15 Unique Ashtrays January 2021

Ashtrays are a smaller tub used to throw away used cigarettes and their ashes. Ashtrays are normally made of a fire-retardant material, such as glass, plastic, metal, or stone.

The ashtray is a much-needed thing in your home or office if you have smokers around you because there needs to be a safe place to put out the burnt cigarette.

The ashtrays reflect your unique personality and carry your smoking with some seasoning. Below are the unique ashtrays that have a collection value for you!

How to clean an ashtray?

Proper care should be taken while cleaning the ashtray. If the ashtray is made of ceramic or glass, the best way is to clean it with warm water, dish soap, and a soft sponge or a disinfectant wipe.

If the ashtray is made of wood or plastic, then use wet wipes or a soft cloth to clean it. The below are the top unique ashtrays available in the market at the moment.

How to get rid of the smell from ashtray?

Ashtrays will have a lot of odors when used often. It has to be often regularly. There are a lot of ways to remove the bad smell from the ashtray. You can use an ashtray deodorizer, or you can use an absorbent in the bottom of the ashtray, or even you can put some coffee beans at the bottom of the ashtray to get rid of the bad odor.

1. Shopster Goat Skull Antique Ashtray

This ashtray comes with a Spooky Goat Skull pattern that is suitable for anywhere in your living room and bedroom.

unique ashtrays

Why we like it: Stylish and classic appearance and its premium quality make this ashtray unique.

2. EK DO DHAI Metal Oldcharm Ashtray

Inspired by the old Metal Coal Press used to press our clothing, this ashtray is shaped by that. The ashtray is made from wood and comes as a flat pack, and the wooden handle must be screwed to the base by the customer.

Usage instructions: Do not wash it directly underwater, as it may spoil the wood. Just use a wet sponge to clean it.

3. Vintage Windproof Ashtray

This ashtray comes in a Retro & Modern style that can be like a jewelry container, coin banker, and so on, not just keeping the butts and ashes.

Made from Zinc Alloy, Nickel, lead filigree & enamel and comes with Rose Eagle Pattern and comes with the size of 4.2*4.1*5.1inch.

Usage: Just push down the ashtray where the lid prevents ash from flying and less smoke from circulating, proof of smell for your room.

4. Nyrwana Resin Ashtray

This is a fun, creative ashtray to brighten the eyes of everyone and illuminate your space. This is an ideal retro tabletop ornament for office, patio, balcony, cafes, hotel, etc. and also a special birthday, anniversary, Christmas gift specially made for lovers of smokers and antique decor.

Why we like it: Made from the resin of high quality, long-lasting, durable, anti-oxidizing, which is not only is it an ashtray, but it is also a perfect home decoration.

5. Pinkdesh Resin Material Monkey Face Ashtray

This is another unique ashtray that’s perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, outdoor entertainment, or home use, particularly a fancy decorative Halloween party piece.

It comes with a monkey face pattern, which is made of resin of high quality, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

It is a perfect smoking room decor and a perfect gift for those that love Ashtray.

6. Nyrwana Creative Modern Mini Dice Ashtray

This ashtray comes with a creative playing dice deck design, and its creative deck style also makes it a great decoration for home decor!

This ashtray is a great attention-catching ashtray that makes it an excellent gift item for your husband, dad, and other cigarette lovers at home as imaginative gifts!

This product’s thickness makes it a decent ashtray bin of good quality with zero ceramic smell and the best thing with this ashtray is the cigarette holder slots.

7. SHIV KRIPA Ceramic Pottery Fish Ash Tray

This is a traditional handmade decorative ceramic ashtray that is painted with traditional designs.

This ashtray is made of high-quality ceramic and comes with a pottery fish-shaped pattern that is blue in color. This innovatively designed ashtray makes it a great decoration for any room!

8. KAWAAKARI Glow in The Dark Ashtray

The KAWAAKARI Ashtray is a special product that glows in the dark, where any light source such as sunlight, tube light, torch, etc. charges it.

The ashtray is made up of high-quality plastic, and because of that, the glowing characteristics of this ashtray will not fade away with time!

9. Pinkdesh Resin Skeleton Ashtray

This ashtray is made of high-quality resin that can be washed and maintained easily, and this is a perfect gift idea for smokers who are fans of skulls and skeletons or terrifying Halloween decor.

For bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels, outdoor entertainment, or home use, this is a perfect ashtray, especially for a gathering like Halloween!

10. BlankLeaf Polyresin Ashtray

This ashtray is made of Resin, which comes in the design of two skeletons holding the ashtray!
It will also be a great addition to your home bar, and it will certainly have the power to draw attention to any party, and it will also be a great addition to your home bar!

Comes in black color with a dimension of 11x9x7.7 cms. Make sure to clean the ashtray with a wet soft cloth!

11. RK enterprise Wood Cigarette Ashtray

This is a uniquely crafted, wooden ashtray made of quality Sheesham natural wood, and this is the perfect decor for your home and workplace.

The simplicity of this Ash Tray will improve the beauty of the place where it is placed. There’s a drawer like a storage closet at the bottom that helps you to store your cigarettes.

The color of the ashtray is pure wood, so you won’t have to think about the color of the ash that destroys its beauty!

12. Ek Do Dhai Narcotics MDF Ashtray

This ashtray is made up of high-quality wood and the lining is made of metal and comes in a color of military wood.

There is a lot of space/provision for keeping cigarettes or a lighter and this crate can be used as a box also to hide things you want to keep from others’ eyes too.

This is a perfect ashtray to be kept at smoking zones in your office or in your home.

13. Maharsh Glass Cigarette Ashtray

This is a handmade ashtray made of high-quality glass. The color is transparent white which is very appealing and perfect for daily use with bars, restaurants, cafes, outdoor entertaining or home decoration, etc.

Make sure not to keep the ashtray near children’s reach and wash it with care!

14. Livsstil Ceramic Juti Shape Ashtray

This ashtray comes in the form of a shoe that fits well for a work table, as it does not cover much space outdoors and at home.

The shape of the ashtray is so elegant that the look attracts everyone, which is specially designed for classic rock lovers.

15. Pinkdesh Resin Ashtray

This beautifully crafted ashtray gives you some collection value that is perfect for bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, outdoors, or home usage, especially it is a great item for a Halloween party.

The ashtray consists of high-quality resin that is easy to clean and maintain and is a great gift for ashtray lovers!


Always clean ashtrays with proper cloth or wipes or use proper ashtray deodorizer to remove the ashtray’s bad smell. Please do let us know your comments if you like this article!

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