Is Banjaras black henna safe for hair?

Banjara’s Black Henna Enriched with Hibiscus helps control dandruff and prevents hair loss. Hibiscus consumption is good for hair growth and keeps it soft and shiny. They are made with unadulterated everyday items; the extraordinary dark henna has been made to give you characteristic-looking sparkly hair.

The company introduced the product Banjaras Black Henna Enrich with Hibiscus. It will give you great colour and all the benefits of healthy hair. It is well known that the hibiscus in it helps grow hair and gets rid of split ends. It likewise will assist you with disposing of dull hair and dandruff issues, which is a lot of usual nowadays. 

Additionally, it prevents hair loss and greying. It additionally safeguards your scalp from different kinds of skin contamination and infections. It is regarded as an excellent natural product for promoting growth and restoring beautiful, natural-looking hair. Considering every one of the advantages, the organization has carried characteristic henna without any smelling salts.

We had a henna tree in our backyard a few years ago before it was cut down to make room for what? My sister and I used to have the maid use a stone grinder that my grandmother had to grind the leaves every Sunday. 

We would add curd to it and coat our hair smooth with glue for one hour before washing it off with “amla-reetha-shikakai,” which had been absorbed water for the time being. Our thick, lustrous, shining, not-so-long hair, which my mother would trim every two months if it reached shoulder length, showed our dedication to this practice. 

They worked fine, even if I mixed them with eggs or yoghurt before applying them to my hair. If I didn’t, my hair would become extremely dry and frizzy. However, when I moved to a different city, my carefully developed routines took a back seat, and my hair had to bear the brunt. I’ve resumed my weekly henna routine, and today I’ll review Banjara’s henna, a brand I’ve come to adore.

Please allow me to describe my hair type before I begin the review. My hair is dehydrated and frizzy, reaching my shoulders. Even though my condition is getting better, I also have hair loss. The powder has a light green colour and the distinctive tangy scent of henna powders. I adore this aroma. 

According to the instructions on the sachet, you should mix the powder with water to make a paste of the right thickness, then apply it to the hair and leave it on for about 25 minutes before shampooing it off. However, because henna without curd makes my hair even more dry and frizzy, I add some curd to it.

Around 50 gm is all that could be needed for my mid-length hair. I use a generous amount of the paste to cover my hair and leave it on for an entire hour instead of the recommended 25 minutes, primarily because I am accustomed to using any natural hair mask for at least an hour. 

After that, I wash it off with shampoo and cold water. Removing it from the hair takes effort, but the results are so good that I don’t care. My hair appears shiny and soft. The frizz also seems to be under control. 

It makes managing my hairball much simpler. I also noticed that my hair was getting straighter, but I’m unsure if it was because of the henna. This isn’t a problem because I love my hair’s natural colour, and the henna does nothing to alter, intensify, or highlight it. 

Is Banjara’s black henna chemical free?

Natural henna does not contain harmful chemical dyes or harsh additives, so it is generally safe for children. You can rely on Banjara’s natural henna to benefit your hair and skin.

I’ve used Banjara’s Black Henna three times. Despite the small amount, the smell and texture resemble henna when mixed with water. The good thing about this product is that it puts uncomfortable pressure on the scalp. I felt

1: The application is simple.

2: When it comes to the skin on the face and scalp, there are no strains. The initial pressure can be easily removed with a wet cloth.

3: Wash to wash when contrasted and other hair colours.

4: hair fall: uncovered. No hair loss to date.

In conclusion, it is an excellent hair mask that eliminates frizz and makes your hair smooth and shiny.

Benefits of Natural Henna from Banjara:

  • Gave my hair a shiny, smooth finish.
  • There was less frizz in the hair.
  • Made hair easier to manage.






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