Is Navratna oil good for hair?

Because of its tagline, “Thanda Thanda Cool Cool,” Navratna Cool Hair oil has been on our minds since we were young. For a long time, Navratna has been the most favoured and trusted brand in the therapeutic cooling oil category.

Its daily massage provides relief from daily mental and physical stress and associated symptoms like headache, fatigue, tension, and insomnia, among others.

It has been carefully crafted from a blend of nine distinctive Ayurvedic herbs. It provides superior results for all traditionally desired benefits, such as beauty and nourishment, and resolving specific hair and body-related ailments. It aids in the growth of hair follicles (it contains redensyl and black seed oil).

It helps keep itchiness and irritation at bay.

It helps with easing dryness and fragility of the hair.

With regular utilization, you will see that your hair has become sparkling, gentler and a lot more grounded.

When you use Navratna hair oil properly, you will notice a reduction in hair fall and prevent breakage in your hair.

Sleeplessness, headaches, body aches, tension, and hair-related issues can all be alleviated with Navratna. It likewise has therapeutic advantages.

It arrives in a clear plastic container with a dark red tone flip-open cap with a little spout. I have still kept the carton box because it is prone to spilling. It helps keep my cabinet from becoming greasy.

I have been using this oil for, well, trying to remember exactly how long! I adore it! It claims to aid in sound sleep, alleviate headaches, reduce tiredness, and improve hair texture; it is all accurate. This is free of any chemicals and only contains natural ingredients. I haven’t tried it on my body for the other claims it makes about treating cuts and bruises. It works great on my hair, even though I only use it twice weekly. The oil is quite greasy and has a dark red colour.

It feels tingling and has exceptional cooling when applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp. It ultimately puts you at ease. The cooling, shivering inclination stays on for a long time. Since it has severe strength areas and makes hair tacky, I don’t like going out with oil-covered hair. In most cases, I apply it at night and wash it off in the morning. My hair and scalp are nourished by it.

A watery, deep red oil with a strong aroma is Navratna oil. It is a versatile oil that can be massaged into the body or used on the hair and scalp. It maintains the head temperature, encourages hair growth, and alleviates body pain.

The oil’s herbal extracts have medicinal properties that help alleviate muscular pain, prevent premature hair loss, and increase blood flow to the scalp.

The Sanskrit word for “navratna” is Ratnas refers to “gems,” while Nav means “nine.” The nine different Ayurvedic herbs that make up its unusual ingredients are the subject of the name, which translates to “the nine gems.” The oil is entirely regular and contains no compound fixings.

Amla, thyme, sesame oil, camphor, menthol, and rosemary oils comprise most of the nine active natural ingredients in navratna oil. These herbs are suitable for the hair and can also be used on the body to ease tired, achy muscles and reduce stress. 

The rosemary oil in Navratma oil helps the blood flow to the scalp and ensures that the hair follicles are adequately fed. This may strengthen the hair root and reduce the likelihood of premature hair loss.

In addition, Navratna oil contains ylang-ylang and hibiscus, which aid in the strengthening of hair follicles and even encourage the regrowth of hair from bald patches and dormant follicles.

When applied topically as a massage oil, Navratna has the potential to boost not only blood flow to the scalp but also to the rest of the body.

The oil can ease joint pain and make the skin appear healthier and brighter when massaged into the skin regularly.

Himani Navratna oil makes an agreeable cooling sensation on the scalp. This not just advances unwinding and a feeling of quiet yet can likewise assist with making the brain more keen and increment memory.

Navratna oil assists with scattering any overabundance of heat in the head, lessening outrage and helping you with bettering concentration.

To use the oil as a hair treatment:

  1. Apply it directly to your hair and scalp.
  2. Massage it gently from the roots to the tip of the hair.
  3. For the best results, leave the oil on your hair overnight and wash it out the next day.

If you are using Navratna Oil to reduce hair loss, then ensure you concentrate on applying the oil to the scalp and massaging it well into the hair roots.

You will start seeing good results immediately; however, it may take three months to see noticeable hair regrowth.

If you want to use the oil to relieve body aches, you can use Navratna Oil in the same way you would use regular massage oil.

Although the bottle says to use the oil twice daily, I used it on my hair about once a week. This was enough to help soothe my scalp and add moisture to my hair strands.

I have tried a lot of different Ayurvedic hair oils over the years. The Navratna stood out to me because it was the coolest and most aromatic scent. I liked it because it helped me sleep better and feel calmer, even though it didn’t necessarily moisturize my hair better than other oils.






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