helps in giving a very good comfort when you are ironing and steaming.

The burst of the steam is vertical, so you need to change your clothes position when ironing. You must place the clothes directly and go as if normally ironing the clothes.

The non-stick soleplate is perfect for steaming and ironing of different types of clothes so that it doesn’t cause any burn or damage to the material.

  • Anti-drip and anti-sedimentation together with the self-cleaning is excellent for the lazy bachelors
  • It has easy and variable steam functionality.
  • It is ergonomic and easy-grip handling
  • 2 years’ warranty
  • Improve the steam pressure released
  • Can’t remove hard-pressed wrinkles

9. Philips GC1905 1440- Watt Steam Iron

This is one of the best-selling products in the market. Philips, one of the renowned brands, is the maker of this product. This is known for the type of performance that it delivers. It comes with a number of colors.


  • This has a water tank that could be easily emptied.
  • It has a fine spray.
  • It has 1440 wattage, and the product has a dimension of around 11.5×26.1×13.6 cm. The product has a 1.8m power cord.
  • The water tank can easily be filled
  • The fine spray moistens the fabric perfectly in an even way.
  • The aluminum soleplate makes it certain that iron glides over the fabric smoothly while not causing any harm to it.
  • The product has a warranty of 2 years.
  • This product is one of the heaviest.
  • This is costly.
  • This product should be kept in a horizontal place.
  • The knob must be in steam place even when the iron is not used.

10. Ease hold Soleplate Steam Iron 1150W

This is a 2 in 1 steam iron. It is vertical and horizontal, which provides comfort. This can be used without water, depending on the fabric type.

This has many steam holes, and this is necessary for faster as well as easy ironing. It has a whole package, including a silicon pad, a brush, and also a manual for users. It is comfortable and convenient in handling.

  • It has an easy water filling tank.
  • Its anti-drip system prevents water leakage.
  • This is a game-changer offering horizontal and also vertical ironing.
  • It has an easy water filling tank.
  • It doesn’t have temperature control.

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