Tampcol hair oil review

Based on my own experience, this hair oil aids in the elimination of dandruff and reduces hair loss.

TAMPCOL Homegrown HAIR TONIC is second to none, given the traditional natural sciences presented by the Tamil Nadu Restorative Plant Ranches and Natural Medication Company Restricted (TAMPCOL). TAMPCOL Natural HAIR contains reliable Home grown fixings in a base that is a mix of Olive oil and Coconut oil. TAMPCOL HERBAL HAIR TONIC is processed using the traditional method described in books on Indian medicine. 


Nourishes and moisturizes the hair: Tea tree oil, aloe vera, and other essential oils are common ingredients in herbal hair tonics. These ingredients can hydrate and nourish the scalp, preventing dryness and flakiness.

Aides in hair growth: Saw palmetto and rosemary, among other herbs, have traditionally been used to encourage hair growth. Using a hair tonic made with these herbs may help keep hair from falling out and grow new hair.

Minimizes dandruff: By maintaining the healthy pH of the scalp and balancing it, herbal hair tonics can reduce dandruff.

Further develops hair surface: Herbal hair tonics have the potential to improve hair texture by making it smoother and easier to manage.

Minimizes frizz: Some herbal hair tonics contain ingredients that can help the hair look more polished and smooth by reducing frizz and flyaways.

Adds sparkle: Oils in many herbal hair tonics can help give hair shine, making it look healthier and more vibrant.

Reduces scalp itching: Herbal hair tonics can ease itching and irritation.

Makes hair smell better: Some herbal hair tonics’ pleasant scent can help enhance the hair’s overall aroma.


The main herbs are HENNA, HIBISCUS, WEDELLA, PHYLLANTHUS, ALOE, and FENUGREEK. There are also 25 other herbs, most aromatic hair-strengthening agents.


Henna Speeds Up Hair Growth The natural ingredients in henna speed up hair growth. This ingredient can also make an essential oil that nourishes and encourages hair growth using the powdered form.

Henna’s nutrients provide your hair with nourishment and repair. Henna strengthens hair and reduces split ends, according to research. It aids in the cleanliness of the scalp and prevents tingling and inflammation of the skin on the scalp. 

The most effective treatment for hair growth is henna.

Oil is naturally pumped into the sebaceous glands by the scalp. Other internal health issues or a harsh external environment can occasionally bring excessive scalp scalability. Hair loss and persistent itching may result from this. After a thorough wash, apply a conditioner made with henna to the scalp to balance oil production and improve the texture of the hair.

Henna is a conditioner that eliminates the overabundance of sebum while keeping hair soaked. This can be especially useful with various trimmings that hydrate the hair. Henna prevents split ends and broken hair.

Dandruff, excess oil, and soil can all be removed from your scalp with henna or mehndi for hair. When henna is applied to your hair frequently, dandruff is removed and prevented from returning. Most people apply henna to their hair to achieve a distinctive colour. Henna hair dye is quick, safe, and trouble-free. 

In everyday life, there are numerous common causes of hair loss. This could be caused by a lack of nutrients, changes in hormones, contamination, or many hair styling products in food. Mehndi, then again, can reliably and successfully help with forestalling hair sparseness. 

Even though henna isn’t especially great for hair, its gainful properties make it ideal for changing dry, harmed, and unfortunate hair into sensitive, lustrous, and reasonable locks. Even though henna is not particularly beneficial to hair, this is the case. Consequently, mehndi has excellent hair benefits.


Due to its astringent properties, Hibiscus for hair is highly effective in treating oily scalp conditions like dandruff and itching. Because neem also has antimicrobial properties, it works well as a treatment for dandruff, oily scalp, and healthier hair growth.

Combine equal amounts of neem and hibiscus powder in yoghurt to make a smooth paste. Massage it into the hair and scalp. Also, use a gentle shampoo to wash it off. Use it only once or twice per week. One of my most cherished recollections was of languid Sunday mornings when my mom culled new, dynamic Hibiscus blossoms from our nursery and mixed them into a warm, fragrant oil that she would rub into my dry, hitched strands. 

She explained the nourishing benefits of these red-hued flowers and how to use Hibiscus for hair as she gently detangled my hair and massaged the oil into my scalp. Hibiscus also occupies a special place in my hair care routine, just like this Sunday’s Champi (head massage) sessions do. Ayurveda holds Hibiscus, a well-known Keshya (a herb that grows hair), in high regard for its benefits and capacity to increase hair growth. Due to their Pitta-balancing properties, both the petals and the leaves are known to boost hair growth. 

Ayurveda says that excessive body heat usually damages the hair follicles and causes hair loss. Hibiscus is an excellent Pitta-balancing herb because of its cooling properties, which help with hair loss and regrowth issues. 

Additionally, the amino acids found in Hibiscus flowers give the hair the nutrients it needs to grow hair. The structural protein known as keratin, the building block of hair, is made from these amino acids. So assuming you seek to consolidate Hibiscus for hair benefits, this spice sustains, reinforces, and ties the hair roots, making them less inclined to breakage.

  • ALOE

The medical term for the condition that we refer to as dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis. Aloe vera can treat itchy scalp and flaking skin under your hair.

According to a 1998 study, Aloe vera reduced dandruff-related inflammation in the scalp. The aloe plant’s fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties. Aloe vera effectively removes excess sebumTrusted Source (oil) and other hair product residue from the hair shaft.

Aloe vera, on the other hand, does not harm your hair while it cleans. Aloe vera, in contrast to other chemicals in hair products, is gentle and maintains the integrity of your hair.

Aloe vera is an excellent product for making hair look and feel healthier, shinier, and softer.

Vitamins A, C, and E are found in aloe vera. These vitamins all play a role in cell turnover, encouraging healthy cell growth and shiny hair.

Aloe vera gel also contains folic acid and vitamin B12. Your hair can be prevented from falling out with either of these components.

In any case, no examinations affirm decisively that aloe vera has any advantage in forestalling balding.

After being in the sun, many people apply aloe vera gel to their skin. This is due to its cooling properties and high collagen content. Aloe vera’s vitamin content suggests it can also repair sun damage to your hair. You might notice decreased hair loss and breakage after cleansing your scalp and conditioning your hair with aloe vera.

Numerous individuals assert that aloe vera accelerates hair growth. However, insufficient clinical evidence currently supports or refutes those claims.

Aloe vera gel usually doesn’t cause any problems, but some people are allergic to it.

Perform a patch test before applying aloe vera topically. Apply a small amount of aloe vera to the inside of your wrist, then leave it on for up to two hours to see if your skin reacts badly. This will inform you if you are sensitive to aloe.

You ought to likewise be cautious with skin aloe if you’re utilizing hydrocortisone cream on your skin. When cortisone and aloe vera are used together, the amount of cortisone absorbed by the skin may rise.

So the main herbs in Tampcol are HENNA, HIBISCUS, WEDELLA, PHYLLANTHUS, ALOE, and FENUGREEK. There are also 25 other herbs, most aromatic hair-strengthening agents. 

For best outcomes, apply TAMPCOL Natural HAIR TONIC after a shower when you brush and lessen the utilization of non-home-grown hair cleansers. Begin combing long hair at the free end and gently detangle it. After that, massage the scalp with TAMPCOL HERBAL HAIR TONIC until the skin is wet. Then, comb from above to cover the entire length with TAMPCOL HERBAL HAIR TONI.






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