Kesh Kala hair oil benefits

Almond oil and a few carefully chosen exotic natural herbs make the hair oil. You can get rid of grey hair and give your hair a shiny black finish with the Vasmol hair oil. The ingredients are just right to stop hair loss and prevent dryness. 

The Kesh Kala hair oil nourishes your dry hair. It tames the wild and unruly strands, making them manageable. Along these lines, you can have luxurious, delicate hair that vibes lighter and more agreeable. You can massage the scalp after applying the Vasmol Kesh Kala hair oil to your hair from the tips to the roots. 

The oil can get to the hair follicles and roots because of this. As a result, they receive a nourishment treatment from the inside out that strengthens them and enhances their beauty. This oil is made in a way that makes it suitable for use by both men and women. The light almond oil in Exotic Combination 1 is infused with various unusual and uncommon herbs. 

The high nutrient content of this mixture contributes to improved hair quality. 

Long, Solid and Luxurious Hair The Vasmol hair oil is potent and utilizes the appropriate fixings that assist with working on the nature of your hair. The hair loss stops as your hair receives a dose of strength.

It also naturally restores the hair’s original black colour, removing the grey cover. 

The oil likewise fills in as a characteristic smoother to assist you with subduing the unpleasant and uncontrollable hair by making them delicate and velvety. For best results, use it more often.

The Super Vasmol hair oil has all the qualities to make your hair look beautiful. Your hair will benefit from a comprehensive nourishing treatment that lasts longer if you use this oil regularly. I have been using this for the past five years, and it has given excellent results.


The oil-based natural hair colour Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala Hair Oil comprises three natural oils: olive oil, walnut oil, and almond oil.

  • Olive oil

A compound found in olives called oleuropein, which was tested on mice, promotes hair growth.

Aside from that, using olive oil to massage the scalp speeds up hair growth by increasing blood circulation.

One of the primary considerations adding to hair fall is DHT creation. Dihydrotestosterone, regularly known as DHT, is a chemical and a subsidiary of testosterone. Hair loss occurs when the body produces too much of this hormone. It makes it easier for hair to fall out in clumps and disrupts the hair growth cycle.

The enzyme 5-alpha reductase, which converts testosterone into DHT, is inhibited by olive oil’s oleic acid, reducing DHT production.

Therefore, massage olive oil into your hair to prevent the production of DHT and enhance shine and strength. Olive oil massage increases blood flow to your scalp and nourishes hair follicles. Olive oil’s nutrients and unsaturated fats keep moisture in the hair shaft, preventing dryness. Olive oil prevents dryness and soothes the scalp, reducing hair breakage and making hair appear fuller. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which condition and strengthen hair.

Olive oil prevents dryness and soothes the scalp, reducing hair breakage and making hair appear fuller. It is high in omega-3 fatty acids, which condition and strengthen hair.

Although olive oil is not recommended for the repair of split ends, its moisturizing properties aid in preventing split ends and increasing hair elasticity. Olive oil should therefore be used to keep your hair soft, healthy, and free of split ends.

Dandruff is a problem that can irritate anyone. Olive oil alleviates scalp irritation and prevents dryness, itching, dandruff, and other issues.

  • Walnut oil

A person dislikes seeing endless hair fall each time they comb. Losing hair can be troublesome. It has been demonstrated that walnut oil’s omega-3 fatty acids, which shield cells from harm, prevent hair loss. Now, oil is back on the rise! It has various applications and can work on your well-being. 

Walnut oil has also been shown to be effective against dandruff. It contributes to the scalp’s cleanliness by removing all dirt. To get the most out of it, use it frequently. By keeping the scalp from becoming flaky, it prevents dandruff.

Walnut oil promotes hair growth as a result of its high potassium content. Potassium is essential because it promotes cell regeneration and accelerates hair growth.

By treating the scalp and strengthening the roots, walnut oil strengthens your hair follicles.

In addition, it enhances the cell structure and composition of your hair, giving it a noticeable shine. It also soothes the scalp and prevents issues like split ends and hair loss.

  • Almond oil 

Because it is an emollient, almond oil can fill cellular gaps in your hair. That makes your hair feel more supple. Over time, using almond oil on your hair makes it feel softer. You might also notice that your hair is easier to comb through and style once you use almond oil in your hair care routine.

Using certain oils to treat hair can reduce split ends and make it less likely to break. Almond oil and other nut oils, which have lubricating properties, reduce friction when styling hair. A study on Brazilian nut oils—many of which, like sweet almond oil, contain oleic and linoleic acids—showed that treating hair with small amounts of oil ingredients improved its resilience.

Clinical trials do not support almond oil’s ability to stimulate hair growth. 

However, we do know this: almond oil can make hair more grounded and less inclined to divide close, implying your hair development will not be eased back by losing hair that becomes harmed. Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, is abundant in almond oil. Your hair appears younger and healthier when antioxidants combat environmental stress.

My research indicates that Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala hair oil is a well-liked hair oil that is utilized to boost hair growth and enhance scalp and hair health. It is made from a combination of natural ingredients like herbal oils and extracts, which have been shown to nourish and strengthen hair. 

A few clients have detailed that it assists with lessening hair fall and advancing the development of thick and sound hair. However, it is essential to keep in mind that individual outcomes may vary, and you should always seek the advice of a trained medical professional before experimenting with new hair care products.






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