Best wall stickers for kids room August 2022

A wall sticker is typically made of polyvinyl material glued to a wall or other smooth surface for the decoration of purposes. They come in different shapes and sizes, generally between 30 and 100 cms. We have listed the best wall stickers for kids room in this article.

Wall stickers use the adhesive on the back, which ensures they can be re-positioned a few times before the adhesive runs out.

Choosing the right decoration for your child’s room is important, as the correct decoration enhances your child’s creative skills. A children’s room wall sticker typically has phrases, pictures, and designs, and can use numerical stickers in a children’s room to make them learn numbers easily.

1. Luke and Lilly 1,2,3,4 Number Kids Wall Sticker

This sticker is great for your toddler’s room to help them learn numbers up to 10. The pack comes with separate pieces of numbers, and you can stick them to the desired spaces between them.

best wall stickers for kids room

The stickers are made of non-harmful PVC material that is waterproof and suitable for children to play.

The sticker is very simple to add to walls, as you only need to remove the sticker from the back of the paper and add it to the area you like, press it tightly along the border, and remove air bubbles, if any.

2. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wall Sticker for Home

This sticker is made by the amazon brand Solimo, which comes in the green grass style, which is perfect for enhancing your child’s room.

It comes in a size of 100 x 35 cm and can be easily applied to any wall, as it works well on both smooth and rough surfaces.

wall stickers

They are made of high-quality PVC material where you can use it anywhere in your home, including a bedroom or living room, to brighten up your interiors and give life to your walls.

3. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wall Sticker for Kids’ Room

This is another lovely wall sticker from the Amazon brand Solimo. It comes in a giraffe theme and also has a children’s height tracker, which is suitable for calculating children’s height.

The kids will love the teddy bear’s design on the sticker, and the hanging monkey will bring more charm to the wall.

This is a perfect wall decor piece and a perfect gift for every occasion for your children.

4. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wall Sticker for Home

This wall sticker from the Amazon brand Solimo is 122 x 70 cm in size, which is perfect for sticking to walls, tiles, etc.

It comes with a starstruck theme with green and yellow stars in it, and more or less, it’s going to look like your kid’s drawing.

Placing the sticker at the bottom of the wall would be the ideal spot to put the sticker in your children’s room.

5. Asmi collection Vinyl Cartoons Wall Sticker

This incredible wall sticker is printed on high-quality PVC vinyl and is ready to enhance the elegance of the walls of your room.

It comes in the form of a car that is part of the “Cars” film and adds a special ambiance to your kid’s space, and is 90 x 60 cm wide.

The positive thing about this sticker is that it can be re-applied, but it should be carefully removed to prevent damage.

This environmentally friendly PVC vinyl sticker will last up to four to seven years!

6. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wall Sticker for Kid’s Room

This wall sticker has a playtime theme with birds that are great for a girl’s room.

It comes in a size of 130 x 140 cm, which is very easy to add to any wall, and your baby girl will love this sticker for sure!

7. Decorvilla PVC Vinyl Lord Bal Krishna Wall Sticker

This is one of the perfect children’s room decorations that comes with the design of Lord Krishna.

It comes in the size of 55 x 83 cm and is made of high quality pvc vinyl film.

If you’re looking for a better alternative to wallpaper, then this wall sticker is the ideal way to decorate your home in a matter of minutes.

Only make sure to apply it to flat surfaces, as applying it to uneven surfaces can reduce the adhesive strength of the sticker.

8. Amazon Brand – Solimo Wall Sticker for Home

This is another pretty good wall sticker from the amazon solimo brand. It comes with the Blossoming Trees theme that is perfect to decorate any wall in your home.

It comes in the size of 74 x 113 cm and has a color combination of brown and pink, i.e., the tree trunk is brown, and the leaves are pink.

9. Oren Empower Famous Cartoon Large Wall Sticker

This sticker comes in the size of 120 x 75 cm and has the theme of the famous Micky mouse cartoon character.

This sticker is perfect for decorating the nursery, the children’s room, the children’s play area, etc., as the cartoon theme will be enjoyed by all children.

The adhesive is very strong and the sticker can last for up to 4 to 5 years.

The sticker consists of polyvinyl and can be placed easily on any smooth surface. They are also easy to remove, as the polyvinyl content does not leave any residue on the wall.

10. Larbenz.The Digital Era PVC Baby Cartoon Wall Sticker

These stickers are great for turning your usual wall into a classical piece of artwork.

It comes in a tree design along with three-four cartoon characters that are great for decorating your children’s room, nursery school, etc. and can make your walls beautiful and entrancing.

They can be applied very quickly to any wall and are 70 x 50 cm in dimension.

11. JAAMSO ROYALS Coconut Tree Animals Elephant Monkey Wall Sticker

This sticker is made in an elephant and monkey theme and is accompanied by a coconut tree that is ideal for decorating your kid’s room.

They’re made of non-toxic stuff, so there’s no need to think about it, even though the kids are playing with these stickers.

As the sticker comes in a nature theme, it fits well with any home decoration and can be added to any wall.

12. Gadgets Wrap 20 Pcs/Set Mickey Minnie Mouse Vinyl Wall Stickers

This sticker comes in a mini mouse theme and comes with a set of 20 parts that is great for decorating your girl’s bed.

This sticker goes well with every coloured wall and is ideal for decorating a kindergarten.

Each mini mouse piece is 6 x 6 cm in size, and the total 20 pieces are good enough to decorate a medium to large room.

13. Decal O Decal Vinyl Angel on Swing Sticker

It comes with Angel’s theme and linden of deers and butterflies, and it comes in a 43 x 39 cm size and is available in a matte finish.

These stickers are suitable for use in a living room, children’s room, and bedroom, which will boost any part of your living area.

The great thing about this sticker is that you can use your imagination without any constraints and can stick with any variation of these stickers.

14. Jaamso Royals Jungle Animals Wall Sticker

This wall sticker comes in the style of jungle animals crossing a bridge, which will be really enticing to children and can be stuck anywhere in your children’s home.

It comes in a 50 x 5.1 cm size, made of high-quality PVC vinyl material, and can last up to 5 to 7 years without fading.

These stickers are a lovely and sweet addition to your living room or bedroom and will brighten up your living space in a matter of minutes.

15. Asian Paints Wall Ons Original Dora ‘L’ Wall Decal

It comes from Asian paints, a reputable Indian company that is renowned for its high-quality paints.

This Dora wall sticker covers a height of 1.1 ft. and a width of 1.1 ft. and can be applied to any surface such as wall, wood, or glass.

This sticker is printed from high-quality HP accredited latex ink printers that are resistant to fade and can last up to 5 years.

You should engage your children in the sticking process, as it will be a perfect, stimulating experience for them.


Keep an eye on what your child is watching and studying, and have a great learning atmosphere in your child’s room by selecting the right wall stickers.

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