Best toys for kids below 3 years in India

Toys are fun to play with at any age, at any time. Apart from the fun part, toys also act as an important tool in children’s upbringing. Many simple toys which make noise and music attract babies at younger age. The different shapes, colors, and sounds keep them engaged for a long time. It also helps in brain development in babies. We are going to list the best toys for kids below 3 years in India!

Why you need to give the best toy for your kid?

The age between 1 to 3 years is very critical for any child. It is at this age that the brain develops rapidly, and the child learns multiple things. Toddlers are very keen to observe, react, and learn in this phase. So every family needs to give the right kind of attention to fulfill a toddler’s need. They need the best nutrition, ideal rest, playtime, and love from all.

Scientists are constantly studying more and more about child growth and how their brain functions. They have learned that certain parts of the brain carry out certain. Researchers have also found that most of the child’s brain happens in the first 5 years.

Hence the quality of the child’s life experiences builds its overall personality. Giving them the best in everything is the responsibility of parents.

The biggest challenge for today’s parents is keeping their kids engaged with different activities. Sometimes the task of handling kids can be overwhelming where parents become clueless after a point.

They get exhausted as to how can the energy-filled tots be kept busy at all. The last resort for them is exposing the kids to electronics. It is the easiest way to distract babies to make them stay put in place for a longer time. B

But there are enough studies to show the detrimental effects of long term screen time, whether its TV or mobile phones. Doctors are coming across cases where kids are addicted to phones.

How to buy the best toy for your kid?

Getting a toy these days is not an easy task. You need to do a comprehensive study to shortlist the right toy for your child. Specific toys are available for every age category. You can easily sort the toys on various factors such as price, age group, the kind of material used, type of toy required, etc.

Today’s market provides several different types of toys where you can buy according to the likes of your child. Some of the skills that toddlers obtain are creativity, spatial relations, motor skills, muscle increase, self-love, tracking and tracing, visual skills, and communication.

Basically, toys focus on improving each or a few of these skills combined. As a parent, you too, can encourage your toddler to play with a number of toys rather than just spending time with phones or watching TV.

Also, shopping has become very simple and easy with the online market. There are many websites where an infinite range of toys can be found. So now, you may be stuck in finding a toy for your baby. Let us help you in listing some of the best toys in today’s market.

Best toys for kids below 3 years in India

1. FunBlast-Flashing, Dancing Robot

This is a must-have for every household with a toddler. The fun never ends with this robot. It can dance, play funky sounds, rotate, and a flashlight too. Children cannot be bored with this toy around. It is a complete toy which activates the child’s visual, auditory skills, and also artistically. Don’t miss this cool toy for the kid.

  • Keeps your kid in a place longer
  • Flashy lights and colors help the babies seek better focus
  • Safe for kids as there are no pointy objects
  • Batteries are not included
  • Consumes a lot of energy as a result requiring a change of batteries often

2. Little’s Junior Ring (Multicolor)

This cute toy is an all-time hit among parents and their kids. Though it may look like an ordinary set of stacking rings, it has enough potential to kindle brain activities. The touch, shape, and colors motivate the toddlers to arrange the rings in the correct order.

For kids who are above 2 years, you can also teach them colors with these beautiful rings. These junior rings can be used right from 6 months as there are no sharp edges or small parts. This pocket-friendly toy makes the perfect gift for any preschooler, as well. Grab yours today!

  • Smooth edges making it right even for infants
  • Priced very less compared to other toys
  • The slow rocking movement of the full set is an added bonus
  • Rings are light in weight so kids can easily pick it and move around
  • Packing can be better as it opens up sometimes
  • The smiley doesn’t fit well

3. Sahibuy musical drums

Who doesn’t love the fun of playing drums or a keyboard? Combine both together, and you end up with a fabulous toy for your loved ones. This musical drum is not an ordinary drum. Thousands of parents trust it for its cute music.

This awesome piece features both drums and keyboards for a very affordable price. It plays a wide range of music from animal sounds, songs, and also western music. Not just that, it can even imitate laughter, which makes any baby fall in love with it instantly. The drums light up while playing. Find your piece of drums right here.

  • Makes the child curious with its music
  • Babies as small as 6 months tend to love it due to its bright colors
  • The drums and piano keys especially pull babies towards this toy
  • Increases auditory and visual senses
  • Can get too loud at times as there is no volume control button
  • Buttons can be a little hard for a child to press
  • Requires a change of battery often

4. Wish-Key CHU CHU Colorful Animal Shape 15 Pcs

Now, you and your baby can enjoy bath time without any stress. These squeezy are a lovable set of animal that comes in bright colors. These bath toys hence are water-proof.

The toys are extremely safe as they are free of BPA and non-toxic in nature. There are 4 types of fishes, sea lion, bear, duck, and many more creatures in this pack. Your child can explore the shapes and colors while taking fun in the water.

