Best Wifi Smart Plugs for home |Best smart sockets January 2021

The smart plug is an adapter that can be attached to the power outlet, and once connected to the app, you can switch on and off any home appliances such as a fan, TV, Geyser, AC, refrigerator with the app remotely.

With smart plugs, you can turn your usual home into a smart home. Also, you can create automation with the help of IFTTT, and even you can create a schedule timer like you can switch ON your AC at a particular time every day.

Best wifi smart plugs for home

You don’t need an extra electrical unit or configuration to use your home’s smart plugs. You can just connect this smart plug to any electrical outlet in your home and insert the plug of your appliance to this smart plug.

Then download the app from the Play Store or App Store from the smart plug maker. This detail can be found in the product manual and also in the amazon product summary.

Before you buy, make sure which appliance you want to connect to this smart plug. If you want to connect large appliances like AC, geyser, refrigerator, make sure you buy a 16 Amps smart plug. If you want to use it for small appliances like TV, fan, LED lights, printers, etc., just buy a 10-amp smart plug, and you can save a few bucks!

For easy connection, make sure to purchase a smart plug without the need for a hub connection. Also, some smart plugs connect to Amazon Alexa and some work with Google at home, and some plugs work with both of them. So, if you have any of the devices in your home, you can control your device with voice control. Note: Some smart plugs also work with IFTTT, and you can build your home automation using IFTTT.

Remember that you need a working wifi link to use your smart plug at home, and most smart plugs only operate at a 2.4 GHz frequency. We have created a list of the best wifi smart plugs for the home in this article.

1. Wipro 16A smart plug with Energy monitoring

Wipro 16A Smart Plug is one of the best smart wifi plugs available on the Indian market at the moment. It is ideal for small appliances such as TV, kettles, fans, etc., and the good thing about this smart plug is that it works with big appliances such as geysers, ovens, air conditioners, etc.

best smart plugs

Switch your appliances to Smart by connecting them to the Smart Socket and controlling them via the Wipro Smart Home App. And you can take control of your apps from anywhere with the Wipro Smart Home app. E.g., you can turn off your fan from your office through the app if you left it running while leaving home.

You can also set routines to turn your appliances on and off every day. E.g., turn on the geyser every day at 6:30 am and turn it off at 7 pm.

Another nice thing about this smart plug is that you can track the energy usage of your electrical appliances via the Wipro next app.

The installation of this smart plug is quite straightforward, as there is no need for a working hub. Just pair it directly with Wipro’s smart home app through a wifi network, and that’s it.

Another good thing about this smart plug is that it functions well with Amazon Alexa and the google assistant, which is very handy if you have these devices at home.

It is made of high-quality polycarbonate material and comes in a size of 6.35mm x 5.08mm x 8.1mm.

2. Helea 16A Wi-Fi Smart Plug (Type M)

Helea is an Indian Smart Home brand that offers creative and affordable Smart Home products that have created an effortless smart home experience for everyone. And Helea 16A wifi smart plug is one of the best products from them.

As there is no requirement for a hub, the connection is very straightforward as you can simply connect it with the aid of the Helea smart app via 2.4 GHz wifi.

This wifi plug is WPC approved, and the Helea 16A wifi plug comes with a type M socket, and you can connect large home appliances such as a heater, air conditioner, etc.

It also works with Alexa and Google voice control assistants, and you can control it from anywhere in the world.

Using the Helea smart app, you can monitor the energy consumption of every device. The plug is made of flammable body and offers surge protection, which is perfect for Indian homes,

3. Oakter 16 Amp WiFi Smart Plug

This wifi smart adapter from Oakter comes with a maximum capacity of 16 Amps, and it helps you to control your home appliances with your smartphone, i.e., it works with both ios and android mobiles.

The good thing is that this wifi plug works with both small and large appliances like AC, refrigerator, geysers, light, fan, etc.

There is no need for a hub to connect this smart socket as you can just connect this smart plug with your wifi and download the Oakter app on your mobile to make the connection seamlessly.

With the aid of the Oakter app, you can schedule and time your appliances like geysers, AC, etc., every day and even turn your appliances on and off remotely.

The socket is made from India, and Oakter is an Indian brand. It comes with a type M pin and has a working voltage of 110V to 290V, which is perfect for Indian homes.

Another good thing to remember is that it comes with a one-year replacement warranty if you have problems with this smart socket.

