Best TDS Meters for home use

TDS is the acronym for Total Dissolved Solids in water. You must have wondered why water tastes different in different places. Well, that is because the water travels through many places and mediums before it reaches your glass. It flies in the form of rivers, where it collects sediments of rocks, salt, phytoplankton, bacteria, etc. Then it goes through pipes and canals where it again collects chemicals and non-organic elements until it is finally filtered to an extent and sent to our houses for drinking purposes.

TDS meters help us in measuring the exact level of such sediments in the water. They usually do not distinguish between different types of sediments but only give the level of solids dissolved. Water contains many useful elements, too, like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, along with hazardous chemicals, so a higher TDS level need not necessarily mean undrinkable water.

The best TDS Meters for home use:

Usually, TDS meters are used to find out if the water coming in our tap or filter is drinkable. The Bureau of Indian Standard has classified TDS according to the following standards.

0-150 Level of good chemicals may be low
150-300 Perfect level for drinking water
300-500   Good level for drinking water
500-900 Not desirable but can be used as potable water
900 and above Absolutely not recommended for drinking

So when you check the TDS level at home, do remember that it should be below 500 ppm at the most. Anything more probably means that you have hard water with lots of salts or chemicals and pollutants. Anything less than 100, and the water contains no good chemicals at all. That is when you need to consider buying water, purifiers, softeners, etc. With that in mind, here are the best TDS meters in the market today.

1. The overall best TDS Meter for home use – GSK TDS3 Digital TDS Meter Water Filter Tester

This is a decent home TDS meter that can be used to test water for domestic purposes. It comes with two 1.5v button cell batteries and a leather case to store it safely. There is also a holder behind to enable you to hook it on a wall. Open the cap and dip the meter up to 2” into a glass of water that needs to be tested, and after ten seconds, the value shows up on the display screen. There is an on/off button on the device. The meter is straightforward to use and shows the value accurately, with a fluctuation of 2% either way, which is quite acceptable. It works for water temperature from 0-50 degrees Celsius and shows a range of 0-9990 ppm, which is quite enough to test domestic water. It comes for Rs 565 (approx). The only problem we found in this is that the meter cannot be dipped too deep in water as it is waterproof only up to 2”.

Best Feature: The GSK TDS3 meter is the best overall meter in our opinion as it is effortless to use, gives results reasonably quickly and correctly. Also, it weighs light at 68gms and comes at a very competitive price. And this is one of the best TDS meters for home use.

2. Best Pocket size TDS meter – HM Digital TDS-3 Handheld TDS Meter

HM Digital Ince is a global leader in TDS metering devices. It goes without saying that this meter is excellently built and shows accurate TDS readings. It is 6.1” in length, comes with two 1.5v button batteries and a carry case. It has a built-in digital thermometer and can work in temperatures of 0-80 degrees celsius. One of the unique features is that it has a hold button, which saves previous readings, which is very useful to record results. It is made for commercial and domestic uses and weighs just 20 gms. You could test water for plants, aquariums, tanks, and more with this meter. The advanced microprocessor technology assures accurate reading at all times. The price is a little high at Rs 799(approx.), but the assurance of a good brand and multiple usage capability makes this product worth a buy.

Best Feature: The durable build quality and advanced inner technology are the winning features of this TDS meter.

3. Best home & Commercial use meter – FLEMCO Digital LCD TDS Meter

Coming from Flemco, this TDS meter works very well in measuring TDS levels for domestic and commercial purposes. It is waterproof and works at a temperature of 0-50 degrees celsius. It has a hold function for previous recording readings. The built-in thermometer is a definite plus, but the standout feature in this device is that it has an automatic cut off, which switches off the device after ten minutes of non-use to save the battery. The pack comes with an instruction manual, a see-through carry case, and two LR44 button batteries for long life. The price may seem to be on the higher side at Rs 699, but the microprocessor technology and features of the device definitely are worth the buy.

Best Feature: The automatic cutoff feature, which saves battery life

4. Best  2 in 1 meter + commercial purpose meter –   Uniavo 2 in 1 TDS Meter & Temperature Checker, Water Testing Tool (White)

A top-class TDS tester, the Uniavo meter has it all in one small, sleek pack. It has a single 3V battery for extended usage with an on/off button and a hold button. There are 2 immersion lines given, so you know exactly how deeply you have to immerse it in water. The meter has a three in one function where it measures the TDS level, the EC (Electrical conductivity) level, and the temperature of the water. It also has an auto-off function after five minutes of non-use. It can measure the temperature of water from 0-99 degrees celsius. The display panel instantly changes color to green, when the water is fit for drinking and to red when it is not. The price is quite steep at Rs1599, but the meter has such good features and quality that if you want the best, or need it for commercial purposes, this is the one to go for!

Best Feature: Three in One function which gives exact measurements and Backlit display instantly lets you know how safe the water is

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5. Best budget tds meter – Yuv’S TDS Meter

This meter is a combo of all the required features. It has an inbuilt thermometer, good build quality, a hold button to record readings, a 3-year warranty, a decent display screen, and an auto switch-off function. Accuracy is also ensured by the brand. It works well to test the water in RO filters. The only con we could find was that the cap to the sensor is loose, so the electrical circuit could get damaged if not stored properly. There is also no instruction manual with the package. The price is, however, a steal deal at Rs399, so this is our value for money product. 

Best Feature: We love this product for its reliability and accuracy at a bargain price.


Checking the TDS levels of the water in your tap water is always good, especially if you are considering buying a home filter system. The level of TDS can help you figure out if you need a UV, RO, or distillation unit. The meters come quite cheap, so buying one can save you a couple of thousand bucks on new purifiers easily. Regular checks with these easy handheld devices will also help you know when to change the filters in your water purifiers. The meters selected by us are some of the good ones, so don’t wait and order the best one for you. Assure the health of your family with this simple purchase!

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