Best wind chimes for home August 2022

Wind chimes are a kind of musical instrument that comes in a combination of pipes and bells, which are often made of metal or wood.

They’re usually hung as a visual garden decoration outside of a building or home, and they create a nice sound as the tubes hit each other as they are blown away by natural air movement.

Wind chimes bring decorative and musical touch to your home, and they are believed to attract money and bring health and peace to your family. Also, it is said that wind chimes scare away evil spirits from your home.

Depending on where they are hung, wind chimes may be used to observe shifts in wind direction.

Remember, it is not advisable to hang the wind chimes near the storeroom or toilet, as it is believed that it can draw negative energy!

Tip: Always choose the wind chime which has six or eight rods!

1. Tomar Trading Ceramic Wind Chime

It comes with a set of 8 wind chime bells that are ideal to be put at the door of the house or on the balcony.

The wonderful thing about this chime is that even the light breeze can create a melodious, calming, tinkling sound around the house.  

Best wind chimes

The chime bells come in various colors that will add more colors to your house.

These chimes are definitely a piece of attraction for your home wherever you can hang it in your home.

2. PARADIGM PICTURES Wood Metal Wind Chime

This is the ideal wind chimney to decorate your home garden balcony that will add good vibrations to your home.

It comes in the size of 24.8 x 11.8 x 5.8 cm and weighs around 300 grams.

It comes with five steel rods that, when the breeze hits the chime, create vibrations and eliminate all negative energies from home, carrying all positive vibes and energy.

It’s a great gift item for all occasions like house warming, etc., that can bring good luck to your new home.

3. DreamKraft Parrot Door Hanging Wood Windchime

This chime is made of wood and paper, and the beautiful thing to be seen in this wind chimney is the green colored parrot that hangs along with the bells.

It weighs around 300 grams and is 77 x 21 x 5 cms in dimension.

It is ideal for putting this wind chime on the room entrance, balconies, home garden, etc.

It is painted with trendy colours and elegant patterns that even add visual appeal to a boring room.

It can be hung indoors or outdoors anywhere and can be used as door plates, doorway signs, welcome cards, recall cards, etc.

4. upReale Big Metal and Wooden Wind Chime

If you’re looking for an accessory for home decor, look no further than this unusual and fascinating wind chime to decorate your beautiful home.

A lovely tinkling sound makes you communicate with your inner soul and helps you relax and boost your mood.

The beautiful thing to see in this chime is its antique look, and its presence will fill your living space with the resonance of nature and add warmth to your home.

The primary material used for this wind chime is brass and is 10 x 10 x 10 cms in size.

5. CALDIPREE Feng Shui Wind Chime for Bedroom Brass Bell Wind Chimes

Wind chimes have become one of the necessary things in Indian homes, and this Caldipree chime is one of the best available chimes in the Indian market.

It comes with 13 bells that produce beautiful vibrations and sound around your home when the breeze hits the bells. 

This chime’s primary material is aluminum, which is 20 x 15 x 10 cm in size and weighs approximately 400 grams.

6. PARADIGM PICTURES Crystal 6 Pipes/Rods Fengshui Windchime

One of the best items available on the Indian market is this windchime from Paradigm pictures, and it is the pick of our best wind chimes.

It comes with 6 steel pipes, each of which measures approximately 9 inches in length and weighs about 200 grams.

The steel rods produce a delightful sound when the air strikes or when people manually move it.

This is a great gift piece for any room and a perfect home decoration material.

7. Plusvalue Feng Shui Wind Chime Bells

It comes with 8 pipes, and the length of each pipe is 9 inches and weighs around 200 gms.

It is suggested to be used in the northeast corner to enhance education and attract positive vibrations and energy at home, office spaces, etc.

If you want it mainly for decoration purposes and add a pleasant harmonic touch, you can position it close to a door or a window to see it and hear it.

It is recommended that you should pick a spot based on how the breeze moves in it, either whether you want delicate breezes or a windier spot where your feng shui wind chime will sound louder.

8. Paradigm Pictures Bamboo Wind Chime for Home

It is a wooden chime made of high-quality bamboo and includes a set of 8 pipes.

It can be used as a hanging decoration for your vehicle, where you can position it close to the rearview mirror.

It comes in the size of 23 x 13 x 8 cm and weighs around 300 grams, and is a great Vastu home decor item that can be used in any room.


This is another pretty cute wind chime that brings good luck to your house.

It comes with an 8-bell package made predominantly of clay and terracotta.

It comes in the size of 23 x 23 x 8 cm and weighs around 800 grams.

The positive thing we like about this wind chime is the colour that looks really special, and it’s the ideal wind chime that can be put at the door of your house.

10. MetalArt Handcrafted Wind Chime for Wall Hanging

This wall hanging windchime brings a royal touch to your home and surprises your friends and visitors with its artistic work.

The bells are made of copper, handcrafted from the Niron village of Kutchand, and the copper bells have a wooden plank inside that hits and give the ears a lovely tone.

It’s a perfect wind chime that can be hung over doors, walls, and windows, as well as a perfect gift piece for any occasion.

11. Shellkrafts Natural Sea Shell Decorative Windchimes

If you’re looking for a unique wind chime for your house, this Shellkrafts product is the one for you.

The attractive thing about this wind chimney is the material used, which is real seashells, and the natural white color adds more appeal.

Seashells make a fun tickling sound when the wind reaches them and give your home a traditional look.

12. Paradigm Pictures Colourful Bird cage Metal Wall Hanging Wind Bells

This wind chime comes in a birdcage style, along with a hanging wind bell, which is very special.

It’s a great wind chime to be put in your backyard, where birds and parrots are drawn to your garden.

The chime is made up of metal, and it comes in the size of 23 x 13 x 8 cms and weighs about 300 grams.

13. Lixada Plastic Solar Powered Spiral Spinner Mobile Wind Chime Bell

This is another unique wind chime that comes with color-changing LED bulbs.

The good thing about this chime is that the bulbs are operated by solar and no external power supply is needed. You only have to hang on a branch in the garden or a hook inside to have a romantic decoration.

It can automatically light up at night or in the dark after enough power is reserved during the day and can last up to 8 hours.

14. SPK Home decor Wood Wind Chime

In this chime, the beautiful thing is the detailed multi-colored hand-painting of the bells, which are in bright reds and yellows and are complemented by the beautiful beads.

Metal bells carry the soft essence of windy music as the bells clink with passing winds produces tuning feel-good rhythms that can liven up any room.

This wind charm is an art piece that often repeats your favorite spaces as a feel-good artistic product and gives positive vibrations.

15. Ryme Brass Wind Chimes

This wind chime is made up of metal, and it comes with a set of five metal pipes. The attractive thing we like about this wind chime is its black paint, great to use as a decorative item anywhere in your house.

The pipes are 16 inches in size and weigh around 250 grams, and can be used to observe changes in wind direction, depending on where they are hanging as they begin to sound.


Wind chimes are becoming a must-have item in Indian homes, and choosing the right wind chime can bring positive vibrations to your home and adds beauty to your home decor!

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