  • Safe set of toys for babies for a fun bath time
  • Made of 100% non-toxic, BPA free, lead-free
  • Helps babies relate to animals and other creatures
  • Improves sensory skills
  • Not very expensive
  • Care should be taken that babies don’t chew it as its not a teether
  • Small in size, so tough for kids to hold sometimes
  • Water gets into the toy and its tough to all of the water out

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5. Funskool-Giggles Nesting Eggs

Funskool is always a trusted brand among parents. Giggles is one of their most successful range among all. Especially the nesting egg is such a plain yet clever toy. It is the right toy for babies to feel the colorful eggs and play with them. It gives excellent hand-eye coordination to toddlers, which keeps them engaged for quite some time. It’s safe for babies over 6 months. Older babies can try and stack each egg one over the other to have never-ending fun.

  • It’s a trusted brand, and hence quality is good
  • Durable plastic for kids to grasp and play with
  • Helps kids get better in problem-solving skills
  • Priced reasonably
  • Bright tempting colors
  • Few eggs open up too easily
  • The loose grip makes it tough for kids to hold

6. JVM Unbreakable Pullback Automobile Car Set

Vehicles are something that kids watch everyday everywhere. So it becomes very easy for them to relate it when it comes to miniature sizes. Toddlers adore these amazing sets of 7 vehicles. They are fun, cute, and can move with friction. Your child can get lost in play for hours with this unbreakable set of toy. The smooth shape and colors instantly attract even the naughtiest tot. Get your set today.

  • Unbreakable molded toys with fresh colors
  • Helps kids in learning about vehicles
  • Being pullback toys, older kids too enjoy with them
  • Can be unsafe for smaller babies as there are small parts
  • Packaging and size being too small can be an issue

7. Smartcraft Colourful and Attractive Funny Cottage Educational Toy

Educational toys should engross the kid in as many ways as possible. This surely won’t disappoint you and your child for its numerous games and mazes. Your baby can watch, hear, play, arrange, stack, think, and do what not with this pretty toy. There are spaces for blocks to fit, keys to be pressed for music, abacus type rings, and many shapes to learn. It is a complete toy, which is definitely a must in every house.

  • Multifunction learning toy
  • Hand-eye coordination, motor skills, visual and auditory skills improve for babies
  • Non-toxic and durable material used
  • Keeps kids engaged for long
  • Size may be small
  • Slightly Expensive

8. Homecute Kids Play Tent House

Toddlers are always on the move. They love to find a new way to play to keep them active all the time. One important skill that kids develop over time is pretend play. This wonderful play tent house is best for slightly older kids. They love spending time inside the tent with their tents. It is very elegantly designed and made of safe material suitable for both boys and girls. Try this easy-to-assemble tent house for your tot.

  • Creative Tenthouse for kids
  • Can accommodate 3-4 kids easily
  • Kids learn soft skills such as sharing, talking, etc
  • Light weight, so no fear of getting hurt
  • The material used is easily washable
  • Not suitable for smaller babies
  • No base for the tent
  • Color of the curtains can be different than shown in pics

9. Fisher Price Sort Spill Butterfly

Babies who are over 6 months can quickly relate to this appealing piece of toy. Fisher Price is always a hit among parents too for their quality. It is a shape sorter toy where babies hand-eye coordination improves immensely.

Preschoolers can identify the shapes and try to match them in the right blocks. This colorful toy has 6 shapes helping the kids in problem-solving and mathematical skills too.

  • Simple and colorful toy from a trusted brand
  • Competitive pricing
  • Perfect for toddlers to keep them busy
  • Helps in motor skills and handgrip
  • High-quality plastic
  • The fitting can sometimes get loose
  • Older kids can play better

10. Toyshine Dancing Dog

Kids can spot animals very quickly at a very early age. Animals are one of the best ways to teach kids about many things. This Dancing Dog by Toyshine is nothing short of amusement for kids.

This Dalmatian Dog has a shiny ball on its nose, which lights up when switched on. The vibrant light and music are perfect for improving auditory-visual skills.

  • Babies can spot this toy quickly as it’s a dog
  • The showy lights, loud music, and funny movements are loved by all
  • Helps in visual and motor skills in your child.
  • Music can startle smaller babies
  • Requires batteries change often

Final thoughts!

To overcome all the ill effects of technology, get these toys for your child. This comprehensive list of top ten toys will satiate your kid’s eagerness to explore new things every day. Always keep them away from any type of screen and let them play with educational toys.

Even bath time can be a fun time with toys. The plethora of toys help in a child’s overall development. They grow to learn all new things at the right pace with the right environment. Parents, too, should become more aware of their child’s needs and spend enough time with their loved ones.

Both mother and father should interact with the baby, listen, learn, teach their tots. Playing is the best way to teach every possible skill in a baby.

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