Inoa hair colour shades

Inoa, another way to say “Development No Smelling salts,” is an expert hair variety brand created by L’Oréal Professionnel. It is famous for its smelling salts-free plan, giving a delicate and happy shading experience. Inoa offers many shades to suit different hair types, surfaces, and inclinations. Let’s look at the various shades of Inoa hair colour and their characteristics.

1. Naturals:

Natural shades that closely resemble natural hair colours make up Inoa Naturals. These shades are ideal for people who favour an unobtrusive and consistent look. They come in blonde, black, and light to dark brown shades, making them suitable for various skin tones and undertones.

2. Ash:

Shades of ash with cool undertones are ideal for people who want their hair to have a calm tone. The shades of Inoa Ash, which range from light ash blonde to dark ash brown, appear sophisticated and refined.

3. Golden:

Warm, golden tones are infused into the hair with golden shades, giving it a sun-kissed, vibrant appearance. Inoa Brilliant conceals range from brilliant light blondies to deep, glowing tans, adding warmth and brilliance to the hair.

4. Copper:

Inoa Copper shades offer vibrant and intense red tones for those who want a bold and fiery appearance. These shades, which range from light copper blondes to deep copper browns, produce a colour that is striking and stands out.

5. Mahogany:

The shades of Inoa Mahogany combine rich red and brown tones to create a rich, luxurious, and multifaceted hair colour. These shades create a rich and enticing look, ranging from light mahogany blondes to dark mahogany browns.

6. Reds:

Inoa Reds is a collection of bold and vibrant red shades ideal for people who want to stand out. These conceal changes from lively reds to deep burgundy tones, adding power and show to the hair.

7. Cozy Browns:

Inoa Warm Browns consolidate rich earthy coloured tints with warm undercurrents, giving a work of art an immortal look. These shades, which offer versatility and depth, range from light, warm browns to dark chocolate browns.

8. Iridescent:

The iridescent and luminous qualities of Inoa shades are well-known. The iridescent quality of these shades gives the hair depth and dimension. They have a radiant and shimmering finish and range from iridescent blondes to iridescent browns.

9. Violet:

Shades of Inoa Violet offer a novel and current take on conventional hair colours. These colours have violet undertones, giving them a cool and contemporary look. These shades, which range from light violet blondes to deep violet browns, provide a modern and fashionable appearance.

10. Pretty Blondes:

Inoa Cool Blondes are explicitly made to produce icy blonde tones. These shades, which range from light cool blondes to ash platinum blondes, give the appearance of a sophisticated and edgy blonde.

Inoa hair colour ingredients

The formula of Inoa hair colour is a unique combination of ingredients that provides vibrant, long-lasting colour while preserving the hair’s integrity. Inoa hair colour typically contains the following essential elements:

1. Method of Oil Delivery: Inoa employs a novel Oil Delivery System that substitutes an oil-based formulation for conventional ammonia. Mineral and coconut oil are two examples of the oils in this system, which work together to deliver the colourant deep into the hair shaft while minimizing damage and keeping the hair hydrated.

2. ODS Innovation: L’Oréal Professionnel developed the patented technology known as ODS, which stands for Oil Delivery System. It ensures that the colour molecules are evenly distributed throughout the hair for a uniform appearance. This innovation considers a more prominent variety of entrance and life span without compromising the hair’s well-being.

3. G Ionène: To nourish and protect the hair during colouring, the conditioning agent Ionène G is used in Inoa hair colour. It improves the condition of the hair as a whole, smoothes the cuticles, and strengthens the hair fibre. Additionally, Ionène G aids in colour retention, rendering the hair colour vibrant and shiny for an extended period.

4. Dyes: Depending on the shade you want, Inoa hair colourants range from direct dyes to oxidative dyes. These dyes have been carefully chosen to provide a wide range of colours and produce the desired shade. Because of Inoa’s extensive colour selection, hair colouring can be done in various ways.

5. Basic Specialist: Even though Inoa does not contain ammonia, it does have a small number of alkaline agents, like monoethanolamine (MEA), that help activate the oxidative dyes and develop the colour. While maintaining an ideal pH level for effective colour penetration, using MEA aids in minimizing the harsh effects of ammonia.

6. Emollients: Emollients like cetearyl alcohol and cetrimonium chloride are used to form Inoa hair colour to condition and soften the hair. After colouring, these emollients help make hair easier to manage, lessen frizz, and improve the texture and feel of the hair as a whole.

It is essential to remember that the particular formulation of Inoa hair colour may differ from shade to shade and product to product within the range. The ingredients have been selected carefully to guarantee a high-quality, gentle experience while producing vibrant, lasting results.

As with any product for colouring hair, it’s best to talk to a trained professional colourist before using Inoa hair colour to ensure it’s applied correctly. It doesn’t cause any problems or allergic reactions.

It is essential to remember that the professional hair salon you visit and your location may have different restrictions on the availability of particular shades. To ensure the best results, professional colourists are also trained to evaluate your hair’s condition, natural colour, and suitability for specific shades.

The wide range of shades available from Inoa caters to a wide range of preferences and hairstyles to choose a natural, vibrant, or trendy shade. Inoa hair colour offers a gentle and novel approach to professional hair colouring thanks to its commitment to quality and formulation that does not contain ammonia.






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