Is Godrej hair colour safe?

Godrej Master Simple Brief Hair Tone: Regular Dark will cover silver hair and render a characteristic dark try to please. It has shikakai and amla in it, which give your hair a natural black colour and help keep your hair healthy. Because it does not contain ammonia, it can be used frequently without causing hair damage. 

It can be applied without much of a stretch at home in a short time using a brush. When you have this pack on hand, you won’t need professional assistance to transform your grey hair into a black, shiny hair. It works well with any hair texture.

Godrej Expert Hair Color – Natural Black, enriched with amla and shikakai, gives grey hair a natural black colour.

Ammonia is not present in Godrej’s Hair Color. Therefore, there are no adverse side effects.

It aids in maintaining hair’s natural health and shine.

The application of Godrej Expert Easy 5 Minute Hair Color is simple. You can easily colour your hair at home in just about five minutes. The pack contains clear instructions on how to carry out the procedure.

Godrej Master Hair Tone is a financially savvy means to a variety of hair. The Godrej Expert Hair Color Sachet is even more affordable.

I’ve always wanted to colour my hair, mostly because I have grey hair, and lowlights would make my dark hair look better! My mother has always discouraged me from trying it, instead suggesting henna. However, when Godrej sent me their Rich Crème Hair Color to review, I knew I had to try it. Please continue reading for my experience with it.

The Godrej Master Rich Crème Hair Variety arrives in a helpful pocket bundling. I like that it shows the shade colour and the shade number, which makes it less likely that you’ll use the wrong shade if you’re in a hurry.

There are detailed usage instructions and a list of ingredients on the back. The developer and crème come in premeasured sachets when you open the pouch. You pour the two into a bowl, blend, apply, and wash it off within 30 minutes. It’s a breeze! Simplifies the entire “colouring” process.

I only applied it to a small area of my hair where I have greys because this was my first time colouring it. I chose the “Natural Brown” shade because I thought it would look more natural. I was sceptical because of the low price, but I just kept praying that I wouldn’t get a bald patch. 

After 30 minutes, I washed it off and found it completely covered my greys. I might use Dark Brown instead next time because the colour is too brown. My hair still looks like it was coloured the first day two weeks ago.

You need two sachets for touch-ups if you have thick hair like my mother. Since my mother always experiences headaches and a runny nose when she dyes her hair, I was concerned about how I would react to the smell because I have a very sensitive nose. However, I was pleased to discover that the Godrej Rich Crème Hair Color did not irritate me and had a mild scent.


  • It covers greys sufficiently and gives me full inclusion 
  • It doesn’t contain alkali 
  • It Has a gentle smell which didn’t bother me 
  • It didn’t tingle my scalp 
  • I didn’t see any hair fall (however, I utilized it just on the part of my hair) 
  • Simple to use and helpful bundling 
  • Simple on the pocket

You can safely and efficiently colour your hair at home to cover up your greys and get a natural look. Smelling salts-free hair tones are accessible in regular shades and dynamic varieties, which you can attempt at home.

Likewise, reserving a salon arrangement for a hair shading meeting implies holding some portion of the day for it. Not to neglect how it penetrates an opening into your pockets. Running against the norm, hair shading at home is more straightforward and less expensive. 

Godrej Master Rich Crème comes in pre-estimated sachets, which makes the hair shading process truly simple, in any event, for novices. You can cover up your grey hair and have beautifully coloured hair at home in 30 minutes. 

Colour that doesn’t contain ammonia is safe and helps keep your hair healthy. But the damage to their hair is caused by the ammonia in their colour. The use of ammonia in hair colouring regularly weakens the cuticles, resulting in brittle and curly hair. Therefore, we recommend using Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour, which does not contain ammonia. It’s a hair colour that doesn’t contain ammonia and contains 10x aloe vera, which makes hair soft and shiny.

Ammonia is terrible for hair, so it should never be used to colour it. Scientific research has discovered safer ways to colour hair at home over time. All natural-to-bright hair colours are now available without ammonia. As a result, you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair every time you dye it. No-smelling salts hair variety like Godrej Master Rich Crème is the best hair variety in India.

Since it strengthens the hair, a colour enriched with natural ingredients should always be preferred. The goodness of 10x aloe vera in Godrej Expert Rich Crème hair colour makes hair soft and shiny. Aloe vera naturally conditions hair and encourages healthy hair growth. Therefore, please select the appropriate colour for your hair to maintain its lustre and health.

Godrej Expert Rich crème is a long-lasting colour that completely covers grey hair. It endures anyplace between 4 a month and a half. This period varies depending on the person and the environmental conditions to which their hair is exposed. It depends on many things, as shown below:

How often do you wash your hair: The shade of hair blurs faster, assuming you cleanse your hair consistently day. Before shampooing your hair after colouring it, you should wait at least 24 hours to let the colour fully set. It would help if you likewise utilized a decent conditioner in the wake of flushing the hair tone. The colour will last longer as a result of this.

Shampoo quality: As a propensity, one should not utilize shampoos loaded with brutal synthetic compounds. Please use a gentle shampoo that will not strip your hair of its shine and help your scalp stay healthy.

Sun exposure: UV rays can harm not only your natural hair colour but also the colour of your hair. The shade of hair modifies and, before long, beginnings blurring.

Tools for styling hair: On coloured hair, you should use heat styling tools sparingly. The hair colour fades faster when heat styling tools are used excessively and repeatedly.

Shampooing hair with hard water: Hard water doesn’t deliver foam when you cleanse your hair. Utilizing hard water to wash the hair can blur the hair tone quicker and bring dull, inert braids.






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