15 Cool Piggy banks for Kids August 2022

A Piggybank is typically called a money box or money jar often used by children. It is usually made of wood or clay, or it may also be porcelain. We have listed some cool piggy banks that can make your kids learn, saving money right from childhood.

Many piggy banks have a removable slot at the bottom for quick access to coins and notes. The piggy banks which are made from clay do not have the opening at the bottom, where we have to break the pot to access money.

The money box’s general use is to store the loose change in a safe and decorative way.
Archeologists have found several money boxes from ancient times that indicate that humans have been using them to store money for a long time. So, let your kids develop the habit of saving money from their childhood to support them in the future.

1. Craftatoz Wooden Handmade Small Money Coin Piggy Bank

It’s a beautiful piggy box made of quality wood and comes with a scale of 5 x 3 x 4 inches.

It weighs approximately 320 grams and is suitable for children to play and inspire them to save.

piggy banks

It’s got a coin slot at the top that’s great to store your loose money safely.

This piggy box would be a great addition to your home decor and a perfect fit into your child’s bedroom.

2. VISHAL INDIA CRAFT Wood Piggy bank

 This is another pretty decent piggy bank from Vishal crafts India.  It is made of wood and is in dimensions 10.16×10.16×15.24 cm.

It is one of the best home utilities to be gifted for every occasion or celebration.

It weighs around 470 gms, and it will be one of your child’s dream birthday present.

3. Village Decor Terracotta/Clay Coin Bank/Undiyal 5

This is a good-looking piggy bank made of clay that is 5 x 5 inches in size.

cool piggy banks

This is a premium product made by Indian craftsmen that is ideal for saving money at home. Since it is made of clay, it is very simple to crack!

4. Worthy Shoppe Antique Chess Pattern Cylindrical Wooden Money Bank

This is a wooden piggy bank, handmade from high-quality wood, which comes in the height of 5 inches.

It comes in the form of a cylinder with an antique chess pattern, which is really good as a home decor to keep on every part of the home.

5. THEWOODMART Beautiful Cylinder Shaped Wooden Money Bank/Coin Storage Box

This is a special piggy bank that comes with a gas cylinder layout. It is made of wood and comes in a size of 6 x 5 x 4 inches.

The design is also similar to a post box design, which has a coin slot at the top and a lock at the bottom. We can open this lock and take the money without breaking the box anytime.

6. Kundi Hand Crafted Wooden Bank Barrel Style Piggy Coin Box

This is a barrel-shaped money box that is handcrafted from wood. It comes in a dark brown color that gives this piggy bank an antique look.

It has a coin slot at the top, where the coins can be easily lowered, and it has a lock at the bottom, where the coins and notes can be easily taken out.

7. SKYTOUCH SHOPPEE Wooden Hut Shaped Money Bank

This piggy bank comes in the shape of a wooden hut that looks really special. It is made from high-quality wood and is black in color, and the golden embroidery on the top of the hut is an appealing thing in this cash box.

cool piggybanks

This piggy bank also serves as a decorative showpiece and can be displayed in any part of your home.

It’s a personalised item that’s ideally suited for birthdays, baby showers, or any other children’s gift occasion.

8. ExclusiveLane Owl Shaped Terracotta Coin Collector Money Piggy Bank

This is an owl-shaped piggy bank that is made of terracotta clay. It comes in a shape of 5.2 x 4.1 inches, which is about half the height of a one lite bottle of water.

Another appealing aspect of this piggy bank is the hand-colored paint, which is suitable for home decoration.

9. RGrandsons Handmade Wooden Piggy Bank

It comes in the height of six inches and is made of wood, and weighs around 250 gms.

This money bank is big enough to hold a lot of savings, and once the money is full, you can use the door lock to get the money out of it.

It’s a perfect gift item for your kids for every occasion and a great decoration item for your house.

10. VDIX Wooden Money Bank

This one comes in a maroon color that is really appealing and can match the color of your wall.

This decorative coin box will be a great addition to your children’s room, and you can make them a habit of saving.

11. Craftatoz Wooden Money Bank Hut Style Kids Piggy Coin Box

This coin box is made of wood and comes in 6 x 5 x 5 inches, and weighs around 400 gms.

It comes in the style of a typical storage box, which has a coin slot at the top and can be opened at any time.

It’s a great birthday present for your kids, and the attractive finish makes it an excellent present for a warm-house, birthday, or anniversary party.

12. Show Kart Wooden Rajasthani Art Work Hand Painted Rectangular box

This is a multipurpose piggy bank that can be used both to save money and to store jewels. It is made of wood and comes in a size of 6 x 3 x 3 inches.

The attractive thing in this box is the Rajasthani art at the top of the box, which is hand-painted, making it the ideal decorative item for your home.

13. Shopping Corner Rajasthani Art Clay Coin Bank

This piggy bank is shaped like a mini pot made of clay, which is the perfect home decoration for any room.

The painting looks really attractive, which is done by hand and has the theme of Rajasthani art.

Note: You have to smash the pot in order to get the money out of the pot since there is no door in it.

14. Sukhson India (India-Post) Box Coin Piggy Bank

If you are looking for a unique piggy bank, then the Sukhson India coin box is the one for you. It comes in a typical post box theme, which is perfect for storing notes and coins and can be withdrawn whenever we want.

It’s a fantastic gift idea for your kids, and it’s a great showpiece to keep on a bookshelf, a desk, a study, an office, a kitchen, etc.

15. New Helper Enterprises Steel Money Bank

This is yet another special cash box in the form of a typical iron beero. It comes in elegant blue color and has a size of 12 x 12 x 12 cm.

It is an ideal home decor piece that can be displayed on your study table, dining room, bedroom, etc.


Piggy banks are one of the must-have have items in the kid’s room. Please do let us know your comments if you like this article!

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