4. HomeMate WiFi Smart Plug Socket

Convert your usual home to a smart home with this Homemate wifi smart plug that offers intelligence control solutions for your home or office.

The connection is really smooth as you only need to download the smart life app from the Play Store or App Store and set up your account, and connect it to the wifi network.

It works with both Alexa and Google assistant, as you can do voice control with it, and another good thing to note is that it works with IFTTT as you can create much automation for your home.

Notice that the maximum load of this smart plug is 10A, and you can use all small home appliances like LED lights, fans, TV, printer, etc. You can’t use large appliances like AC with this socket. If you want to use big appliances, you need to buy a 16 Amps smart plug.

Other features: schedule function, has a reset button, and the smart plug comes with a one-year warranty.

5. Orient Electric i-Nex WiFi Enabled Smart Socket Plug 16A

This smart plug is made of high-quality plastic and comes in sizes of 65 x 65 x 65 mm and weighs 350g, and comes with a one-year warranty.

The connection needs no hub since the smart plug can be directly connected by the Orient smart app from a play store or app store with wireless internet. You can share control with family members using the Orient Smart App.

It also has the timer feature, as you can build custom timers from the Orient smart app to turn on and off at your preset time.

It works with popular devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, and with voice control, you can make your home smart.

6. TP-Link HS100 Wi-Fi Smart Plug (White)

TP-Link HS100 is one of the best smart plugs available on the Indian market. This smart plug does not need a hub, as it just requires WiFi for a link to be created. Download the Kasa app to the Play Store or App Store, and you can quickly connect to it.

You can set up routines to automatically power your home electronics and appliances on or off at any time. You can do energy tracking with the Kasa app’s help, which helps to reduce the current bill.

Another nice feature of this smart plug wifi is that it has ‘away-mode’ that helps to turn on and off devices like light and fan at various times to make it look like someone’s at home when you’re actually away!

Note: This smart plug only works with small home appliances such as TV, fan, lamps, printers, etc., and does not work with large appliances such as AC, Geyser, etc. If you want to monitor large appliances, just choose one of the 16A power smart plugs we have listed above.

7. Smarteefi 3 In 1 Smart Plug

This is a unique smart plug that is actually a 3 in 1 plug that has three smart plugs in total where each plug can be controlled and scheduled independently, which is like you have three smart plugs with you and is ideal for your home if you want to control a lot of devices.

It also has a manual control switch that allows you to control the devices manually. It works smoothly with Alexa and Google’s assistant.

Establishing a connection is really easy, as you need to connect to wifi and download the Smartefi App, and that’s all.

Another good thing about this smart socket is that it has a countdown timer. E.g., if you want to charge your mobile for one hour, you can set the timer in one of the sockets, and it will stop charging your mobile after one hour. This feature is beneficial if you want to charge your mobile at night as overcharging causes damage to your battery life.

Other features: Last restore feature – it can restore to the last state in a power cut: notification facility and multi-phone control. Make sure to use it for only small home appliances.

8. Burkes WiFi Smart Plug Socket

No hub is required for this smart plug, just connect to your home wifi and download Burkes smart plug app for establishing the connection.

It works well with Google Assistant and Alexa and works well with IFTT for home automation. You can make a schedule to control your devices remotely.

It is made of ABS FR polymer, which is a flame retardant material and also has an overload protection feature.

9. Blackt Electrotech 16A Smart WiFi Plug

This smart plug has almost all the features that all premium smart plugs have. The thing to remember is that no hub needs to be built and you can connect to the ‘Nishica’ app with your home wifi.

Other features: Schedule Timer, Voice Control – works great with Alexa and Google Assistant, Timer Control, Control Sharing with your family members.

The other important thing to remember is that it will operate with large appliances such as AC, Geysers, etc., which is ideal for this price range.

10. iDesignPro WiFi Heavy Duty Smart Plug Socket 16A

This is another 16A smart socket that is perfect for controlling your large appliances like AC, Geyser and works well with small appliances like TV, lights, etc., which is very good at this price range.

You can control your devices with your voice as it works well with Google Assistant and Alexa, and IFTTT. You can connect your devices seamlessly to the SmartLife app along with your home Wi-Fi network.

Another cool feature is that you can track the power consumption of appliances on a mobile app and take control of your electricity bills.


Technology is evolving day by day, and the need for smart devices is increasing every day. Smart plugs have become an essential requirement in every home. We’ve mentioned the top smart plugs for your home so you can make use of it!

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